How to track diet with Medifast plan?

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I'm very frustrated with the new beta MY PLAN version. I love tracking my foods, inventory and especially having the option to select my personal menu each day (so I don't have to). However, this new version is even less effective than the previous one. Does anyone else have issues as well. I don't seem to be getting any answers from the administratrators, and I think if they offer this on the site, it should be working efficiently or they should at least be making efforts to optimize..

I chose the personal menu selection for today, and it offered me 5 bars! I maintenance bar, 2 oatmeals, and 2 others from my inventory. I love the bars, but really only 1 a day is all my system can handle. I would think there should be a forum where people can submit comments, so they could actually get this running effectively for those that choose to use it. Any ideas or suggestions from those that have been using the program for some time?..

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I agree with you that it would be nice if there was a forum where we could post suggestions. However, after having seen some forums setup for that on other sites, and they seem to have a habit of becoming complaint receptors. So I can see why the administrators might not want to do that..

So far I like what they've done with MyPlan. Having said that though, I've never used the meal plan option you mentioned. I wonder if it just randomly selects items from the My Cupboard fields..

One thing I would like to be able to do it synch two My Cupboard's. Since my wife and I are both doing Medifast, it would be cool if both her Meal Plan and mine subtracted from the same Cupboard. It would make it easier to inventory what food we have and what we need to reorder..

Anyway, that's my two cents...

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I personaly have never used that function - I would rather pick and choose my items..

I have heard others say at the beginning of the week they just go through and put five items in a zip loc bag and eat everything in a bag each day. Now personally I never know what I want at a given moment much less to plan in advance, so I have tons of meals at my desk at work so in the morning based no my schedule, meetings, conference calls, etc I can either make oatmeal, soup, hot drinks, shakes, or just have a bar..

Long as you are getting all five meals in and your full L&G you are fine, it doesn't matter what combination you are doing...

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It appears that the menu suggestion function is still behaving in the same way! I keyed in my most recent purchase and sought suggestions over a period of two days...two day of bars...geez:-((.

I prefer to pick my own, I just wanted to see how the system handled I know. Maybe one day it will work more selectively...we can hope!!..

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It's funny, I have never had the problem with the suggest a meal plan option. I have used it since day one (I am ending week 3 or 4 I don't remember, lol). I have never had a full day of bars. I have had the first two weeks of 3 shakes and 2 bars but never just bars. The only thing that I have had it do was have me eating soup for my last meal when I am now having trouble even eating my evening meal. It is not that hard to switch it around to somewhat customize things for yourself.

Now things are getting a bit easier for me so I can plan my day a bit better for myself...

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Devonnejoy, it's called "beta" because it is unfinished and still glitchy. That's what beta means. To offer your suggestions, just click the "Help Center" at the top of the page and there you can submit stuff to the tech people..

By the way, 5 bars a day is perfectly acceptable.....

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These are exactly the kinds of things the programmers want to know about, so I would suggest doing as Pashta said and sending an email via the help center to let them know this is a problem. They can't fix what they don't know is a problem...

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