Need Help overcoming Medifast plateau!

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Hi All,.

This is my first time posting to the discussion boards, as I usually just read posts to find motivation. In the beginning, reading everyone's post and seeing all the success kept me going, but I am at the end of month 2 and have not lost one pound in the last 3 weeks....

I admit, I have not totally given up coffee and am following the condiments, I drink ALL the water required and then some, and have stuck to the plan 90% of the time (we do have lunch outings at work, where I will eat my lean and green). The last three weeks, I have increased my working out. I run at least 3 days a week and with weights at least 2..

I'm stuck, my clothes defintely do fit better, but I seem to be at that plateau weight I have always hit and can never get below...153...I hate that number!! I started at 170, so I am down 17 pounds in less than 2 months, but not seeing the scale move makes me want to give up!!.

Please help!..

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I'm sure lots of people will give you great advice on how to bust through, I decided to look at it from the other side, and ditch those rotten scales..

As you can see from my signature down there, I have freed myself from weighing for Lent, I'm 100% OP, to the letter, trying to move meaningfully each day and just trusting that if I'm doing everything I should, I WILL be losing weight..

I was fed up with not seeing the results that I wanted to, so I needed to recommit, I know that folllowong the plan exactly as written it's impossible to actually GAIN weight, so I must be losing, I don't need to depress myself by having the scales not recording that for whatever reason, so I don't need that stress..

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Wow, we have the SAME PROBLEM!! I have lost 20 pounds and am on my 7th week, I started at 170 also. I cant budge from 149.2. I posted on the other board hopeing to get some help. I know, it is really really really annoying. I am clueless also! Its been almost 3 weeks with no loss also. Good luck..

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It can be frustrating even when you stick to the plan and hit a plateau. It seems to me one of the obvious changes that needs to be made when you don't stick to the plan and stop losing weight is to reevaluate yourself. Decide that either you are going to accept failure, or you are going to commit 100% to the plan. Ninety percent got you only so far. One hundred percent will take you all the way. Whatever you are doing the other 10% of the time obviously needs to stop, because it is hindering you.

No noodles, rice, potatoes, or other off plan foods. If you have your entire lean and green at lunch, you don't get more at dinner. If you're eating snacks during the day, stop after the 1 approved snack. Having coffee is fine, just watch what you add to it.

You can do this! It is not easy, but it is achievable! Commitment is key. Decide that you want to lose weight and get healthy, or that you want to eat what you like. At this point, you can't do both. I know how hard it can be when you crave something, but you are stronger than your desires!..

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SFLRAVEN, you are so right. I did a lot of re-evaluating yesterday and have come to the conclusion that I need to be OP was hard today because I've been having an upset stomach all day and wanted to throw up anytime I put something in my mouth, but I do need to commit to myself harder. Thanks for the great advice...

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Katejf, I wish you luck as well. I'm going to take raven's advice and commit myself to sticking to the plan 100%!! At least you are in the 140's!!..

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My feeling is that your body is protecting itself from starvation. It lowers the metabolic rate for a while. Some times you just need to eat a little more! Trick it. By a little, I mean a little- have another shake, eat some nuts, have a little more protein. Just go for walks instead of more heavy workouts. It's been proven that some metabolisms don't respond well to hard excersise.

I lose 5 lbs and then I cruise for a while and then I go for another 5. I think we tend to be too direct line about weight loss, sometimes you have to go sideways!.

Good Luck..

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I don't think you can call it a "plateau" when you're eating off plan. You're just, well, off plan. The problem isn't Medifast..

To try to motivate yourself, take a good look in the mirror, preferably naked. By brutally honest with yourself about what you see. Take pictures. Take a look at your latest medical tests. Consider how you feel. Consider the fact that you're ruining your health, and your looks, and wasting your time feeling bad when you could feel good..

Write down your feelings and your reasons for wanting and needing to lose weight, all the big reasons and the small reasons. Re-read those reasons when you're tempted to go off plan. After all, most people, if they stop to think really do believe that their health and their looks are more important than a cookie..

You CAN do this. You just have to choose to. Spend some time trying to figure out what you want, and why you're sabotaging yourself. You're making choices that are preventing you from getting the things you really want, and there's probably a reason. Knowing that reason will help you figure out how to work around the issue...

Comment #7

My pleasure! I am glad to hear that you are reevaluating your situation and are making a commitment to your health and well-being. It can be very hard, but it is so worth the effort.

Just remember that strength can only come from resistance, whether it be physical strength, emotional strength, or strength of will. You must push back against the stressor in order to build that strength. Right now, your desire to eat off plan is the stressor. The more you resist, the stronger you will become..

Before long, the queasy feeling will go away. Make sure you are drinking at least 64 ounces of plain water daily, on top of whatever else you drink (coffee, tea, flavored water, etc); that will help with the upset stomach, as well...

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