Need motivation to stick with Nutrisystem?

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I was doing sooo well my first week on Nutrisystem and was finally feeling like I am in control of my eating and can lose this weight and then BLEW it when my daughter ordered pizza and I buckled (late at night) and ate a piece of pizza. UGHHH!!! I hope it doesnt blow my whole week. Am back on track today. Hanging around the board today for motivation!!..

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Your question was: Need motivation to stick with Nutrisystem?.

DRINK DRINK, DRINK TONS OF WATER!!!!!!!!!!! That sodium will kill you. Next time take a book and go to bed. Leave the situation...

Comment #1

Don't beat yourself up, just get back to doing Nutrisystem today. Look forward, not backward!.

Great Luck!!..

Comment #2

First, please forgive yourself for that single sli"see" of pizza. Feeling guilty & beating yourself up about it serves no purpose other than to make you feel bad about yourself.Then get right ba"see"k on your Nutrisystem plan, so you are able to feel in "see"ontrol again, & good about yourself for that reason. Oh, yes, ... & don't forget to drink that water. You'll be OK!..

Comment #3

Yeah, mike just had to go to chili's. he kept saying "well you need to get out. we never go out anymore." so I caved....

But I thought I did pretty good. ordered the chicken caribbean salad and ate only the grilled chicken and lettuce, so I was happy, but I felt a little guilty tho..

I've got to really watch the going out menu tho..

I'm sure it's going to happen more than once. I think i'll take a dinner bar with me next time and just have tea, but that's sooooo hard...

Comment #4

I think if you weigh the positive changes you are making compared to one slice of pizza, one trip to Chili's or one other mistake (chips and dip). You will see that you come up in the positive..

If you follow my old habit, to beat yourself up, give up the entire day rather than just the mistake, the weekend etc... you find yourself quickly into, for me, how I got here..

You can do this. Don't beat yourself up and focus on the postive changes...

Comment #5

Would you have been better off without the pizza? Of course you would..

Can you go back and change it? Nope..

Can you go forward and get back on track? Absolutely!!!!.

Don't let one piece of pizza derail you. You have to get mentally tough and have a victory by walking away from it next timeyou can do it! Drink a lot of water and move on!!!!..

Comment #6

Just make sure you work really hard for rest of the week. I normaly cheat one a week but I am so active it really dont effect my weight loss. I avg 3 pounds a week but everybody is different..

Comment #7

It was one piece of pizza. From the way you were talking I assumed you must have meant you ate the whole pizza. Relax...

Comment #8

Life is out there. I went to a wine tasting on Sunday, tasted a few wines, nibbled on a bit of the food (worked the food into my day though). Tonight is another option to go to a wine tasting. Not going though because we are going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night. It has to be one or the other. Hubby is a bit cheesed off that I am not going tonight, but that is fine. My pants will fit even better by the end of the week!!!..

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