Natural Candida Cleanse

Super Food Whether you have suffered from Candida before or this is a first time occurrence for you, there is a good chance that you should be performing a natural Candida cleanse if you hope to speed up your recovery and get your body functioning normally once again.

Candida itself is a toxic fungus that's a yeast-like micro-organism and is usually present in small amounts in the healthy body. It's when there is a growth that occurs that problems start developing and negative symptoms will be nocied.

Usually the most common symptoms that an individual will show that lets them know that they are likely suffering from an infection are fatigue, nervousness, frequent headaches, allergies, anxiety, mood swings, frequent colds and flu and being constipated or having diarrhea. As the condition advances, you may also start having pain when you try and produce bowel movements so this can be quite a nuisance for an individual.

If you are showing signs of these symptoms, then it's time to consider doing a Candida cleanse in order to remove the overgrowth of the fungus and get the levels of this bacteria back down to more normal levels.

One of the biggest issues with this problem is that because of modern technology and medicines, over time, a high consumption of steroids, antibiotics and other over the counter medications that are designed to treat other conditions will result in our body destroying some of the bacteria that's present in the body to promote a healthy immune system and stop overgrowth from occurring.

This damaged immune system can then cause a change in the pH level in the body and can lead to a hormone imbalance. One of the main aims of the Candida cleanse is to clean your body, especially the gastro-intestinal tract, where this overgrowth is occurring.

Additionally, if you have a lot of stress in your life a Candida Cleanse can be beneficial as that alone can also lead to problems over time.

Potentially the thing that plays the largest role in the Candida Cleanse is diet as this will prevent the micro-organisms from flourishing in the body.

When doing the Candida Cleanse diet, you'll want to starve the body of some basic elements temporarily because this is what will kill the overgrowth and get you feeling well again. For about seven to ten days you should try to completely eliminate any simple sugars from your diet since this is what yeast thrives off of the best.

After this time period is up then you can slowly start adding back in fruits if you wish but still really watch the portion sizes you are consuming.

You should also try and limit the amount of starchy carbohydrates as well, so such foods as bread, pasta, rice, cereals and corn should be avoided for the beginning period of time.

Basically, for the initial seven to ten days try and consume the following foods: -chicken
-lean choices of beef
-non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower, celery, lettuce, onions, peppers and cucumbers
-nuts and olive oil

Other foods that you should try and avoid because they do contain active yeast in them are cheeses, breads that have been made from yeast, mushrooms (as these are a fungi in themselves) and tomato paste because it is a fermented product.

After the initial time period is up and symptoms are starting to subside, then you can start adding those products back in along with the other starchy forms of carbohydrates. In general, if you are susceptible to Candida overgrowth, you may want to try and limit the simple sugars you consume on a regular basis to provide some prevention into the future that you get infected again.

Finally, after your symptoms have resided, be sure to make yogurt a mainstay product in your diet. This contains lots of good bacteria that will offer you immunity to the Candida organism and also promote a healthier immune system in general.

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