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Hey guys, I'm not losing and I really need some motivation, I need medifast buddy to help me through the hard times.....

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Allison... How long have you been on the program..... We are here for you and will help how ever we can. Are you drinking all your water, and eating all your meals. Don't skip your meal, as it makes your body think that you are starving it... and will try and hang onto that fat as long as it can.

It is a great program...

Comment #1

Hi Allison. Can you help us out here? Give us your stats...i.e., what you weigh now, what you want to weigh, when you started...and tell us a typical day of what you eat. We're all here to help...

Comment #2

You guys are so sweet to get back to me so quickly. I cant tell you how much it means to me!!!.

Ugg, I'm very short, 4'11 or so, I know I'm eating too many calories, my goal is to lose 15lbs to get back to my pre-chubby wife phase, I'm eating the medifast foods but I find that I'm not full even with all the water, I am eating too many medifast meals I think. I find that I have strong cravings often. how do you guys do it? I tend to stress eat too it's like I'm never full..

Comment #3

Allison - you sound like me ( a fellow jersey girl). I am going to start fresh tomorrow. It is hard. None of us got here from just eating an extra carrot stick.... so going from what we were "use" to eating to eating 5 shakes or Medifast meals a day and then one LG meal... really feels like starving - especially those first few days...

I have about 30 lbs to lose - but will hang in with you for your 15. Do you want to exchange email? would that make it easier than the boards?..

Comment #4

Heres a good example guys, it's 12pm by me and I already ate 700 calories, I'm so frustrated, what is my deal?! risa you are so right, I'm going to try to start over tomorrow but watch myself for the rest of the day too.....

Comment #5

I dont know why but I cant send private messages.. if you can send me a private message and ill try to send my email... idk I'm still new at all of this **blush**..

Comment #6

Allison -.

When I do the Medifast plan I try to eat every 2 1/2 to3 hours at first. Having like an oatmeal for breakfast with a big thing of water - or even diet coke or diet snapple. Thats only about 110 or so calories. Then - two hours later a shake - Even if you were so starving that you ate 5 oatmeals in one day every 2 hours it's only 500 calories.... ALso - with the minestrone soup and chili I pour them into a tupperware early in the day with their water and let them soak up the water to rehydrate the veggies. There are so many supportive people here on the boards!..

Comment #7

I just read a thing - they got rid of private messages - you can send me a message at yes - believe it or not I actually had a business - making gourmet cakes and cookies.... not doing it right now - tmeptation too strong!..

Comment #8

How cute! did you really startyour own bakery? maybe you can change it to be medifast approved goodies,..

Comment #9

Hi Allison, You have very few pounds to lose, so this is probably why they are moving slowly. Try to space your meals out, and drink lots of water. I sometimes make my shakes with 16 oz of water instead of 8, and I use ice and throw it in the blender. I also usually add a packet or so of splenda. This makes a large filling shake, and it tastes fine, less gritty I think. Always have water or crystal light available to sip through the tough times.

You need the board name of the person you are sending to, it is a little bit of a hassel but it is working. Keep working the program!..

Comment #10

Thanks caroline - I didnt know that.... allison - I just tried to send you a message thru that way... just to try it out.... Hope this afternoon is going better for you!!! yes - I started my own in home bakery after my sons 1st bday - then I was doing almost 20 cakes a week and it got too crazy - so after 5 years am now just doing family and really close friends - which still keeps me a little too busy (amazing how many friends you have when you do what I do :-) !!! )..

Comment #11

Are you drinking a lot of water or other beverages. I try to space my meals about 2 to 2 1/2 hours apart but I am constatly drinking water, crystal light, hot tea or caffeine free diets pepsis in between "feeding" time. All of the fluid in take really helps squelch the hunger pangs. You might give that a try. Also, logging food on the my plan section really helps me insure that I am not over doing it. I generally have about 950 calories a day and about 90 carbs.

I think I have probably lost quite a bit this week (TOM visisted last week and slowed my progress) because I can just look in the mirror and see that I am thinner..

Keep it up and listen to the girls on here. They are a wealth of info...

Comment #12

Thanks so much you guys! this board is so wonderful! I am so greatful for all you help!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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