My ex-girlfriend on!!!?

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My first question is: My ex-girlfriend on!!!?.

My next question is: After some mean words spoken to me out of anger a few days ago, the camel's back is broken. The relationship (thru I'd been in the last 14 months is over. Instead of dwell on how hurtful his behavior was or how it is unbelievable and even *ridiculous* that he could treat me that way despite what he knows about me and after everything we'd been through, I realize the loss of him is like pent up energy released... I feel freed up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel like I can easily move on. Is this a typical feeling after a bad relationship (thru ends? I think I had held onto the hope that he would change his angry ways but the only one who changed was me..

I feel like it would be good to catch the wave of this happiness and inspiration (to actually find my dreams that he kept trying to spoil) and just start dating (online dating with again. I know me, if I start dwelling on the horrible parts of that relationship (thru I will suffer and relive repeatedly the crap he put me through. I will doubt myself and maybe fall into depression. I don't see any point in that! I do know what I've learned, and don't need to dwell.

I have two questions, if you felt this way, would you go ahead and start dating (online dating with again? And also, if a guy I date using asks how long ago my last relationship (thru was, I will tell the truth that "we broke up in october but had been involved and trying to work it out since then, and my last contact with him was (particular week) but it is definitely over now." Is that good enough to tell a guy if I am asked?..

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Your question was: My ex-girlfriend on!!!?.

Yeah, wasting anymore time when you know someone doesn't want what you want is what has motivated me to feel almost nothing about this breakup. This feeling has been building up for a while - which is why I'm not too surprised about the readiness I have to move on as if it was nothing. I mean how can you really love someone and want a future with someone who treated you badly...

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"I feel as if I have a better sense of myself and what I want out of life and a relationship." .

That's good. I agree, and for me while I was in the relationship (thru even though I knew with my head what my sense of self and desires for life are, I wasn't able to act on it because I was in self-imposed denial about the guy I guess. Now I am so freed up to really live the way I want to live. I've learned a lot about what kind of guy is for me..

"I think that if you are honest with yourself, and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel about the situation, it's ok.".

Even while we were trying to work on things I was pushing some aspects out of my head, like in denial about just how absurd the thought of his mindset changing actually is. It's been in the last 2 months that I've gotten real with myself about the facts..

Thanks Tompaper, and good luck with the new guy you're dating..

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Sugarbaby, I think that sounds good but I have to be honest and also add that we were still involved till xyz week. I hope no guy asks anytime soon.  This is just odd for me to be ready to date using so soon. My past two big break ups, I didn't date anyone for almost a year. Not this time...

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After being with my boyfriend for 3 years and half, we broke up and in a very bad way... I felt like my life was over, I cried and cried for days and days because I thought that I would not be able to love again or be with someone again but one day and exactly after one month I was out and met this sweet person, we liked each other and exchanged numbers, we started going out and he actually asked me about my previous relationship (thru and I could not lie, I simply told him that I broke up with my boyfriend last month....

Being in that new relationship (thru helped me a lot to let go of the past and all that history I shared with my ex. And the same is going to happen to you once you start dating (online dating with again....

My point is, yes it's ok to feel energized and feel like you want to date using again even though you have just broken up with your ex, and it's also ok to tell your new man the truth, after all, it's the truth!!!.

Go for it and enjoy life, life is very short..

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