Never gonna drink a Medifast shake again...?

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...not since I made dutch chocolate peanut butter cookies! OMG, soooooo good!!! I'm in cookie heaven!.

1 pack of dutch chocolate Medifast shake.

1 tbs peanut butter.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 oz water (maybe less).

1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

Mix dry ingredients. Melt peanut butter for 20 or 30 seconds in the microwave. Add peanut butter, vanilla and water to dry mixture and mix. You sould have a really thick cookie batter. Drop in small teaspoonfulls onto a non-stick cookie sheet sprayed with Pam. Bake at 350 for 8 minutes - yum!.

I think someone must have posted a similar recipe somewhere. I had never tried using the shakes for cookies before. I am so in love with this recipe, I wish I could have more, but alas, no more peanut butter for today..

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I didn't know we were allowed to have peanut butter... it doesn't say that in my manual, do I have an out of date one?..

Comment #1

Found the answer...

It makes zero sense, but found it:.

Snack Options.

The following are a list of snacks you can have on the program, but make sure to limit to one a day:.

1 Packet of Medifast Soy Crisps.

1 cup of Sugar-free Jell-O.

Packet of Medifast Crackers.

1 Medifast Fast Soup.

2 dill pickle spears.

3 celery stalks.

1 sugar-free Popsicle.

1 cup bouillon.

1 ounce of nuts, unsalted, dry roasted.

* If someone was to add 1-2 tbsp of sugar-free, fat-free pudding to the shakes, this is also considered your one snack for the day. If you are have 1 tbsp of peanut butter this would be your one snack a day.

Of course... the difference between 3 celery stalks and peanut butter is rather profound calorically. Just as it is between a cup of bouillon at five calories and no fat/no carb for many brands, 1g of carb for others and peanut butter..

I guess they added the nuts and peanut butter to help with compliance since the calorie count is so much higher than the other snacks... as long as the person keeps losing weight it's fine, but really, for me, using such a dense, high fat food, only leads to the desire for more of the same...

Comment #2

I usually use a boullion cube in a soup if I'm going to have a snack for the day. I reserve the peanut butter for days when my calories are going to fall below 700. It's a nice occasional treat, though I wouldn't eat it every day because of the extra fat grams. I'm going to look into a low fat PB. I'm sure they must make one...

Comment #3

You are allowed certain things like peanut butter in a technical sense, but it is definitely not the best choice for everyone. Be very careful when you start adding snacks to your day. Monitor progress... we all are unique and handle things differently..

The best equation = 5 Medifast Meals + 1 Lean and Green Meal..

Comment #4

When you go to the grocery look for Smart Balance - Crunchy - Omega Peanut Butter - Very low sugar - maybe 1 gm.


Comment #5

Trader Joe's has something called Better than Peanut Butter that's supposed to act as a really good substitute but has half the fat/calories. I haven't tried it cuz I'm an addict and feel it's better not to fall off the wagon. Too hard to get back on!..

Comment #6

How would your calories fall below 700?.

Even eating fish for your lean and green means 300+ calories and a salad, lower than cooked vegetables, is usually 12g of carb up to 15 or more, depending on which vegetables or mushrooms you use..

Five medifast meals, no bar.. just five of the lowest at 90 calories in a day is 450 calories, that's ROCK bottom. Add the 300 calories MINIMUM of fish, and you're at 750 without the vegetables yet..

Unless you have 1 boca burger or 3/4 cup or low/non fat cottage cheese, I don't see how you could possibly be at or below 700 calories in a day... even the tofu puts you in the same zone with regard to calories as fish does, for example..

Please clarify.. are you doing some days of "full medifast" no lean and green? I thought that doing that was a sure way to put your body into starvation mode, where it holds onto every calorie and doesn't allow weight loss.....

Comment #7

If I remember correctly, Tammy's a vegetarian so that might explain her lower calories for the day.....

Comment #8

I never skip any Medifast meal, nor do I skip the L&G, but I've had many days when i'm under 700 calories, until I grab the T of peanut butter. I usually eat grilled chicken, and it just happens that way...

Comment #9

That would explain it.. I can imagine it's very hard to keep at the same calorie range. I was a vegetarian before I started the program, but I didn't think it would be viable for me... I can't really eat that much cheese, and a boca burger instead of 7 ounces of salmon would leave me very hungry indeed..

I'll go back to doing what I love with healthy portion control and medifast products when I get to maintenance and goal weight, I'm sure, but for now it's mostly fish, mostly salmon and Yellowtail Tuna for my "lean" I've had chicken a couple of times, but it's really not my thing. I hope that when I've lost more weight I'll be able to do what Tammy is doing, I have tremendous respect for someone able to do this as a vegetarian..

Thanks for letting me know, Farrell..

Comment #10

I do as well (respect for vegetarians)... I can't eat cheese every day either, but I'm also not a fish person. I try and I try but I just can't stomach it. I stick to chicken, or I add the ground Boca to my Shirataki concoctions. So far, so good, though. There are enough recipes out here that keep enough variety in my meals, so that's good...

Comment #11

To Farrell,.

You will want to check that Trader Joes Better than product and make sure it does not have trans fat in there which is deadly to the heart. A lot of substitue products use hydrogenated and partially hydrongenated oils which are contributing to heart disease. Better to stay with the real thing...

Comment #12

Farrell, do you use Shiratake daily? And if you do, do you split it between the Shiratake and vegetables, or go with all Shiratake? I ask because of the nutrients and micro-nutrients in the green "stuff" ;) (my husband doesn't consider things that are different pretty colors and grown to be a food group, most especially the "green stuff" "Do you want to try some Collard greens with shiitake mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil with shallots and garlic?" Response: "I don't speak your crazy moon language" LOL!.

I don't recall, but I can IMDB that to see where it's a quote from... I'm concerned though, the closest to an anti-oxidant he gets is the green tea he does drink at work, but he never eats veggies or fruit..

A bit of a tangent that :P I was wondering if it was the same for you, or if you just prefer to go with Shiratake, or all Shiratake?.

As for fish, what about shrimp? or other types of seafood? Clams, Lobster, etc? Scallops? Tuna even, in the can? I used to make tuna salad with "mayonaise" created from one Moo Cow cheese what we call those wedges of cheese, but the low fat ones, for this either plain or flavored mixed with some whipped non-fat cottage cheese. Whip that up and it works as the "mayo" part and could be deducted from lean without having to use mayonaise with tuna, adding celery and whatever other veggies you like.. then either serving it over your 2 cups of lettuce leaves and making "tuna roll ups" with the lettuce leaves (and for the rest of the half cup of salad veggetables, having sliced or diced tomato or perhaps some salsa? Some Mung Bean sprouts.. whatever you like, crisp radish, bits.. it isn't a hot meal, but if you're having lean and green for lunch or a holiday when you are doing 2 and 4, this might work....

Or does the lack of preference for fish also include tuna in the can? If so, perhaps someone else will make that (or mix it with Shiratake for Tuna Casserole :).

I just worry a bit since Shiratake don't have the micronutrients that we need; the Medifast food is full of vitamins and minerals, and that's excellent, but there are some things that science hasn't identified and can be gotten only from fresh food, specifically vegetables and fruit the fruit is on hold :) making the veggies all the more important..

Are you hungry with just a boca burger though? It's not much food and as I understand it because of the carb in it, we only get one (hence my respect for vegetarians... 7 ounces of salmon is much more satisfying hunger-wise, and all that good salmon oil to boot, I love Boca burgers, but just one is an not more than a couple of ounces of food, I'm sure I'd be quite hungry perhaps once I've lost more weight and don't feel the need for that 7 ounce serving of fish :)).

We get more Tofu than Boca Burger by weight, I know some good things to do with firm tofu I used to eat it at least 4 days a week, if you're interested, drop me a note... I'm not sure how many would be interested so I don't want to take up space if no one would be interested..

Good luck and please do share some of your recipes... the more vegetarian I can be, the happier I usually am, I really do wish I was strong enough the program as a vegetarian, but for now, this month, it's too soon to cut back so much more..

Have a good evening :)..

Comment #13

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to shellfish, so my seafood thing applies pretty much all of it. I can do tuna in a can and I do mix that with Shiratakis..

I do the Shiratakis at least 4-5 times a week. What I typically do is make a 7oz bag and mix it with another 1-1.5 of cooked veggies and 2 full servings of lean and make 2 meals out of it. I never have just 1.5 cups of Shiratakis though because I feel I need the real veggies for balance..

A Boca burger does fill me pretty well, but I usually eat it with broccoli which to me is very filling. I also add a tiny bit of LF cheese to my Boca though..

I've never actually eaten firm tofu in anything other than asian noodle dishes, so I would be curious to see what kind of recipes you have. I'll take a look at what I have and send them to you.....

Comment #14

Better'n Peanut Butter is 85% less fat, 40% less calories, all natural, no saturated fat, no trans fat, gluten free, no cholesterol, no preservatives and low sodium...

Comment #15


Choosing any 5 Medifast meal and your Lean and Green meal keeps most customers between 800 to 1,000 calories. If you are vegetarian, the substitutions for the Lean portion of the meal all tend to be lower in calories. Just wanted to let you know that we will be looking at the vegetarian options early in the new year to try to make the calories equivalent. And to anser the previous question....yes, we are aware that the calorie difference between peanut butter and celery stalks are huge. Peanut butter is a great option for vegetarians to increase calories and get some additional protein in the diet as a snack. It is also a great flavor addition for some of the Medifast meals.

Hope that adds some clarity. Thanks, Joni..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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