My Medifast cappuccino review

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I really do not like the cappuccino. Any good suggestions to make it tolerable? The flavor is just off. I tried mixing it coffee instead of water, no good. Tried it as an iced shake, still no good. Any other great suggestions would be appreciated!..

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When you made it with coffee, did you prepare the coffee as you normally would drink it... I use splenda and half and half.. I made the coffee, added lots of ice and then the capp. mix.... also sometimes I omit the splenda and add a sugar free syrup like davini's or torani's or walden farms (their caramel is great)... they are delish..

Hope that helps..

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Something I like is to prepare the cappuccino like it says on package, then add to coffee. Tastes like something from Starbucks.. YUMMY..

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Someone gave me the wonderful idea to double the water. I can't stand it with only 8 oz of water, but really enjoy it with 12-16 oz!..

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Yes, adding more water or coffee really helps. It makes a double serving and it isn't so sweet...

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I just tried the cappuccino this week too & I will say that I think it's disgusting!! It has a very sour milk sort of taste to it? Is it just me?.

I tried it straight as directed & had to pour it down the sink...inedible.

Then, I tried mixing it with my morning coffee. It was slightly better, but that weird milky flavor was still coming through. Then, I tried making a shake with coffee & ice. That was mildly better, especially the texture, because it made a very thick shake!.

Now I will try the above suggestions & double the water. Hope that helps!..

Comment #5

I am sitting here drinking my cappuccino breakfast which is now one of my favorite meals. I really DID NOT like it at first. But now, I mix it with hot or cold coffee in the blender and pour it into a mug and reheat it in the microwave if it needs it. I always add about 12 ounces of coffee so it dilutes it a little more. Make sure your mug is BIG if you are going to reheat int he microwave and watch it carefully so it doesn't boil out of the cup. If you don't have any coffee brewed, use water and instant coffee crystals instead...

Comment #6

Having my cappuccino right now for breakfast. I mix half a pack into a cup of regular coffee (that way I get two cups of coffee). I add a couple pumps of starbucks sf caramel syrup. I love it...

Comment #7

I put the Cappuccino mix and 6oz. of water in my blender bottle, shake it really good then pour it into a big mug (it overflows) and put it in the microwave for about 30 sec. then I add coffee and a little bit of sugar free french vanilla creamer or some splenda. Im not a fan of drinking it plain but when I mix it, it's one of my favorites. If you dont have a blender bottle (the one with the metal spring ball) I suggest getting one, they really help..

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We are all so different- Cappacino is my fav Medifast meal! I put it in the blender with 8oz of cold water, 1/2 tsp of instant espresso and a big handful of ice. Yum- totally meets my frappacino cravings!..

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I make coffee with my espresso machine straight into a latte mug. I fill it all the way up with coffee then add a cappuccino packet and whisk it until fully blended. Then I either sprinkle a good healthy shot of cinnamon powder or (this time of year) pumpkin pie spice. It's my breakfast meal every morning...

Comment #10

The Cappuccino is one of my favorites..

I make it as a cold shake. Use the blender, add flavoring, sugar free choc syrup(since I am a chocolate lover), splenda, instant coffee, and vanilla......

Comment #11

So glad I found this discussion. Disappointed at how the hot drinks do not dissolve all the way so your last swallow is chunky (GROSS!! - I gagged). This is the start of my 2nd week so still venturing into some of the foods. Good to know all the other's ideas.

On another note: how do I get the ticker that changes as my weight does? The one I chose does not reflect my first week's loss. Thanks in advance for any help...

Comment #12

Every time you enter a new weight you have to do a new ticker and it will show the change..

It does not update it just by putting in your new weight. Its a pain put that is the only way I have found that works...

Comment #13

I have found that as your continue the diet your taste very much changes. Just because you don't like it now doesn't mean you won't love it in two months. So maybe just put it on the back of the shelf for awhile...

Comment #14

As with most Medifast foods, to get rid of the "chunkies", let it sit!!! I mix my cappuccino with water, walk away for 5 minutes, mix some more, walk away, and mix some more. THEN I microwave and add either splenda of SF syrup and coffee (or more water and a StarBucks Via packet). Breakfast at work every morning, and I finally have figured out how not to have chunky coffee!..

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