How to make Medifast oatmeal taste better?

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I am VERY new at this and I am having trouble with the bland and sometimes not so good taste of some of the packets - especailly the oatmeal. Can any of you help me get some good idea's on how to add some good flavor without ruining the goal of eating well and staying on track. I really want to stay on this plan but right now I am certain I will stray if I cant get over this hurdle..

Thanks -.


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The food can take some getting used to, and eventually you'll find the things you like and a few things you probably never will like...

I happen to be a fan of the oatmeal (many people are not). I add a dash of SF vanilla syrup to the blueberry... some cinnamon to the apple cinn... and some SF maple syrup to the maple one. I add a dash of 1/2 and 1/2 to all of them.

Many people use the oatmeals to bake muffins, breads, etc. Check out the recipe thread for tons of great ideas.

Good luck! Believe or not, your taste buds will get used to the taste, hang in there! In the meantime, eat the things you like most of the time and bring the other things back in as you need variety. Even though I've tried every Medifast food out there, I generally only use a half dozen things on a regular basis... But that's just ME!..

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And the oatmeal, I have found, is better if you do it on the stove, or add the water early and let it sit before you cook it in the micro. I add a dash of extract (vanilla, maple or coconut usually) or a little cinnamon or a splenda or a combo of those depending on my condiment plans for the day! And I have read alot of people suggest adding a dash of salt while you cook it, never tried itbut read a lot of people who do..

You can look up the alowed condiments in the Succes Tools section above. You CAN do this and YOU are worth it!!! It just takes a little time and experimenting...

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I put one packet of splenda in the oatmeal after it is cooked and mix it in. I think it's great!..

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I used to hate the oatmeal. Now I love it. I like the apple cinn the best. I add some extra cinnamon, some sugar-free vanilla or carmel syrup and some flax seed meal and one cup of water..

I nuke it for one minute. Then I put it in the fridge for a few hours. Then reheat at lunch. It's my favorite these days. Give it a try.


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Here's how I do my fave, apple cinnamon: Soak for at least 1 hr ahead with more water than suggested, added sweetener (liquid sucralose has no carbs), extra cinnamon (I use lots); toast some chopped pecans (about 1/2 oz.), microwave the oatmeal in 30-second or less intervals, totalling about 2 min. total, sprinkle on the crispy nuts.that's it!!! Some people at work now copy this "ritual" for their regular instant oatmeal and love it! Good luck!..

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Wow...I wish I would have had this recipe while on the 5/1! I do still use the Medifast oatmeal in maintenance, so I will give this a try...thanks!.

Kate - I hope you made it over this hurdle and found something that was helpful. Echoing what Pam said, we all experienced your situation to varying degrees, so try to hang in there and don't give up!..

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Hey Dan! Cool to see you, neighbor!.

I never much ate the oatmeal but I did make it into waffles a few times. They were excellent...

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Howdy!! Welcome!!! I like to mix my shakes with my Cuisinart Stir Stick and pour them in a bottle and store them in the frig overnight. They taste very rich and creamy the next day!!! I also make my soups the night before so they are rehydrated enough to eat. Everything that says to microwave, I do it for the first minute and then I take it out and stir it and it goes right back in for another minute. It makes everything taste more "normal" to me! Hope that helps some!!!..

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