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Hello!I'm posting this forum as a good resource for anyone who's starting or on Murad Acne Complex for the first time. I was on Murad Acne Complex for a good 7-8 months, and have been off of it for over a year! (yay) In that time, I ran into a lot of problems, but also a lot of good solutions. I also found that my dermatologist (well, PA) was quite biast towards certain products, and probably less informed than I was, since I was searching the internet constantly. It also seems like everyone I've talked to on or used to be on Murad Acne Complex hasn't quite been fed all the information that they probably should have been by their doctors.I'm a 21-year-old female. I'm also a licenced esthetician. I've interned with doctors and medical estheticians, and have just been in the industry, and got their take on skin and Murad Acne Complex.

If you can, add a little information about why that tip worked for you, but keep it short so it can be read through quickly. I certainaly hope this helps! Good luck to everyone. My Murad Acne Complex commandments1) First off, Aquaphor sucks. After using it for the first couple of months, it helped take away the pain associated with the dryness temporarily. However, it never actually helped my lips heal.

I've also read on here that people seem to like Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. All I'm really saying is, sure, keep your Aquaphor close by, and continue using it. I just suggest getting something else with more soothing and healing ingredients. Oh and don't leave home without something for your lips.

I decided to do this, and ran into some problems once the Murad Acne Complex started working. Really, the novelty wears off.3) While I was on Murad Acne Complex, my dermatologist told me to use Cetaphil.. but I actually found a similar cleanser/cream that I like better called Cerava. Don't get me wrong, I like Cetaphil, and if you're using it and love it then by all means stick with it. The things I like better about Cerava is a) it has ceramides in it.

And b) eveytime I got out of the shower, I'd have streaks of the Cetaphil all over my face that never absorbed. I've never had that happen with the Cerava. It goes on, dries, and never looks oily. I'm a big fan. You can buy it at most places you can buy Cetaphil.

Prepare yourself for it. I found myself needing eyedrops, Vaseline or Aquaphor for the inside of my nose, lip balm, extra conditioning for my hair, and yes, touchy subject, but if you're sexually active, ladies, that dries out too.5) As tempting as it is, don't use any drying topicals or scrubs on your skin unless it was directed by your doctor. I had some annoying small bumps on my cheek that didn't wanna budge, and I thought using Retin-A was a good idea. My entire cheek got infected after a couple of weeks. Had to go on antibiotics, get off Murad Acne Complex for 10 days, smear my raw, red cheek with vaseline, until it finally healed a week later.

I felt lucky it healed in that short of time. Guys, your skin is SO frail. Don't mess with it.6) As I'm sure you all know, the first few months are no fun. Keep up the faith that it'll work and go along with the rest of the treatment.7) Take your pills with a good amount of fat. 8) Ok, absolutely, under no circumstances, should you ever, ever wax.

There's a good chance it'll get all the hair off, sure, and all the skin underneath. Scarring is possible. Hardly seems worth it, right?9) Ladies (or guy, on the occassion) be careful with what you choose for makeup. Even if it says non-comedogenic doesn't always mean that your skin won't react. Acne or not, as an esthetician, I only recommend mineral foudations.

The Loreal-type brands still have a lot of crap in them. 10) My skin and hair actually got more oily the first few weeks. Not a big deal, just putting it out there.11) For all your tanners out there! Tanning is not good anyway, but on Murad Acne Complex, yeah, I wouldn't even try. Wear a sunscreen with a high SPF or just plain Zinc Oxide. It takes little time to burn with this medication, and it hurts, a lot.

The red marks last SO much longer. Unless it's a big pustule with the head completely at the top that would take very little pressure to express, I say just leave it all alone!13) Take monthly pictures of your progress. They are nice to look back on Plus! You can come back and share it on here!14) Don't take ANY amount vitamin A. Even in a multi-vitamin. My dermatologist said, however, that you don't need to avoid foods high in Vitamins A like carrots.I certainly hope all this information helps.

I LOVE my skin now. YAY!..

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Those sound like some pretty good tips. (Also, I've moved this from the Murad Acne Complex Logs section to the Murad Acne Complex Posts section.)..

Comment #1

1) Don't expect too much too soon2) Do no put topicals on your face (benzoyl peroxide left me looking like a pizza for 4 weeks )3) Agreed on the moisturiser front4) Agreed on the picking front. If you do squeeze the pustule don't continue squeezing it if there's like liquid behind and not pus as thats gona leave it really red.5) Drink lots of water6) Never go anywhere without lip salve handyI would also make sure a close friend or two knows your on it so you can talk about it if your feeling down. Personally I have but I'd never dream of telling the derm that...although if you're feeling really down I'd guess for your own good you'd have too...

Comment #2

Do you think some peoples skin is just different from others in terms of tolerance?I use retin-a everynight and I'm on Murad Acne Complex, even though my derm told me not to - and it seems fine.If your skin doesn't like the retin-a it just goes really red and dry and scaley doesn't it? As I still have a few spots - and I'm doubting that they are due to the retin-aI agree about sensitivity to some products though - I'm currently trying to find a nice SPF, lots make my face very red and hot when applied. Was using a dermalogica one - that was a moisturiser and spf in one. Now I'm using a different dermalogica moisturiser and la roche posay for SPF...

Comment #3

Editz-Well, yes, everyone's skin can tolerate topicals differently. When I used Retin-A before Murad Acne Complex my skin did get a little dry and flaky, but certainly nothing out of the norm. I was on 80mg of Murad Acne Complex, so my skin was super sensitive the entire course. You could be on a lower dosage, or your skin just might be able to take more than mine. All I know is, when I look back on it, using the Retin-A along side the Murad Acne Complex didn't help. Even after that entire area got red and infected, scabbed, then peeled, the bumps that I was trying so hard to get rid of were still there.

So really, Murad Acne Complex did it's job and I caused more harm then good. Unless you're on a very low dose, I still wouldn't recommend it..but hey, it's your skin Oh and I looooove dermalogica's new clean start brighten up SPF 15. It's a tinted moisturizer, and it makes my skin look awesome!..

Comment #4

I agree with everything except you should NOT be recommending Bare Minerals, as it contains bismuth oxychloride, which aggravates acne pretty severely. Mica can also cause some problems...

Comment #5

Im on 20/40 depending on how my side effects are feeling.Is that the day bright thing? Its kinda pinky and it's like a glow effect? I'm using Intensive Moisture Balance now - thats seems much better for my skin. I had about a million samples of Dynamic Skin recovery spf 30, but it really made me red!..

Comment #6

Awesome post, thanks for the advice!I am taking my last pregnancy test May 28th and then (knock on wood) starting June 1st. I'm so excited! And terrified! Lol. Anyway, advice like this is good to have...

Comment #7

Certain foods do need to be avoided. Carrots are fine. They have beta carotene that can be converted to vitamin A if the body needs it, but organ meats like liver should be avoided. Organ meats contain straight up vitamin A and lots of it. A lot of good advice from the OP. Thanks for posting this...

Comment #8

Great list!!I just started Murad Acne Complex a little over a week ago-and I recently found out some of those things-like the eye drops and LOTS OF WATER. It's funny that you say the thing about your face and hair actually were more oily the first couple weeks of treatment-because my face is REALLY oily right now. Also, I had been wondering about the drying of the 'private area' but hadn't heard much talk about assumed there were never any issues. GREAT POST!!!Lizz..

Comment #9

Really great post! Thanks for all the tips!!I start my treatment soon. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.I better stock up on my mosturizers and lips balms...

Comment #10

Yeah nice list. I started taking 60mg a day on Tuesday and my face is already really dry. I've been using dan's cleanser but I think I'm going to have to switch to something less severe because even using moisturizer twice a day isn't doing enough...

Comment #11

My first time on it I didn't use any topicals at first and I started to moisturise. Big mistake for me. I got cysts. Found out later I could use acne wash and spot treat with BP. 2nd time around, no IB, no blackhead thingy either. But everyone is different, so see what works for you.I agree with the rest...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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