Can I use emu oil while on Murad Acne Complex?

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I've been on my second course of Murad Acne Complex for about 4 months now, on 60 mg/a day, and shall be finishing up in a week and a half.As one would expect as a consequence of taking Murad Acne Complex, my biggest concern has transitioned from active acne lesions to post-acne red marks and some minor scarring. From what I've read on these boards, this is a common dilemma. After some online research, I learned that emu oil can potentially work wonders on treating both red marks and shallow scarring, so I ordered my first bottle last week and have been using it since.I also discovered a particular emu oil-based makeup called Rejuvene, sold online by Longview Farms, that is actually coloured to skin tone. Being a male, I was hesitant at first about the thought of applying cover-up, but the red marks have been so distressing that I figured I'd give it a shot.So I received a small bottle of this Rejuvene makeup in the post a few days ago and have been applying it over my red marks to hide them during the day, to decent effect. I ordered the lightest shade which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake as it's lighter than my skin, so I might order the medium shade in the future if I continue using this. The thought of being able to speed the healing of red marks while simultaneously covering them is too good to be true.

Do you think emu oil would be alright?Thanks for the help, everyone!.

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I started using emu oil half way into my third month of Murad Acne Complex. I was on 60mg/day and I was about 95% clear at that time. I had tons of red marks from old acne and I flushed like crazy. Every time I got off shower my face was like a tomato... First I used emu oil only at night, now I'm mixing it with my cerave cream and apply it during the day too. After about a month of emu oil, I notice that the overall redness has been greatly toned down.

But my skin tone is definitely improving. I guess it just takes time.So far it does break me out. Oh, by the way, I'm in my second week of month 4 and I'm almost 100% clear..

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I used it around month three of my course because I have these big red marks on my face from clusters of zits. It's definetly helped alot. The marks are more pinkish now instead of bright red and it never broke me out at all, plus it's a great moisturizer. I also heard that red marks fade faster after Murad Acne Complex is out of your system because the skin isn't as thinned out then..

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I've noticed that it's helped improve my overall redness (i.e. the infamous "tane-burn") significantly in the past week or so of using it. Mind you, before emu oil I was using olive oil pretty consistently for a couple weeks too, which I believe may have contributed.The red marks themselves are persistent, though, and judging from your responses, the best solution for them is time.But as I said, I've been using this Rejuvene emu oil-based makeup to cover up any of this lingering redness, which in turn is making me feel a lot less stressed about them taking such a long time to heal. And hopefully the make-up is helping to heal them too, as an added bonus. So I do recommend that anyone facing a similar dilemma give it a look..

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Didnt make me break out but it didnt help much (which is the case for almost anything you try for red marks during tane).

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Well, admittedly the red marks were only part of the reason I started using emu oil. Another was that I've noticed that Murad Acne Complex has thinned my skin considerably, and I even have this strange wrinkle that appeared right down my right cheek which previously was not there. This along with the fact that scarring seems more evident.So I'm hoping starting this early will help restore my skin to it's fuller, healthier state, as right now it's so coarse and thin, even with consistent use of moisturizers..

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