Need a good medifast eggplant recipe

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I have only ever really enjoyed eggplant as eggplant parm or fried eggplant and was wondering if anyone had any other recipes for it that I could incorporate. I know a lot of Indian cooking uses eggplant, but I can't seem to think of anything that would be OP. Please help since I have a whole eggplant in my fridge just waiting to be eaten..

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I love eggplant parm too!!!! U can use the Medifast crackers to "bread them" and add some tomato sauce and cheese on top,maybe with chick for your lean....Let me know, I also saute eggplant in cubes then add cherry tomatoe's until just tender then add parm cheese at the end,u could use that for your green..

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Smiley: I love eggplant sliced thick and cooked on the bbq. You could bake it in the oven too if the grill thing isn't possible. I use it when I am having a leanest lean so I can brush a little olive oil on it and salt and pepper it...

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My friend makes a delicious roasted veggie recipe that has eggplant as one of the ingredients. A lot of flavor and more interesting than just eating a salad or some broccoli or something. I usually eat it with some baked tilapia. Nutrition Support helped me update it (use quantities in parentheses):.

2 cups eggplant (164 grams or 6 ounces).

3 cups of zucchini (540 grams or 19 ounces).

1 cup bell pepper (149 grams or 5 ounces).

1 cups cherry tomatoes (224 grams or 8 ounces).

5 teaspoons olive oil.

2 Tbls red wine vinegar.

1 Tbls tomato paste.

1 tsp dried basil.

1 tsp salt.

Tsp dried thyme.

Tsp black pepper.

Teaspoon dried rosemary.

3 cloves garlic.

Makes 5 servings.

Per serving: 3 vegetables, 3 condiments and 1 Healthy Fat..

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Thanks for the tips! I am going to try some of this..

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I love eggplant but there is a way to make it ... Peel the skin off of the eggplant and then soak it in salted water for 15 minutes I use sea salt it takes the bitterness out of it ... after that you can bake it just throw it in the oven on 350 until the outsides are soft or I like to grill it I slice it up about 1/4" thick then mix 2 tsp of olive oil and a bunch of water in a squirt bottle and shake it before each time so it is mainly mixed up and squirt it with it with the oil mixture and grill it... it turns out great everytime you can also make it like that in the oven ... I recommend throwing some seasoned salt on it or mrs dash... It turns out great I use it as my desert and it's super good for you..

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My version of eggplant parm is:.

1 cup of thickly sliced eggplant.

2 T of eggbeaters.

1/2 c diced canned tomatoes.

1 c shredded mozz cheese.

1 packet Parm Cheese Puffs - crushed (I use the Health Mate Blender).

I use the eggbeaters and brush it on the entire slice of eggplant and then dip it in the crushed parm cheese puffs..

I bake for 15 minutes at 374 - flipping ever 5 minutes.

Then I top with the tomatoes, bake another 5 minutes.

Top with the cheese until melted (if you like your cheese crunchier - broil for 2-3 min)..

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WOW! I never thought to use the parm puffs. What a perfect idea! I am going to try it this week. Thank you so much!..

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Hope you enjoy! It's my favorite meal, I eat it probably 2x per week!..

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Can't wait to try this. I only have nacho puffs right now..I'll let you guys know how the southwestern version works out...

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Yes.. how is it counted.. dying to know as this sounds wonderful!!What a great use for the parm puffs...

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I made this today with Medifast snack crackers instead of parm puffs, and I used some Hunt's No Sugar italian sauce instead of tomatoes, and it was FABULOUS!!! I will definitely be adding this to my frequently used recipes! Thanks!..

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I am making a lamb and eggplant curry tonight. I will post the recipe tomorrow and see if the nutrition gods sign off on it. The lamb has been marinating since yesterday in a curry/half n half mixture (very small amounts of both) and the eggplant will be "soaked" tonight in salt for 30 mins before it is rinsed and used. Maybe some of the chefs on here will come up with a closer OP recipe than I can make up!..

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I count it as my whole L&G for the day (plus one Medifast meal) - here is how:.

1 cup eggplant = 2 green.

1/2 cup diced tomatoes = 1 green.

And then of course one of your Medifast meals for the day.

Now here is where the 100% OP people are going to have a heart attack - so if you're one of those people - BE WARNED..

I figure 2 T of eggbeaters is 1/16 of a serving. So if I'm feeling like I have to be really really really good - I take 1 TB of cheese out of the cup before putting it on. If not - I figure at least 1 T of the cheese doesn't make it on to the eggplant when I sprinkle it, and I don't worry about getting every last drop when I take it out of the pan. (GASP I know).

I use mozz cheese that fits into the lean category and doesn't need need any healthy servings. If you chose a leaner cheese, you could add more and would need a healthy fat (you could probably substitute olive oil for the eggbeaters if you wanted).

Hope that makes sense!..

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It does make sense and thank you so much for the creative idea...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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