Need quick/easy/do ahead Lean & greens

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Hello! I am gearing up to re-commit and get 100% serious and 100% OP all day/everyday. Part of my problem is time/organization/planning, etc. In order to set myself up for success this time I would like to pick your brains to see if you all could help me with my L&Gs. I am thinking about trying to cook all my meats on the weekend. (pork/chicken/beef) I'd also like some ideas for the Green. If anyone has any easy, do aheads for that it would be MOST appreciated.

Or perhaps someone has one they make. To me, I think it would be easier to just have a meat and a salad, but the LF/FF dressings leave a lot to be desired in my book. I'd like a good variety of creamy dressings and oil based dressings..

I know I am aksing for a lot, but any input and/or ideas would be VERY much appreciated..

Thanks so much!!.


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I like to plan ahead, I take a few hours on the weekend and prepare my lean in advance, I cook up, weigh, measure etc. place in small containers and freeze and they are ready for me to add a salad or other "green". I use the Walden Farms Dressings but you can use any light dressing you want as long as it has no more than 5 grams of fat or 6 carbs or less. I like to add olives for my fat serving IF I need it. Hope this helps. Best of Luck to you, Dan-O..

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At Publix Kraft has packets of Light Italian and Ranch 8 to a box I love to grab one of those when I am going out so I dont' have to deal with measuring or worrying about the content of dressing..


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One thing I really miss is shrimp scampi.... So I use pre-cooked shrimp and broccoli mox it with some ICBINB and garlic powder and voila.....Its almost like scampi...just without the pasta. Its a great l&G for me when it's spaghetti night for my family and it's takes me like 5 minutes to do. (i just microwave it all together). Love It !!..

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I like to use regular salad dressings. I use 1 teaspoon (1/6th of a serving so divide the calories/fat/carbs) and mix with 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of white vinegar. About the same taste and lots of variety, plus they are usually on sale, and they last much longer..

The small George Foreman grill is perfect for quick and easy meats. I also try to keep 3 hard boiled eggs in my refrigerator for "emergencies" (the plan says once a week, but I have had them 2x on occasion. They are pretty easy to have on hand and no weighing. Canned tuna is good to have on hand. I keep a pop top seasoned tuna (not the mixed salad ones, they usually have sugar!) in my car for times I am out and stuck...

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I just received Galeo's dressing. I read about them here. You have to order them from their website. Some Whole Foods sell them, but mine didn't. I have tried the is good. Its kinda expensive..

I'm cooking for my family, so I eat the same lean as them. For salads, I purchased those disposable ziplock containers. I use them several times they are good quality, and are nice and convenient. I make several salads at once and grab them out of the fridge...handy...

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One of the "green" recipes I use a lot and make ahead of time is a cucumber-tomato salad. Cut up one large cucumber and chop up a couple of medium-sized tomatoes (take out the seeds) and mix with some Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (powder), dill weed, salt & pepper, and a splash or two of balsamic vinegar and toss. It usually makes close to two full greens (1.5 cups x 2) and stays in the refrigerator for at least a couple days...

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Donna!!! Girl it is sure nice to see you here on the boards and see that you are coming back to MF. Feel free to come back and participate in the team any time, we miss you!.

As for quick meals here is what I do. I get from my local Safeway store bags of their Fully Cooked Favorites chicken in Buffalo, Seasoned, & Terriyaki. Come home from work, pop one in the microwave and add a salad (or usually add the chicken to the salad) and you have dinner on the table in 5 min or less. For dressing I use a tablespoon or 2 of Ranch dressing and count it as my fat. Caesar is good too. Just use the dip the tongs in the dressing and stab the salad method.

Taco Salads minus the taco are great and easy to make and you can just toss the chicken and some salsa in a crock pot and it will be ready when you get home. If you can't get the bags of chicken make some up ahead of time and toss them in bags in the freezer then pull them out as needed.

Foster Farms has some Turkey Meatballs that are great and fully cooked too. I microwave 3 of them and have them with a salad, or in a salad, or just with some canned green beans that have vinegar on them. (the beans not the turkey) Also they taste great in the Medifast chili w/ a little LF cheese. (I have had that for dinner in the place of an L&G a couple of times in the winter, just add a salad or veggie and you have a nice bowl of chili) Yea, it is an extra Medifast meal but who says you can't use a Medifast meal like that when you add things to it. The calories are were they should be and it is healthy. ).

Hope these tips help and to see you back on the boards getting support really soon...

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I do a lot of salads, lettuce, tomatoes or mushrooms and put shrimp, or grilled chicken etc on top. add a little dressing and you are good to go...

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I have to agree wtih Dan I grill a lot ahead of time and then freeze it for use during the weekend. Chicken is my favorite. If I do salad, I also use Walden Farms (my favorite of all time is their Sugar Free Balsamic Vinaigrette - about $3 a bottle at Stop & Shop, and typically on sale at mine at least once a month). I am also a huge fan of grilled veggies... I put peppers in the microwave for 3-5 minutes with a little Pam, a little water and some seasonings with a piece of wax paper on top and then transfer them to the grill for a few minutes. You can do the same with asparagus, beans, mushrooms, etc...

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Thanks so much everyone for your input!!!! I plan to use all of your suggestions!!!..

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Check out thequeenofleanandgreen on Medifast or her Youtube videos Stacey Hawkins. She is a chef so she has great food ideas and maybe a great salad dressing. Welcome back. I am back on Medifast too. ann..

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My fav easy quick recipe is to simmer my tilapia filet in stewed tomatoes and add green beans - it cooks in about 5 min flat!..

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