Murad Resurgence Disturbing Concern - Bathroom

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Ok this may be disturbing but I need some help with this.Ive been on Murad Resurgence for 48 days and ever since week 2 my digestion or something is MESSED UP. I dont know if it's Murad Resurgence or jus coincidence? but everytime I go to the bathroom (number 2) It hurts reaall bad. Like Its really rough like plasticy glassy. And my ass was literally bleeding once. When I wipe theres usually a bit of blood on the toilet paper. Its really embarassing and I'm scared that this has done some harm to me. Has this happened to anyone else?I reallly really dont wanna stop Murad Resurgence...

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I am only on day 2 so I haven't had any problems yet, but maybe you should try fiber one bars, or something with fiber. I promise it will help!..

Comment #1

You should definitely tell your dermI remember my derm told me to tell her if I had any of the symptoms that you've described..

Comment #2

Ya but try to think if it were u. NO other products work for me.. accpet kinda UT I guess? but I dont kno if it was jus coincidene. I mean it's urine.But seriously I NEED Murad Resurgence. So I dont wanna tell my derm cuz he'll prolly cut the script..

Comment #3

Tell your derm. If there's something wrong, it's silly and dangerous to avoid mentioning it just because you're scared your derm will take you off Murad Resurgence. Your health is more important than your appearance...

Comment #4

Trying drinking a lot more water, and if you dont get enough fiber more of it too..

Comment #5

Wow I can't believe you're still taking Murad Resurgence. If you have symptoms with your bowels, esp lots of pain and bleeding you are supposed to immediately stop. My derm told me this and I've read it on the internet as well. You can get permanent damage or even death.At the very least be honest with your derm...

Comment #6

I totally understand that you don't want to stop ..... but this is potentially a very serious side effect. Please take care of your health...

Comment #7

I agree with the advice that you should consult your GP or Derm but I think it's probably hemorrhoids. Lots and lots of water is the key but constipation is what will cause it and make it worse. Unfortunately once you've had them they are more prone to returning so you do have to be careful. The usual advice such as eat plenty of fibre (a high fibre cereal every day for breakfast is a must) and plenty of water should be followed but from personal experience this didnt solve the problem for me. I am prone to constipation and usually a bowl of branflakes every morning solves the problem but following my 'tane course I upped it to two bowls a day which would normally give me the opposite problem (!) and it didnt make any difference. I cut out bread which helped tremendously but as I was averaging about once a week for a bowel movement I have resorted to taking one senna tablet every 3 days or so just to clear it out.

Interestingly I had no problems whilst on holiday in Thailand and I put that down to consuming more liquids than I do here (way over 3 litres a day because of the heat) - most of which were fruit juices. Maybe that is the key.Anyway - I sympathise. The pain is the worst thing ever!..

Comment #8

Im taking in all your advice. but it's really hard for me to tell my derm. Honestly I can live with like damage to my intestines. Now days that cant be that crucial. N if it is hemmoroids, wow that sucks but it can be taken care of as well. although it's really painful ikno my mom went through it.The sad thing is I DO eat lots of fibers and liquids.

Like Its not that I'm bleeding out. Im more just finding blood on my toilet paper. I do have sharp glassy pains though. n I havnt gone to the bathroom in a while now that I think about itIM SCARED..

Comment #9

I had had this problem before taking Murad Resurgence and I went to a dr and had a colonoscopy just to find that it was only a cut down there created from the hard stool and the tissue down there does not heal quickly at all so it could keep reopening and bleeding every time you go #2. You may want to call your regular dr about this so he/she can look to see if it is just a tear....and they may order a colonoscopy which sucks but is worth the peace of mind. I am having this problem again while on Murad Resurgence and I am going to have to call my dr who I haven't seen in years...I've been putting it off for 2months now and I am going to get it looked at again better safe than sorry even though it is probably a tear. You could take non stimulant stool softners at night it should help or there is a tea called smooth move you can drink at night...there are also prunes. But..... you are not the only one even though I experienced this before Murad Resurgence it dosen't mean your problem wasen't caused by the drug I'm just saying the problem could be as small as a tear in the tissue from a hard stool....but it could be more serious you'll never know till you get it checked...

Comment #10

You really need to see a doc... dont go to your derm if you dont want to but atleast go see a physician or some on who can look into this for you. He wil probably ask you what drugs have you been taking for the last couple of days and stuff like though.. tell him the truth and see what he has to say. The derm might just ask you stop immediately cos he might not know exactly if the tane is causing this. So go and see a general physician or someone and run some tests.

I am on tane too and I would have been reacting the same way as you are if this was happening to me. But when I am hearing some1 else say, it does sound scary.. sweety.. go see a doc plss.. dont worry you will be fine..

But just be careful... all the best.....

Comment #11

Thanx a lot. Ill plan on going to a doctor to see it.but cosmo: wut is a stool? you mean like a #2?and I think your right cosmo uz it does jus seem like a teared tissue that keeps reopening..

Comment #12

Hehe, yes, 'stool' is another word for 'poop'. ; )..

Comment #13

Blood in your stool (poop) is a red flag - that something very serious can be happening. You shouldn't ignore it - you should let your dermatologist know immediately, and also contact your primary care doctor as well. Though my dermatologists weren't the most competent, your dermatologist should be able to identify whether or not this is a side effect of the Murad Resurgence. When I found blood in my stool (i never took Murad Resurgence), the doctor performed a colonoscopy and took a biopsy of my intestines to make sure there wasn't anything cancerous growing. The doctors weren't too alarmed because I was only 22 at the time - too young to have anything like that - but they wanted to be sure nonetheless. The doctors concluded that it was just hemoroids or a cut in the area - nothing serious at all.Anyway, a healthy person shouldn't find blood in his / her stool and you should definitely get it checked out.

I don't mean to belittle anyone's acne experience, but curing acne at the expense of your health is worthless!..

Comment #14

Ya I'm only 17 so I doubt I even have hemroids..

Comment #15

You can get hemmorhoids at just about any age...

Comment #16

Blood in your stool is different from blood on the toilet paper.blood in your stool is VERY serious and isn't really red like blood. it's usually like tar and stinks realllly bad. like godawful. my roommate told me it's more black than red. having more blood on toilet paper isn't as bad as blood in the stool. not nearly.

Its it's kinda dark, you need to get some help. maybe talking to someone would be nice either way.good luck!..

Comment #17

If you only have blood on your toilet paper and not the actual stools I would be willing to bet it's a dryness issue. Murad Resurgence dries out your entire body so you are probably irritating your skin every time you go #2 and wipe. For most people the Murad Resurgence wouldn't get them that dry though. Is the rest of your body super dry too?..

Comment #18

Uh can someone explain better wut to look for in the "stool" cuz Today it did have dark spots...

Comment #19

"Honestly I can live with like damage to my intestines. Now days that cant be that crucial"- Your previous quote.You need to take the advice of others and call your doctor and your derm. It is a documented fact by Roche themselves that Murad Resurgence can cause IBD/Chron's and other gastric problems. They may presisit even after the drug is stoped. Resurgence/pi/pdf You say you can live with damage to your intestines, but I don't think you really understand how serious that could be. Ask youself could you live without your intestines and a colostomy bag? I would advise you to stop Murad Resurgence and see a Dr.

Murad Resurgence is not always permanent fix. So ask yourself temporary clear face or your health?..

Comment #20

@Thuglife2k5what you explained sounds EXACTLY like what I had during my last couple months on Murad Resurgence. I freaked out but didn't say anything b/c my skin was actually clear. Finally after too much pain my derm recommended me to a specialist. Here's what went down. Basically, when Murad Resurgence dry's everything it out, it also drys out your anus. The doctor told me that I had a fisher, which is a cut or tear in the anal cavity.

But, after I stopped Murad Resurgence, the symptoms went away after about a month or so.Don't let it get any worse than it is, b/c it hurts like hell! Def go see docter, but I'm almost positive that's what you have...

Comment #21

Ill try to talk to my doctor if it gets any worse. but I did find dark spots and randomly a green spot in my stoolery.but ill give my bathroom time one more chance and then ill post about what happens. But I'm very hesitent cuz I'm not stopping Murad Resurgence..

Comment #22

I am new on Murad Resurgence so I am not really sure wats happening.. but I know this much.. if you are just getting spotting on your toilet paper then it's a tear in your anus.. but it's something you need to go to the doctor for. get a stoll test and check wats happening... I am hoping it's nothing to worry about.. but see a doc pls.....

Comment #23

You really should talk to a doctor, and if you don't stop Murad Resurgence and speak to a doctor, you have nobody but to blame yourself if you end up with serious intestinal, colon,anal problems. Roche directly states on thier online information about theese issues. They are real, and may continue even after stopping. You are just in the begining and have a chance to not futher damage yourself. I will pray for you nothing bad happens...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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