Can I take iron supplements with Medifast?

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I've been waiting a couple days now for Nutrisystem to get back to me with answers to 2 questions, and I really need the information. So I am going to ask these questions in this forum - I hope someone can help!.

First, I've been told that taking in soy products can hinder iron absorption in the body. I have moderate anemia, and am wondering how this will affect me. Would taking my iron with my L&G be ok, or will it not be absorbing because I am ingesting soy from my Medifast meals? Or does this mean that I just shouldn't take my iron WITH a Medifast meal? I'm confused..

Second, I know sometimes folks get constipated on the plan, so is drinking a 5oz cup of Super Dieters Tea after my lean and green ok to do on MF? The main herb in it is Senna family has owned an herb store for over 30 years, and I'm pretty sure Sennas only job is to make ya poop , to keep things moving along. But I'm not sure if it affects anything else, and I don't want to use it if it's going to hinder me in any way..

I hope someone can help me.......Thanks in advance I REALLY appreciate any help from you all!!!..

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Hi Sarah.

I can't answer either of your questions, but I wanted to tell you that if you need immediate help from NS, you can call them directly at 800-509-1281. If they're not available when you call, just leave a message and they will call you back asap. (I've never done that, but that's what they promise and I've read from others that it does really happen!).

Good luck...

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I'm no expert but I can tell you that prior to starting Medifast I had iron issues. For the first 2 months or so I was experiencing a great deal of fatique, just had NO energy (even with 3 infusers a day). About 2 months into I began getting dizzy every time I stood up (my prior problem compounded by 4). I added a 65mg Iron supplement and low and behold by the next day no more dizzy..

Maybe what I experienced is not typical but finding out that soy prevents Iron absorbtion, and have marginal anemia to begin with, does make it make sense..

Good luck...

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Don't know about the iron absorption; however, I have used the Super Dieter's Tea with success. (My kids call it my "poo-poo tea".)..

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I do know (from experience) that iron can make you constipated.. one thing you can do is to add some extra fiber to the MF.. like Benifiber.. it helps to move things along as well....

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Have you gotten any answers or help yet? Are you still having issues about this?.


Certified Health Coach..

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Sarah, I had a complete physical and blood work done before I went on MF. My blood work showed I was anemic big time, I was put on prescriptive iron. I was also told to take a stool softner every day and to drink as much water as possible. I still have bad days and have added a cup of "Smooth Moves" herbal tea once a week if necessary. My doctor never mentioned that soy "canceled out" iron. I would think he would have mentioned that since my iron level was low.

Good luck...

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I have had issues with anemia and have worked with doctors regarding this..

Calcium or dairy products are things you do not want to take with iron. Yes, we have both iron and calcium in the Medifast products, but foods are that way as well. If you are low on iron and want to take an iron supplement, just take the supplement either on it's own.

This site has this information about soy and iron absorption:.

" While it is true that soy inhibits iron absorption, the overall effect on iron balance is not negative and thus should not be considered a problem, even in two populations that might be more at risk: vegetarians and populations with diets low in protein and promoters of iron availability (Macfarlane & Bothwell, 1993). If dietary zinc is sufficient, the binding of zinc by phytates in soy should not cause any problems (Sandstrom & Cederblad, 1980).".


Vitamin C is well known to help (assist) in iron absorption. If you take an iron supplement, try to find one that either has vitamin C with it or take a vitamin c supplement when you take the pill..

Iron can be irritating to the stomach, so they sometimes suggest that you take it with food. Yes, your lean and green meal would probably be best as there wouldn't be lots of calcium or dairy in it to inhibit the absorption. Usually they suggest taking the iron supplement with orange juice, but since we're on Medifast you'd probably want to take a vitamin c supplement instead..

As another said, you'll wnat to make sure you get lots of fiber since iron supplements can promote constipation..

Hope that helps!..

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