My Medifast success story - more energy!

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Hi Everyone,.

I started on Medifast Oct. 2nd of last year. When I started I weighed 149 lbs, when I stopped 3 months later I weighed 108 lbs. I lost all the weight effortlessly and had more energy than I ever had..

My trouble started when I went into transition, I started out with a little junk food here, a little there and as effortlessly as I lost, I gained 10 lbs back rather quickly.

I just started back on Medifast 8 days ago and have to tell you, I feel great!!! I forgot the "high" that I had watching the pounds drop-off. I have already lost 3 lbs, and can't wait to lose the other 10 lbs!!.

I wish everyone much success on their weight loss journey!!.


This program rocks!!!!!!!..

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I love hearing the stories of folks that dropped lots of weight pretty fast. I would love to hear how you accomplished itother than staying 'on plan.'.

What meals did you generally eat? Did you stick with the leaner and lower carb veggies? Did you use the Momentum products? How much did you exercise?.

Any tips you can share?.

I also find it frightening to hear that seems many people gain back in Transition!..

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Hi quill,.

I stayed on plan 100%. I drank a ton of water, I would drink 16 oz before each meal and than another 16 oz during the meal. I would even take a bottle to bed and if I woke up during the night, I would drink it. I was constantly in the bathroom!!!.

For my L&G, I ate chicken breast, lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette. I ate this everynight with the exception of one night at week, on that night I had broiled salmon with lemon juice and steamed broccoli..

I didn't really exercise much, I have 4 kids, 3 are younger so chasing them around all day was enough exercise for me!!.

My problem with transition was, I was terrified of gaining the weight back, so I stayed on plan longer that I should have.

Before I started I was a "Dr pepper" junkie. I could drink a 12 pk a day. I haven't had a single sip since I started last Oct. 2nd.

Hopefully this time around I will do the maintenance plan properly!.


Comment #2

I really enjoyed reading this thank you for posting it. I love Medifast too and I love the way I feel Welcome back..

Comment #3

Lynn, 100 lbs down, that's awesome!! You must be proud of yourself!!.

Take care,.


Comment #4

Thanks for sharing your plan of success!.

Having the same thing for L&G every night wouldn't bother me that much but I think my husband would get tired of chicken.

Did you stay away from bars and mostly drink shakes?.

I have been trying hard to drink more than recommended water and perhaps you've provided the incentive...

Comment #5

Thanks for your sharing!!! I get my water in but I'm going to challenge my self to 16 oz. before each meal....and maybe sticking to chicken and salmon and minimizing beef and them both, so it's no hardship!!!..

Comment #6


I eat one bar a day, usually first thing in the morning and shakes are one of my favorites!.


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Hi Robin,.

Welcome back! I am soo worried about keeping it off and maintaining when I am finished too. I just completed 1 month on the program and down 9.5 !!! I am so happy with that. I think 1 more month and I could be close to goal weight-just in time for ThanksgivingUUGGHH-yeah, great! Anyway, looks like you are on your way back down-WAY TO GO!!..

Comment #8

I was so nervous, today is my first day, and I had read... "Oh, hate the oatmeal, hate the shakes, blah blah blah" and I LOVE them. I occassionaly would eat protein bars for a meal, so the taste is familiar to me and I am thrilled. Hopefully, my weight will come off like all of yours did. I just have tried everything, you name it, and this is my last ditch effort for these 30 pounds!..

Comment #9


I love MF, too!.

There's nothing quite like it!.

It really is workin' for me!..

Comment #10

Robin: It's so great to read this thread, and you being so positive about MF, and how it makes you feel. I've had a lot of trouble staying OP the past many weeks, and falling OP every day. But I know I can do this...I did it before, last year...and I too remember how great I felt. I just need to get past the first week. Please, please dear Universe...give me the strength and willingness to stay that I may feel as good as Robin does :-).

Day one for me again today. I can do this!!!..

Comment #11

Great attitude!.

You were wise to come back when you saw the weight creep back up - years ago, I lost over 50 lbs on weight watchers, then I thought "ok, I'm done now!" and put over 70 back on!.

Now, there's even more to lose!.

I've tried every program, diet and pill out there, short of surgery..

Even tried hypnosis..

This is the best, most amazing plan there is..

Good luck - you'll do fine this time!..

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