Any medifast success stories to share?

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Hi everyone..

I am a new member. Last night, I ordered my first month of Medifast and am waiting on it's arrival. Meanwhile, I would love to obtain new Medifast friends, success stories and any tips you can offer..

I have ALOT of weight to lose and am easily discouraged by it. It is difficult for me to see the forest for the trees..

I must lose weight because I am so unhealthy and have multiple sclerosis. I have alot of ambulatory problems with the MS and need to be much smaller so that people will be more able to easily assist me when I become less mobile.

I'm looking forward to becoming healthier and looking forward to making new friends..

Have a great day!..

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I've only been on it 2 1/2 weeks and am still adjusting, but I've lost 8.8lbs in my first two weeks. I, too, want immediate results and usually sabotage myself so I have to quit. I actually had a difficult weekend last weekend but met with a health coach on Monday and she said to get right back on the program and I did! I've talked to so many people about how amazing the results are and my doctor is so excited that I'm on MF. I have liver disease that is completely weight related. My doctor has been telling me for 3 years that if I don't get it taken care of I will lose my life. I'm only 26! I'm finally taking control and doing something. I can be VERY stubborn but so far it's not as bad as I thought! Good Luck! Keep me updated on your progress!..

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OH! Also, set mini goals for yourself! I have not reached any of mine yet but it give me something to strive toward. That has been a big motivating factor for me!..

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Welcome to MF! This plan works as long as you stick to it! Congrats on making the decision for a healthier you!.

The support on this board is awesome. If you would like to join a challenge team, come over to the Sapphire thread under the challenge board. We are looking for some new members so we have enough people to join the next team challenge. We'd love to have you join us. I find that the challenges really help keep me motivated!..

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Stay positive, lovingherdoggies...MF will help you achieve weight loss no matter how much you have to lose..

I started Medifast in May, 2006, just a week before my 60th birthday. I lost 70 lbs., but I'm back because I fell into my old habits of unhealthy eating on a regular basis and let the weight gain get out of hand. Like you, I have health issues where losing the weight is mandatory. I am having difficulty walking due to Achilles tendon problems. I need an operation, but the doctor won't do it until I lose the weight. I cannot put any weight on my foot after the operation for 6 wks.

I cannot afford to hire an aide to come in and help me..

What I want to tell you is that during that first week back in May, 2006, I met a wonderful lady on these boards who was an inspiration (and still is) to me. I'd like to tell you her story and I hope you will see from her success that the same is possible for both of us..

Patti was 58, I believe, in May, 2006 and had been on Medifast since late 2005, I think. She was still on a lot of medication for many ailments, walked with a cane and had to have a portable oxygen tank to breathe when we started to correspond in May, 2006. She started out weighing, I think, about 385. The thing I remember most about what her weight did to her was the fact that she had to drive down her driveway to get her mail. She couldn't walk that short distance because of her weight..

Long story short: She lost more than 200 lbs., sent the oxygen tank back to the medical supply company, was able to get off some of her meds and planted more than 100 bulbs in her yard! And...she happily walks down her driveway to get her mail.

I suggest that you start posting (or at least reading) the Class of '06 and Prior thread that appears on this Veterans of Medifast board. I've just started to post there. In fact, I have not posted for a long, long time and I feel that not posting actually helped me put back on some of the weight I lost. There are also many teams on the Clubhouse and the Ready, Set, Go boards that will also provide support. Just start posting on one that you've read for a while and where you would feel comfortable. There is also a 60+ board..

The gals on this thread (Class of "06) have been through it all and can help with questions, tips, encouragement, inspiration and support..

Best wishes...keep coming back to the boards and staying OP (on plan)...

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Lovingherdoggies - welcome! you have already done the most difficult part , and that is admit that you need to lose weight and do something about it! This program works, and it will work for you! Just follow the program and you will start seeing and feeling the results..

Look on the boards and find a group or a person that you can connect with, because we all need some extra support sometimes. But above all have confidence that you can do this. I know that you will be able to lose the weight that you need to lose.

As everyone else has said there is so much inspiration and support on these boards. If you ever feel down or like you want to throw in the towel, you don't have to look far to see a success story that will lift you up from that low point and keep you going!.

Best of luck, you will do GREAT!!!..

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I am *definitely* a "trees" and not "forest" person, so I take this plan one packet at a time (or maybe a couple at a time, just to be daring!). Seriously, this is an "over time" and not "overnight" plan, so you just have to hunker down and do it drink the water, eat the foods, move as much as you can. I have lupus, so I am with you on the importance of losing weight to help with mobility, both now and later. I have lost 100 lbs on this plan, kept it off for a couple of years, and am recommitting to get the rest off.

So, I will check in on you, and I cannot wait to help you celebrate your Medifast success!.


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