New Capella Flavor Drop Offer for Medifasters?

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Tom from Capella Coffee sent me the following e-mail:.

"One other thing I will extend to you and the rest of the medifast community. If you want, I will allow you to pre-order the choc pb or cheesecake custom flavors. This will give you a chance to be the first to receive it when we release. I'm sure the response will be crazy, so this is you chance to get in front of the line..

Just search for PRE-ORDER in the search box on capella and that's it.".

I pre-ordered this morning. Want to mention also that the custom flavors don't come in the mini bottles, only the 10ml bottle, which is their regular size, for $6.95. They are supposed to be available some time in January...

Comments (25)

Thanks so much for sharing this information with us. I'm going to order some choc. p.b. right now!..

Comment #1

Pre-ordered two choc PB's, free shipping AND our Medifast discount! Thank you so much for letting us know about this!..

Comment #2

Hi! I am a newbie and I was wondering what Capella coffee is? Thanks!!!!..

Comment #3

There's a Medifast discount? How do you get it?.


Comment #4

Hi, I just ordered the minis. I am so excited! Anyway, I searched for the discount and I found it. It's medi10fast. I put it in the coupon code section and it worked. 10% off! Yeah! Thanks everybody! BTW-the free shipping is still available! bnejad-HTH..

Comment #5

Ordered the minis last night and went ahead and ordered the pre-orders for the CPB and PB too!!!! Can't wait to try these!!!!.

You all have talked me into another purchase! LOL!!!!!..

Comment #6

Capella coffee has been a godsend for us MF'ers... They offer flavor drops (no calories, carbs or fat) that lots of us use to flavor shakes, puddings, cocoa, etc. They are wonderful and they offer a new spin on the Medifast food. Use the coupon code Medi10Fast to get a 10% discount. And right now they're offering free shipping...

Comment #7

Question: these are concentrated drops, right? Not like the DaVinci syrups where you have to use rather much to flavor things.

And THANKS for sharing this! I just ordered a LOT ... drops and coffee. I was drooling just reading the names...

Comment #8

Right. And the best part is, they add the flavor without adding the sweetness. I don't like the DaVinci's because they add sweet to the already sweet Medifast food. I went on and pre-ordered the plain peanut butter one today because when I did my pre-order yesterday, all they had on there was chocolate peanut butter and cheesecake. When I saw BT's post yesterday and she said plain peanut butter, I immediately had to go get that too! They have added quite a few pre-orders now...

Comment #9

Thanks, farrell ... I think! LOL! I had ordered the plain peanut butter drops, but just had to go look at the new pre-orders. Butterfinger!!! Graham Cracker!!! Where's my credit card?.

You know, we do a white elephant exchange with GOOD gifts in my family. I'm thinking I may just do a coffee and drops basket this coming year. Yummy!!!.

Thanks again!..

Comment #10

Butterfinger and graham cracker? Oh WHY did you have to tell me that???? Those weren't there this morning when I looked! Guess I'm going back for more!..

Comment #11

Oh boy, I just to go look (and order)... Rocky Road! I'm going to have 5 charges to Capella coffee on my credit card statement this month!..

Comment #12

I think they all sound great but I'm going to wait until they actually have them and then order 3 at a time to get the discount. I just ordered 9 flavors so I think I'm set until the others come out. I cant wait for peanut butter and butterfinger, my fav candy bar. Yummy!..

Comment #13

I ordered the mini six pack. But received a letter today saying there will be a delay in shipping :O(.

How long does it usually take to receive???..

Comment #14

What is the link for the site to order from please?..

Comment #15

I got the apple pie too! Mmmmm, it bet it's great on the oatmeal...

Comment #16

Lisa - I ordered mine on the 30th and got the same letter. I'm still waiting. I sent another email yesterday and they responded saying they expected to send mine out today. We'll see...I can't wait to get them!.

Good luck with yours!..

Comment #17

I ordered some flavor drops last week. But mine haven't even shipped yet.

I inquired when they were coming , but I keep getting a form letter saying they should ship shortly !!!!!!!.

And they already charged my cc, even though they can't give me a shipping date. As a first time customer, I am not happy with the service...

Comment #18

They are overwhelmed with the orders (MF orders took off like a rocket). I'm giving them a little bit of time before I get upset because the owner has sent me a few e-mails and they are very nice. And they are offering discounts to MF'ers!..

Comment #19

I've received several emails from them saying my order will be shipped soon..

Good enough for me, I cannot wait to try this drops..

Dang it! There's even more flavors now!.

*sigh* gotta get the CC out again!..

Comment #20

I spoke to someone at the company this afternoon and she was very nice. She said she'd try and get my order out tomorrow or wednesday..

I appreciated the call..

I am very excited to try the drops...

Comment #21

Seriously! I'm going to have about 6 charges to Capella on my credit card. I haven't checked today if there's anything new. I'm afraid to go look...

Comment #22

LOL farrell !!! I am afraid to look, too!!!..

Comment #23

I was wondering about this! I ordered mine on the 29th of Dec and I also received an e mail that there was going to be a bit of a delay but I haven't heard anything since. I was going to wait till Thursday (at that point it's been two weeks) but I guess I'll hold off. Hey they ship free and I live in would not believe the people that like to charge an extra 10.00 just because......

Comment #24

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