My last day on Medifast

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...of my life without Medifast (hopefully). I was finally able to access shipping information for my first order and it is on it's way. It looks like it will probably arrive tomorrow and Thursday I will start the program. I'm ready to get started....

But, tonight and tomorrow I'm fulfilling my biggest cravings before getting starting...Chinese tonight and pizza tomorrow. It will be a LOOOONG time, if I ever, revisit my favorite foods. I'm praying I find new, healthier favorites along the way.

Wish my luck. I'm sure the next week will be rough!..

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Before I started at the beginning of February, I went out of town with my girlfriends for the weekend, and ate myself silly. Champagne and chocolate mousse and cheese and bread. I'm so glad that I did that before starting the program! Enjoy your last bad meal!..

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Welcome! I did the same thing before starting 3 weeks ago. Good luck on your Medifast journey and there are definitely some great L+G meals on the boards such as cauliflower pizza!..

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Good luck, this is my second day, and I did the same thing! Hang in there. We can do this together...

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Congratulations on making a choice for Life! My transition wasn't as bad as I feared. I truly have not felt uncomfortably hungry one time in the past two months. Sometimes, I feel my energy level drop, and then I know it's time to have a Medifast meal. You will find lots of suport at this site, and so many inspirational stories to get you through each day.

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I checked shipping today 2! Mine better be here tomorrow, I am excited to start as well! Lots of luck and WE WILL DO THIS!..

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Yay, so glad you girls are getting your food. Mine arrived April 1st and it was like Christmas! Since Easter was the following Sunday and I didn't feel like explaining the whole plan to my family, I chose to start the Monday after. Pizza is my favorite, so last weekend I made cauliflower pizza for my L&G (I HATE CAULIFLOWER) and I LOVED IT!!! If you try any of the Medifast meals and you don't like them, don't despair, there are recipes galore on this site and I'm even working on a few of my own!.

Best of luck to you and success is just around the corner!.


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Congratulations on getting started! I started 4/10 and have lost 7.8 pounds so far! Reading the boards has really helped to give me ideas as to what to do. One of the best has been separating your Medifast meals into plastic bags. That way, when I go to work I can grab a bag and go. I also mixed a little diet cream soda with my vanilla shake. YUM! Next week is not going to be as hard as you think.....especially when you see the pounds start coming off.

I keep looking at everyone on here that has done so great on Medifast, and I find my motivation in them!.

Good luck and have a great day!!..

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I have to admit that when I was preparing to start, I was eating sensibly and all that good stuff, but the very last day I had a carb attack and had two full Brueggers bagels with the full fat cream cheese spread on top. They wrapped them up and I had one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I guess I just needed to get bagels out of my system before I started the program..

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Funny, I had pizza and went out to my fav Mexican food place right before I started MF. I thought these would be awesome and I would miss them so much. When I went out, the experience just wasn't as good as it usually expectations were too high? That has helped me on MF.......if I think about those favorite foods it's really kind of "eh". I try to think about that when I am having a big craving for anything. Except my fav tortilla chips - which keep calling my name! I can't even buy them (but I have thought of making a midnight grocery run - good thing the store is a couple miles away!).


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I started on a Thursday, so I think that is a great day to start! I'm sure you will do a great job! I'm excited for you!!..

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Unfortuanltely I'm going to have to delay my start date. My husband's grandmother passed away this morning and we will be spending and extended weekend in Colorado for her funeral. I'm just not prepared to start Medifast when I know I have a 16 hr. car trip each way plus a weekend of being out of state with family. If I had been OP for a few weeks I think I could handle it...but I just don't think I can start when I'm away from home. Maybe.

I'm just being a big wimp but I assure you I'm not using it as an excuse. I couldn't wait for tomorrow so I could get started...and i'm really disappointed...but I don't want to set myself up for failure on the first week...

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I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's grandmother. I agree that now may not be the time to start - wait until you get home and your head is a little clearer. Then you will be able to put your 100% into MF. And your first shipment will be at home waiting for you.

That said, I think it is always a good time to begin looking for why you eat what you do, when you eat it, what you are feeling, etc. Maybe you will notice that you eat when you are stressed, angry, sad - and you may experience all these when you are on your trip. You can use this as a learning experience..

Drive safe,.


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