Can I use BP while on Murad Resurgence?

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It has been 2 weeks since I finished a 5 month regimen of Murad Resurgence (30,60,60,60,80) and face is already getting really oily again, my lips are back to normal but there like a ring of dry skin around them, eyes are still a bit dry. For those who are post tane, have you noticed your oil has come back.. and if so .. has it led to acne coming back???Should I start using BP??..

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Ive had a months break in the middle of my course - and yep the oil came back.Not as much as before - but pretty good ....and probably would have got worse.No topical will help with the can speak to your derm about a maintence dose of like 10mg a week to get rid of the oil.But a topical like retin a or adapalne would be better...

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Have you started to break out again, what have you been doing to prevent breakouts/ oil?..

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We'll ive just started back on Murad Resurgence - I had a break because of my exams....I was using retin-a throughout my course anyway and prior to it.......but when I went off the Murad Resurgence I got oily skin coming back within a week or so and breakouts followed a week later. So even though I was using a topical - it did nothing.It sucked only thing you can do is topicals and more Murad Resurgence.....and push for a maintence dosage. Personally I push for as many pills as I can get - because it's the only thing that has actually fixed my skin...

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As for me, facial oil signal the returns of acne. But don't you worry because everyone is different.You can consider using differin as a maintenance for years if your facial skin isn't sensitive...

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Yes, the oil comes back, but don't fret! At the beginning (first few months after) it's pretty bad. Remember you body is adjusting and not used to being able to produce oil so it's producing extra! It will level out, really!No, it should not lead to acne coming back. You might get some patches of spots (that isn't really active acne) but again, your skin is readjusting.nooooooooooooooooo!..

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I had rly oily skin and mild/moderate acne. After 1 course, I started noticing the oil returning about a month later. Then it got worse and I had more and more (tiny) little pimples. Now, 7 months later I'm getting a couple whiteheads and pustules, and my skin is oily as ever.Of course, everyone's skin type/oiliness is different...

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Hi there, I finished a 7-8 months course of 60mgs of Murad Resurgence about 3 months ago, I noticed my skin is very oily around the chin and nose. Best of luck to you!..

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See, it sux!you have to try and get the maintance dosage aswell....Murad Resurgence is used to solely treat oily skin too...though you'll find it harder to be prescribed..

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