What is the best shampoo for acne?

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Hi everyone!Necessary boring preamble: I'm new, my name's Jo, I'm nineteen, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've had moderate but very persistent facial acne since I was twelve and body acne since not long after. Earlier this year I began developing cysts for the first time too, so I finally got serious about treatment options. I'm a recovering anorexic and due in part to my relatively low body weight I have very low resistance to medications but my derm gave me what I understand is a low dose (20mg/day for 3 months). By a quick mental calculation I am on day 35.Unfortunately, I have super super sensitive skin and hair (I have had since I was baby, I am allergic to all the usual chemical irritants and then some) and also suffer chronic eczema which is exacerbated by dryness and inflammation, and I've found that the products recommended in the official Roche RoMurad Resurgence literature (products by QV, particularly the lipbalm and body lotion, and also ego) have either caused massive allergic reactions (think chemical burns) or made absolutely no impact on the dryness. For my skin I have recently found Dermeze, which I am pretty sure is comodogenic as hell but it doesn't burn my face off so that's a plus, as well as Hamilton Skin Cream which is lovely, but I have yet to find a good lip balm, and my lips are cracked, blistered, and frequently split and bleed.

Does anyone in Aus know an equivalent that is available domestically, or a reliable source for ordering it from overseas? I know someone suggested Lucas Papaw Ointment in another thread but I'm unfortunately allergic to that too. I don't find that Vaseline is thick enough to make much of a difference, and I've tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter, all the Chapsticks, and Bert's Bees. I was thinking of trying the Body Shop for something more organic but I thought I'd ask here first.Also, does anyone have recommendations of a typical Aus supermarket-brand shampoo & conditioner which is good for dry, fragile hair while on Tane? Or is it better to try a salon product? Again, any recommendations would be helpful. Sorry this is so long or if this has been asked a trillion times before. I did a crawl but most of the previous threads were US-centric.

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HiCan you get Elizabeth Arden stuff in Aus? If so, get the 8 Hour Cream and use it as a lip balm, it is fantastic for dry lips. It is for use on chapped, sunburnt, windburnt etc.. skin It heals and moisturises.Not sure about Aus hair products but I would suggest using an intensive conditioner as your usual conditioner if your hair is getting dry. I do it and it works well, hair still silky soft.

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For a cheaper solution I'd try Carmex, about 7 bucks and can be found in store relatively easy. If you find products which work and don't aggravate your sensitive skin it's best to carry them around with you wherever you go and reapply when you start getting dry to keep the side effects away. I'm a dude and take my lip balm and moisturizer everywhere!.

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Hey hun, well I liv in NZ but I'm sure you guys will have these. some1 said to try elizabeth arden 8 hour cream which iv used and is really good. something iv just brought which is GREAT and is made in aus is called 'Calendula, wound healing' by the company Greenridge. it comes in a brown pottle and is real cheap. I brought it in a pharmacy here so you should b able to find it in a pharm there or look online 2 find stockists. it's great for chapped lips n dry patches of skin.

for your hair, I just use herbal essences cuz it's cheap, but spend a bit more on a quality deep conditioning treatment from one of those hair product shops, jus go in and ask what they recommend. I think the brand De'Lorenzo is good and I think some of the products r organic, and it's an aus brand. hope this helps!Carol.

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I'm not sure if all versions of Carmex contain salicylic acid or not, but I know some do. You do NOT want to use any products with salicylic acid in it, because this will cause your lips to peel even more (it is an exfoliating agent). My derm recommended only Aquaphor or Vaseline. You said Vaseline didn't seem to work, but maybe you're not using enough. I would try applying it more often (every couple of hours if possible) and maybe really lather it on thick before you go to bed to let it work overnight. Also..

are you using the Vaseline petroleum jelly stuff that comes in a jar? I find that stuff to be extremely thick. Vaseline also makes a body lotion which is more lotion-like and not thick. Maybe you've picked up that instead of the petroleum jelly??.

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Didn't even know that. I have Carmex Original and the second last ingredient is salicylic acid. Bizarre it's in a lip balm..

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Hey there,The best thing I have ever tried while on roMurad Resurgence (im on 10mg) was dermaveen moisturizing lotion. I just wish I found it sooner. Its an aussie brand, so I doubt they have it overseas. it's specifically formulated for dry itchy sensitive skin. it's not expensive, I think it's about $15 AUD for a pump and you buy it from the chemist.they make a moisturising cream as well but I havnt tried it so I cant say anything about it.But the moisturizing lotion stopped me getting dry patches and it just makes my skin feel great.At first when I apply it, it seems thick and goes on white. but I swear your skin will just drink it up.The only problem I found was that when I put sunscreen on over the top it makes the sunscreen feel weird and makes makup a little harder to put on.Sorry for the long post, but ive been browsing this forum before looking for help.

i only have a month left of a 6 month course and I dont have dry skin.hope this helps.

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I just use head and shoulders,paranoid about the dry scalp etcim on 100mg a day,.

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