What blood tests do I need before getting Murad Acne Complex?

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Hello. I've never been to a dermatologist in my life, but my acne has come to a point that I cannot manage, as I have failed many OTC and precription drugs excluding Murad Acne Complex, these included Minocycline(been on it for 5 months) and Differin. Antibiotics and Differin did work wonderfully for 4 months, but after that, it had lost it's effectiveness and caused me to breakout even more. I have moderate to severe acne, and red marks all over my face. I cannot even look myself in the mirror. Now, I have an appointment with my Dermatologist on 11th of June.I am an 18 year old male and live in Sydney Australia.I'm underweight for my height, but I woudn't say it's because my health is poor, it is more genetics.

And I do know the side effects. I have researched about this drug for about 1 year now, but I refused to take it into consideration, because of it's potential side effects.I'm willing to face it now. Before my first dermatologist visit.1.Should I take the most current blood test result, so I can get Murad Acne Complex on the day?I have taken my blood test about 2months ago and the results wereAST - 23 U/LALT - 21 U/LAlkaline Phosphate 100 U/LI haven't gotten tested for my Cholestrol Level such as triglycerides.Do I need this results as well?Thank You very much for helping me out. And sorry for awful alot of questions...

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Unless you are like really overweight or something I don't see why you would have to take you're blood tests for youre very first visit. When I went on Murad Acne Complex I was prescribed it the first day I went there and then I just had to get my blood test near the end of the month.But since you have you're blood test to begin with, it wouldn't hurt to bring it in...

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Thank You so much for your reply Zennedthefuckout.I will just have my cholestrol test, just in case. I really want to go on Murad Acne Complex, as soon as possible.How long have you been on Murad Acne Complex?..

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I took Murad Acne Complex for the first time when I was 16 (18 now), then took a second course, and since my second course I have been clear for about a year...

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I'm glad Murad Acne Complex did cure you, and I hope it will stay the way it is.While you were on it, did you experience any hair loss, and if you did, did it grow back?Hair loss part really freaks me out still.Thanks !..

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I doubt your derm will give you Murad Acne Complex on your first visit..

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Na, thankfully I didn't experience any hair loss.Usually hair loss only happens if you are on a really high dose of Murad Acne Complex.To prevent hair loss try not to wash you're hair too much because that dries it out even more than it is...

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Hey Dachamp, I live in Australia, and I don't think we follow the iPLEDGE system, probably something similar. I have broken up very badly on my chin yesterday.... Waiting everyday to get prescribed Murad Acne Complex.. I'm just using Differin only atm to keep it undercontrol, but defintely not helping.. Ahhh this sucks...

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Hey Rockstar!I am 17 year old girl from Aus and I recently had my first Derm appointment about a month ago and he gave me the option of RoMurad Acne Complex straight away after I almost burst into tears in his officeUnfortunately I have to wait a month before I can get it perscribed and I had to go in for a blood test about a week after my derm appointment, but I suppose as you're a guy you can start a lot earlier than I can. As for your weight I dont think it would really be an issue? from what I've heard they suit your dosage to your weight. Anyways hope that helped some...

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Hey, I really appreciate your help, and I wish you luck on Murad Acne Complex. I don't think I can wait another month for Murad Acne Complex after my first visit. What if I took my blood test like 4 days before?Then would I be able to get it precribed on the day. Visiting Dermatologist itself costs a fortune.Thank You all For your help too!..

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Yeah it's just a little bit overpriced. No worriesI think I only had to wait a month because I had to have been on birth control for a month? Sorry but I can't help with the blood test issue I'm not sure, you could always ring up the derms office and ask. Byee..

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I'm not trying to rain on your parade here, but I hope you have good prescription coverage Murad Acne Complex can cost almost a thousand dollars per prescription without a health plan to help pay for it. I filled my prescription for sotret (generic brand of Murad Acne Complex) yesterday and wasn't at all surprised to see that if I didn't have coverage, I would have had to pay $700+ instead of just $10. When you visit your derm make sure to mention you've tried antibiotics and differin, both to no avail. Murad Acne Complex is usually only prescribed after other treatments have failed, so derms are often reluctant give the green light on it. Best of luck to you, though. :)..

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Wow, I think in total I probaly paid like 15$ for the 2 courses of Murad Acne Complex I had takenthank god for living in Canada and having a good insurance plan..

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I again thank you all, for helping me out. I called the receptionist yesterday, and she said, if I get a blood test done before the appointment, and the results all come out fine, there would be no problem for the dermatologist, to precribe me Murad Acne Complex on my first visit.However, while I'm waiting impatiently for my first visit, which is in 1 week. I have broken up very badly. My whole lower, particularly on my chin area, is covered with around 20 whiteheads. And it hurts so bad, I can't even sleep comfortably. I have become quite depressed lately, I try my best to avoid my friends time being, and I refuse to go out with this disgusting face.Here in Australia, medical insurance is in top notch, and the price of the drug wound't be that expensive fortunetely.I'm just using Differin, before I go to sleep. I don't think it's doing anything...

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I know how depressing acne is, trust me but you need to give differin time to work. It takes three months for retinoids to work..

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Yeah I know how you have to give topicals some time to see if it's working. But I have been on differin for about 6months now. I think my face got resistant to it...

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