Counting Frozen Vegetables on Medifast

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DUH! You would think that I would had noticed this before now but for some reason never thought to check out the serving sizes on frozen vegetables. Now, I am not sure of how to count the portion size. The serving size on the packages differers from the gram weight chart that I use from MF. Example: Frozen Broccolipackage shows 1 cup = 85 grams and the Medifast chart shows that 1/2 cup = 92 grams. If you follow MF, then you would eat 184 grams for one cup. Have any of you noticed? Please let me know how you count vegetables.

Thanks so much...

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From the start of MF, I have just measured my veggies in my measuring cup. Sometimes I have a little to many, but it never hurt me with my weight loss.Linda..

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A few grams on either side isn't going to harm you. A food scale will help. Just get one, then weigh the container first and use the little tare adjustment knob to zero it out, then fill it with as many grams as you think you need for a serving size according to medifast. Remember, it's cooked weight, not frozen or uncooked weight, on broccoli...

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When I started weighing my veggies, I was shocked at just how much it is. If you only use a measuring cup, my bet is you are shorting yourself quite a bit. Here is the chart put out by NS...

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I have noticed that difference tooand it's usually a big one. The Medifast charts show more (usually a LOT more) grams per serving than the bag of frozen vegetables saysand not just frozen veggies, either. The canned veggie serving-size weights are usually a lot different, too. I was beginning to wonder if the serving-size weights on the frozen veggies are for before it's cooked (and maybe the canned weights include the liquid or something)..

Anyway, I always just go by weights on the Medifast chartand I try to stick to FRESH veggies!!..

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I just go by the weights on the Medifast charts. Honestly, 85 to 92 grams is like 2 green beans or something, so it just isn't something I'm going to have a cow over...

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