Murad Resurgence and blood tests ... birth control detected?

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Hi,I'm new to the forum. I'm very excited about getting put on Murad Resurgence, but I don't want to take birth control. I'm not sexually active, and none of the forms of birth control are appealing to me. BC pills mess with my hormones too much and the injections I've heard are just as bad. Anyway, I am planning on lying and saying that I'm on the pill (I got the prescription) but am just wanting to make sure that it can't be detected in any of the blood/pee tests or if the derm will actually check for that. I don't like to lie, but I know that I won't get pregnant. Thanks...

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I also didn't want to take BCP, and so when they asked me for my TWO forms of birth control, I just said "abstinence .... and abstinence." At first they acted confused and insisted I name a second form. I told them there is no second form, because (obviously) if you're abstinent, that de facto precludes the use of birth control. That seemed to agitate them and we went around in circles on this concept until finally they accepted plain old "abstinence & abstinence." But I am sure if you want to avoid the aforementioned hassle you could just say "abstinence and condoms" instead of having to worry about lying or urine tests or whatever...

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Hi tofupup,Thanks for your reply. My doc wouldn't accept abstinence as an answer and insisted that I get birth control. I was so desperate to get on Murad Resurgence that I agreed, and actually got the prescription intending to start taking it, but couldn't bring myself to do so (I get mean and weird from hormones). They already turned in my forms of BC to IPledge and I go in for my second pregnancy test/ first blood tests/ 1st Murad Resurgence prescription tomorrow. I'm sure that they won't know that I'm not on BC, I'm just getting nervous something will go wrong. I want clear skin!..

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I think it's completely irresponsible to be on Murad Resurgence without birth control! Do you know what kind of baby you would have? A seriously deformed one! How cruel would that be to bring an Murad Resurgence baby into the world, or worse yet get an abortion because you don't want a deformed baby! Please don't be selfish, if you are not 100% sex free you NEED birth control. Please don't take a risk like that! Thank you...

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Wow, cykko25, thanks for the pep talk. Did you even read my post or just jump straight into what 'you think'. I'm not sexually active. And also, I think the IPledge already drilled all of that into my head enough, thank you. Actually, I was educated about that before I went to the doctor initially. I don't think a single person in the world is more concerned about my skin, my sex life or my future children than me.

I was asking for help and understanding about my situation, not your berating lecture...

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Hey, don't listen to ckko25, that person is an idiot. Anyway, there's no way for them to tell whether or not you are taking the BC pill, so don't worry about it...

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Did I NOT say if you wern't 100% sex free? WOW...I'm sorry if I misunderstood your post but I was only looking out for your future baby's best interest. I didn't know if that post was coming from an irresponsible teenager or what, but I was actually being sincere there. Sorry about the misunderstanding... I'll try to care less about people next time...

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