New Laughing Cow Light Flavor for Medifast

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Might just be new for me and my store but we just got the LCL Blue Cheese flavor! I can't wait to try it on my celery or on my Buffalo Chicken salad!! Ordered a bunch of new food from Medifast two days ago. Looking forward to trying the Brownie. Already down 3.4 lbs this me some h2o!..

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I have the LC chipotle something or the other cheese. It is so so good. I take one wedge and spread it on my celery like you do. I will have to give the blue cheese a try..

And I just got my first order of brownies in yesterday. Can't wait to try them...

Comment #1

I really like the chipotle flavor too. It is wonderful in the mashed cauliflower! Especially if you are having a tex-mex kinda LnG. Think grilled chicken breast topped with salsa (I like the Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning).

Come to think of it I haven't tried a LCL flavor yet that I did not like! Had the Blue Cheese one with my snack today...yummy!..

Comment #2

Does LCL count as 1 condiment?.

Or what?..

Comment #3

2 wedges of lcl counts as a healthy fat...

Comment #4

I use the LC Blue cheese "wrapped" inside a turkey burger. Yummm!..

Comment #5

I love all the LC cheesesexcept the TOmato, Mozzarellaich! Dont' know why but that is one that no one who tried it like. Beware!.


Comment #6

Thanks Freedom99 for posting how to count laughing cow ~ I love lc and happy to learn that I can still eat some ~ On week two and ready to start mixing up the menu...

Comment #7

The Blue Cheese is great..and if you get the Walden Farms Blue cheese dressing to go with it...Yummo salads.

We often use the laughing cow to make "healthy hamburger helper". Take the alloted ground turkey or lean ground beef...brown it...add in your veggies (we use zuch or peppers or shirataki noodles) then add the laughing cow in till it melts. Cheesy goodness and it is on plan!.

Takes care of those pesky cravings. We do this at least once a week. Also try the zuch ribbons and melt the laughing cow for the sauce! Hubby thinks it is as good as Olive Garden!!..

Comment #8

I use half of a light creamy swiss wedge on top of a cold brownie. Taste like cream cheese...

Comment #9

Oh my gosh but I am totally in love with the LC blue cheese!!!! One of my fav things that I so look forward to is some a packet of Medifast multigrain crackers with a wedge of LC blue! Yummy!!! For those of you who are old enough to remember it, the taste of the LC blue cheese reminds me of what the blue cheese dip that Philadelphia Cream cheese used to have years and years ago (anyone remember them ... they used to come in a blue metal cup and were great with potato chips!!??) Need to branch out on what I can use a wedge of it for with other things. I forget that I could spread it out over a salad, or even melt on top of a piece of chicken. Why can't I remember that when I'm searching for something L&G that's a change??..

Comment #10

Is one wedge equal to 1 tbsp and your condiments are separate or do you need to count that as an extra?..

Comment #11

Ok everyone where are you finding this cheese on any list..It is making me crazy...

Thank. I thought we could not have this? :0..

Comment #12

The Medifast plan does not recommend LC cheese, however if you look in the meatless options list you will see reduced fat cheese counts as a lean serving. For example if you ate 5 ounces of chicken breast you could have 1 ounce of cheese. You could also incorporate it as a healthy fat. See below for a comment from the RD board..

"We typically do not recommend Laughing Cow cheese; however, some individuals will choose to incorporate the Laughing Cow cheeses on their own. The best use of Laughing Cow cheese with the 5 & 1 Plan is dependent on the type of cheese it is:.

1 wedge of the Original Laughing Cow cheese as 1 fat serving..

2 wedges of the Laughing Cow Light varieties as 1 fat serving..

1 piece of the Mini Babybel, Light (Original) as 1 fat serving..

10 pieces (approximately 47 grams) Laughing Cow Light Gourmet Cheese Bites as 1 fat serving.

Hope you find this information helpful! Let us know if you have any other questions..

Jennifer, RD, LDN ".

I attached the meatless options list for you. Hope this helps!.

PS Has anyone tried the queso fresco and chipotle LC cheese?..

Comment #13

Thanks so much this is very helpfull....looks like you can either have meat or meatless on the programseems like you can mix it up a bit...

Good to know..

Thanks again..

Comment #14

It never made sense to me to count 2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light cheese as a healthy fat. One wedge of LCL is nearly identical in nutrition to 1 TBSP of low fat cream cheese, which is a condiment. I just posed this question to Nutrition Support and will be interested to see their answer.


Comment #15

The Laughing Cow has many flavors and all of them are great on the Medifast Crackers or celery sticks or just plain. Also goes great witht the Walden Farms strawberry spread with the Medifast crackers. Hi MaryHeart, you have done very well. I pray that I can follow your footsteps. Keep up with the great work as you are my inspiration......

Comment #16

Ok... just to verify ... when y'all say a 'wedge' you mean one of the little rounds??.

And not sure how much they are where you live but I saw them in the store, net package with about 10 maybe, for like $5.50... does that sound right? Seemed high..

I miss cheese..

Comment #17

JesseJane, I think you might be looking at the Babybel or Bonbel cheeses that are also made by Laughing Cow. The ones we're talking about come in a round cardboard container and inside there are 8 individually wrapped wedges of soft cheese...the same consistency as cream cheese. Go to the Laughing Cow website to see photos. I pay $3.39 per package.


Comment #18

Thanks so much MerryHeart!.

I will... I want cheese so bad.... and that will do the trick!!.

... jj .....

Comment #19

Not sure if this will reach everyone that responded (new to but I am SO glad to have read that Laughing Cow is considered a healthy fat! I love them all!!! I'm glad I hopped on and started snooping around! Thanks everybody!!.


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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