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Somehow, I've gotten to a point where I have 1.5wks left in the old box and a brand new box unopened. I know there are things in the new box I haven't had in a while, but I can't seem to make myself open the new box until I finish the old box. What do y'all do? Do you try to finish off last month's shipment before breaking into the new shipment or do you just grab whatever you feel like having at the time?..

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I just grab whatever!!! I have soup from months ago!!! But my favorite is cocoa so I am constantly ordering it and it seems to disappear before everything else (no matter how many boxes I order!) When a new box arrives, I open and unpack it almost immediately. I try to pull the older Medifast to the front of the pantry though so that I don't end up with some seriously old something in the back...

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I'm the same way, I prefer to just finish what I already had rather than open the new shipment. I have to finish everything I've had before I even organize the new shipment. I'll open the new shipment when it arrives and make sure everything is in there, but then I'll just put it back in the box as it arrived. Once I am done with the shipment I had before I will open the new shipment and start organizing the meals, 5 to a baggie with 1 bar, and then usually 2 liquid drinks (shake/cold drink), an oatmeal, and a soup.

One thing that contributed to my weight gain in the past was clutter and the stress associated with it - I just feel better and do better when I have less to deal with, including Medifast meals. lol. I feel accomplished once one shipment is gone and I can check that month off for good and then start a new one... probably sounds crazy, but it works for me...

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I am in the same boat as Pam. I have certain "favorites" that I dig into right away. I also have stuff from months ago that I really don't like and they just sit there shipment after shipment...

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I'm just now getting around to eating the Oatmeal I ordered back in April of 2007..

It's almost gone. Then I need to work on the soups from May of 07..


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I open it all up and organize the heck out of it....adding it to my last shipment....but being careful about dates.

I grab and go.....I tried the organized baggy for the day but found that there were days when I didn't want what was in the baggy - it didnt feel right. So there goes the mess and the clutter ... now I just put all soups in a gallon zip baggy, all oatmeal in a zip....etc and choose as I go! Works great for me...

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I unpack and organize it all on my shelves and eat whatever I like first!..

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I tear open my new box as soon as it arrives! I've never even considered waiting. I just eat whatever Medifast meal sounds good at the time...

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I always finish the old shipment, before I start on the new. I do open it and make sure everything is in the box. Since, I don't have a lot of storage, this works best for me. I also organize everything in 7 ziploc bags for 7 days, 5 meals each. I try to rotate what I put into each one, so I am not eating the same flavor everyday. My meals usually go: scrambled eggs, cocoa or cappacino, shake, soup, pudding or a bar about 2x a week.

This seems to work for me, since the decision has already been made. If I am traveling, that will change what I have, since then I will make muffins or cookies and take more bars.

This is what has been working for me...

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