My b/f gets vitamins from VitaminShoppe, but they are expensive...?

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My first question is: My b/f gets vitamins from VitaminShoppe, but they are expensive...?.

My next question is: Hi Im due to start my 5th course, (8-10 weeks).

I am using sust 250 as the base but dont know if I should use boldernone or deca with it, could someone please give their recomendation and reason why? I want to gain lean muscle fast..

I was also thinking of using tren ace for the last 4-5 weeks of this cycle, has any one used it and what results did you get..

Thanks lads..

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If you're running tren you'll need Bromocriptine as well. Tren can cause Prolactin induced gyno. This is different to estrogen induced gyno so it can't be treated with Nolva, or any other SERM for that matter. If you get it you'll need a prolactin inhibitor like Bromo. There is other stuff that works on prolactin gyno too, I think one is called Dostinex (but don't quote me on that)...

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Not to stomp on someone else's thread, BUT please explain this type of gyno. What kind of sides can be expected. My next cycle will be with 10ml of tren ace & 10 ml tren en. Also be t-cyp, t-en, t-prop. I have acne badly anyways, I thank Mom for itAre the sides different from other gyno..


Sorry to but in :-)..

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Bromocriptin is not definatly needed for tren cycles I have used them for 10yrs and never had to use it, the point I am trying to make is not everyone gets prolactin gyno there is alo a school of though that winny helps reduce the onset of Prolactin Gyno......

To answer the question Nolvadex would be sufficient in PCT I normally use.

60mg ed for 7 days then.

40mg ed for 7 days then.

20mf ed for 14 days..

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Prolactin induced gyno (i.e from Tren) is much less common than normal estrogen gyno. There is breast tissue in your pecs and that tissue has estrogen receptor (ER) sites and prolactin/progestin receptor sites (PR). Over stimulation of either will cause the growth of breast tissue. Some people will have higher levels of PRs than others so will be more susceptable to prolactin gyno than other (just like some people are more susceptable to regulat gyno than others)..

The symptoms would be similar to regular gyno except that it won't go away with Nolva/clomid. The last guy I know who got it had a thick see-through fluid come out of his nipples and he started to grow a lump behind the nipple. Unusually (at least I think this is unusual) is that he got it right at the end of the cycle and there were no warning signs like itchy nipples.

Its unlikely that most people will get it but I'd rather be safe and have Bromo on hand just in case. I've read that large amounts of B6 can significantly reduce prolactin levels but I don't know where the sceintific evidence for this came from. I don't think it can hurt to take a lot of B6 (page didn't say how much B6 is 'a lot') but I'd still like to have Bromo or Dostinex just in case I'm unlucky enough to be prolactin sensitive...

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Deca for me is far better than boldenone for lean mass and bulk. May vary person to person but this is my opinion. Boldenone takes far to long to take effect and when it does gains are not as impressive as deca...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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