Must have coffee while on Medifast?

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I must have my coffee w/cream and splenda but splenda is a condimnent right? I have 2-3 cups of coffee w/2tsp of powder cream so 1 carb for 1tsp so that would total 6 extra carbs a day can I do it???? I'd be sad w/out my coffee...

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I had to go off my coffee until a friend suggested using the cappuccino instead of my usual skim milk and splenda. I wasn't too hopeful but every morning I make a "frappuccino" from coffee and the cappuccino. I am really addicted now. You could use one of the cappuccino packets and split it up over your 3 cups of coffee... worth a try to get your caffeine..

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I'm going to try that I always use my powder creamer w/splenda and go over on my carbs maybe that is why I'm at a weighloss stall...

Comment #2

I love my coffee too (I work for Dunkin Donuts!) and I orginally used to drink two cups a day with one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of coffeemate per cup. I didn't think I could have it any other way so I stopped drinking coffee when I first started this program, but I missed it so about a month in I started drinking coffee with one teaspoon of DaVinci syrup and I still used the coffeemate. I still consistently lost weight every week so it didn't seem to have an effect. Now I only have one cup of hot coffee in the morning and the other cup I mix in a shake instead of water (magic bullet and ice) on my way to work. Now I get my two cups of coffee with less coffeemate and less splenda.

Maybe you can start to 'wean' yourself down to just two cups a day and maybe use 1/2 a splenda in each cup and cut down the cream. This will 'save' an extra condiment for other great uses and your taste buds will get accustomed to the difference in your coffee. Better to have some then none at all!..

Comment #3

I adore coffee! I adore it. It has to be rich and creamy for me to drink it..

I could never do a plan that didn't allow creamy coffee!.

What I do is use the cappuccino, shakes and pudding in my coffee.

In the mornings, I use the cappuccino - I blend it with about 4oz water in the magic bullet so it gets creamy and frothy and then I add that to my coffee.

Sometimes, I use the vanilla shake (or really any shake but vanilla makes it super creamy) but, for me the key is to use about 2 - 4oz water and blend, blend, blend. It makes is super creamy.

And the pudding - Ahhh, the pudding - it makes the BEST coffee shake! I blend about 5 oz water with a bunch of crushed ice, the pudding and some coffee and blend, blend, blend. It makes a super thick, rich shake. That's probably my very most favorite medifast meal.

Truly, I didn't know what I was going to do without my coffee with cream. I drink it morning and afternoon and I have to say, this has been the best thing about medifast - for me, the shakes, cappuccino and puddings mixed into coffee are more than satisfying as a substitute for cream in my coffee...

Comment #4

WOW - so glad everyone posted these suggestions! I too had given up my coffee - trying to switch to tea. I am going to give these a try - I can't wait for my next Medifast meal now!!!..

Comment #5

Frankly, I just have my coffee with Half & Half and Splenda and count them as my healthy fat and condiments. My morning coffee is sacred and not to be messed with lol XD..

Comment #6

I have been mixing regular unsweetened iced coffee (6-8 ounces) with a vanilla 55 Shake. It is absolutely delicious! The people that I work with are jealous when I come in with my Sbux iced coffee and then turn it in to a yummy vanilla "frapaccino"...

Comment #7

I don't care if the rules even excluded it, I would still drink my coffee. I suggest using Stevia in the Raw or liquid Stevia, as it doesn't have carbs. The Stevia in the Raw does NOT have an aftertaste like other Stevia products so I am very, very happy with it and will keep using it instead of Splenda now.

I don't know if they count Stevia as a condiment, but I don't think they should. I highly suggest you switch from powdered creamer to half & half, though. MUCH less carbs...

Comment #8

I have a coffee everyday with 1 splenda & a splash of skim milk. Its about 25 calories iadd it to my food list I don't think it's impacting my weight loss. However I crave it less & less everyday..

Comment #9

I always drank my coffee with lots of half n half and splenda so I didn't know what to do. I tried using h n h as my fat but I was used to lots and the allowed amount hardly colored my coffee. In the course of the last couple of weeks I've weaned myself completely off of h n h and use one splenda. Trying to get down to half packet and then to just black soon. I really do like the flavor of coffee now. I know it's not for eveyone, but worked for me so I can use my fat somewhere else.

I have a keurig coffee maker and it helps with changing strength of the coffee. Bought some decaf too because I find I like some in the evening with some of the more chocolatey bars and that way I'm not wired before going to bed.

Good luck!..

Comment #10

The following count as condiments in the 5/1 plan; we can have up to 3 condiments per day & still be OP with the program:.

1 packet artificial sweetner.

2 Tablespoons 1/2 & 1/2.

1 Tablespoon skim, 1% or 2% cows milk.

1/2 teaspoon powdered creamer.

So, you can spruce up your coffee if you want to use your condiments in that fashion. Using more than the recommended daily allowances for condiments can risk ketosis & put you over the carb limits. We can have up to 100 carbs per day (and 800-1000 calories per day) but the recommended carb intake is 80-85 per day for maximum burn..



Comment #11

First, you need to decide what your priorities are. If you're more concerned about having your creamer and your splenda than you are about staying on plan, perhaps Weight Watchers or some other program that doesn't limit your condiments would be a better choice for you..

That said, you have other options. You can, for example, use a vanilla shake in your coffee both as sweetener and creamer. I use the capp and chai latte in my coffee. Etc...

Comment #12

I LOVE using the hot cocoa in the coffee. The shake tastes kinda off, non-creamy and grainy in it I think. I make a paste with water then slowly mix in coffee. Just to make it a bit decadent I add a splash of creamer on the top. It makes a pretty swirl and adds a little special flavor. Unfortunately, I ran out of cocoa so I've been using shake mix until it comes in...hurry shipment..

BTW if I worked at DD I could never give up coffee's the best!!!..

Comment #13

The shakes come out "off" if you try to mix the powder into a hot liquid. If you just mix up the shake like you were going to drink it, let is sit a few minutes, then use it as a creamer, it comes out better...

Comment #14

Alice - the shakes do get grainy if you don't blend them. But, if you blend them in the blender with about 4oz water and then add that to your coffee, it works so much better...

Comment #15

I'm with you! I can't have coffee without cream and splenda!..

Comment #16

Thank you WildflowerMomma! You just made my life so much easier and tastier! God bless you!!!!!..

Comment #17

I can't do without coffee.....I always have my sugar free liquid coffeemate in my coffee. I count it in my calories but do not take away my other condiments because of it. I know that is a no-no, but I will always drink this whether I am on Medifast or not, so it is a constant. I have never had a problem with it stalling me or anything. It is up to the own individual with how you count it or if you feel it is worth the amount of calories everyday. Good luck!..

Comment #18

If you take a look at the nutritional information, you may change your mind. Nearly all of those so-called sugar-free additives actually have carbs in them. Just counting the calories isn't enough - remember, you're not just trying to keep cals under a thousand, you're trying to keep carbs hundred a hundred to keep yourself in ketosis. That's why Medifast encourages you to count and track it as a condiment - so you know what you're REALLY taking in, instead of just hoping it will all turn out ok...

Comment #19

One of the things that I used to do is take a vanilla shake and use less water when mixing so that it was the consistency of creamer. Made my coffee very rich and creamy...

Comment #20

You people are fantastic! I never thought of mixing the shakes or the Vanilla Pudding (which I hate) with the coffee!!!!.


Comment #21

Steph, yes they do have carbs in them, but if you look and it says "sugar alcohols" and the number is the same as the carbs, it is considered carb-free. Trust me, I learned alllll about low-carb eating. Your body does not process those carbs, they go right through...

Comment #22

You should post this question to Nutrition Support, as they disagree with you. Your count for the day is figured on total carbs, not net..

I'm sure you've done lots of research. I think it's a better idea to trust the Medifast experts on this one, however...

Comment #23

Are you a dietician or a nutritionist? Unless you are, I will take the word of the people who are. Anything else is just an opinion...

Comment #24

Not sure if you like flavored coffee (or if this has already been mentioned ) Have you tried Splenda Flavor Blends for Coffee& I swear it almost tastes like a French vanilla creamer was poured into the coffee with no cream&.yummy!..

Comment #25

I am with De, this is what I did! Delicious AND 100% ON Plan!..

Comment #26

I just tried the coffee with the vanilla pudding. Not bad..

I blended 4oz water with lots of crushed ice. Added the pudding and blended more. Then I added a mug full of hot coffee and blended..

I get my coffee....make the vanilla pudding palatable, and end up with a frothy very large shake. Not bad!..

Comment #27

I was just adding the packet of shake to the coffee...I never thought to mix it with water and use as a creamer. No wonder is was so stinkin' thick and grainy. I just add the Hot Cocoa to the coffee without water so it never occurred to me. I'll try the "make it like creamer" with the vanilla pudding too...I'm with ya Darcey I find the vanilla pudding kinda yucky. These are great ideas!! I love this board!..

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