Need veggie ideas for Medifast

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I am sick of vegetables. I normally like them, but I didn't eat this much before MF. I like cucumbers and mushrooms. Any ideas? I am so sick of salad!..

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I enjoy spinach sauteed with butter flavor PAM. Add a tad of garlic powder and it's sure yummy! I grow my own green beans. They are higher in carbs than the spinach so I often cook them with equal amounts of mushrooms and a shake of garlic powder, sea salt and pepper. What a treat!..

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Thanks, lilcatfeet! Sounds good, I love spinach and I love garlic!..

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If you have access to a BBQ grill, asparagus with a tiny amount of real olive oil, then more spray stuff, and garlic -real vs powder is best-, is to die for. We fight over the last spear. Also zuccini on the grill is so much better than steamed or sauted IMO. If you like non-lettuce greens swiss chard, spinach, mustard greens, kale, etc sauted in a pan with garlic, balsamic vinegar (just a splash) and mushrooms make a decadent treat..

I also love to grill a portabello mushroom with garlic (can never have too much garlic at my house), top with a tsp of shredded parma/asagio cheese, wilted spinach leaves and a tomoato slice. Stick under the broilr for a moment, and enjoy! I usually serve this with fish for balance, but it always tastes decadent to me..


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Any vegetable steamed, then dress it up with garlic and black pepper. You can further help it along with sprinkling on parmesan cheese or mixing it with some salsa..

Remember that a salad also does not have to be lettuce and tomatoes. I like to mix raw broccoli with other vegetables, sometimes no lettuce at all. Raw cauliflower is good, too. Vary the dressings also. I usually use fat-free Italian (Kraft is good), and just finished a bottle of Walden Farms Balsamic dressing. I think I will try some more of the Walden Farms because they are calorie free and the flavor is quite good.

Most important is to have variety - don't eat the same thing for several days in a row. I keep frozen vegetables to eat hot, and I keep salad stuff too...

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Check the ROASTED CAULIFLOWER thread. You will be amazed...

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What about making a fresh salsa? Mostly chopped tomato add a squeeze of lime juice and some crushed garlic with a bit of salt and fresh pepper to taste. Chop some cilantro and peppers to your liking and some chopped scallion. If you get a food chopper, it will take less than 10 minutes to make and it is really refreshing served ice cold during summer. The past few days I have been putting 2 TBSP of my fresh salsa on my Medifast eggs and also on my salad to add some extra zing...

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I take my aspargus and grill with PAM or some olive oil. Do this with mushrooms too. Maybe check out the Vegitarian section for ideas...

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Oh my gosh the veggie part of the L/G is the easy part! We love love love the grilled asparagus....olive oil, Mrs. Dash....I like some garlic on it too. Or sometimes I put a little olive oil and garlic in a pan and cook broccoli in it. Put a cover on it (if cooking on the stove) to make sure it cooks through. Green beans on the grill......or squash...YUM..

Today I'm trying the cauliflower since it has had such great reviews. Love it mashed but today we're going grilled..


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I know you said you're tired of salad, but if you have access to a grill, then a grilled head of romaine lettuce is a nice twist to a salad. Just cut it in half lengthwise, spritz with olive oil or Pam, sprinkle with some salt and pepper then place it on the grill cut side down...don't let it burn but definitely get some grill marks on it. Very tasty...

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Grandmothers Cucumber Salad.

Sliced cucumber.

Sliced onions (I don't eat them I just use them for flavor).

Sliced bell pepper.

In another bowl add white vinegar, tsp of olive oil, a pinch of splenda and salt, lots of black pepper. bring to a soft boil. allow to cool a little, then pour over veggies (vinegar should cover them). Place in a bowl and refrigerate. It is best after 24 hrs...

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Yummy Mine is in fridge now ...can't wait to try it tomorrow! Wasn't sure how much vinager to useThanks, I love these boards!..

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Can't wait to try this one too. You can do a head of cabbage the same way. Never thought about lettuce...

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I love cooking spinach and mushrooms together with some garlic and ICBINB! It's sooo good!..

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I roast asparagus in the oven... a little olive oil, salt (not much), and pepper, 350 for about 10 minutes (or until tender) and it's amazing.

The roasted cauliflower is wonderful too..

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Roasted Cauliflower is a tasty treat as well. I break it up and roast it with fresh herbs and garlic of course. For a real treat I smash it up and add an oz of shredded fat free cheese while it is hot. I can fool myself into believing it's mashed taters!..

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You people are awesome!! My sister just introduced me to the grilled asparagus....a little olive oil and some kosher salt...heavenly. Thanks everyone! Hmmm lettuce on a grill...I'm going to try it!..

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Try the cucumber salad idea using rice vinegar, a lighter taste than the regular stuff. I slice cucumbers and tomatoes, dice up fresh spinach to sprinkle on top and add a splash of the rice vinegar. Beautiful to look at and very cool to taste...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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