Can I drink beer while on Murad Acne Complex?

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Hey guys,This weekend (Saturday) is my prom.I just started tonight on Murad Acne Complex at 40 MG a day to see how my body gets acclimated.My parents told me that I cant drink while on Murad Acne Complex... as I have a monthly blood test, etc. This saturday I was hoping to get a little buzzed and have like 2-3 beers but Im not sure if I can because of the alcohol warning.At the same time I JUST started today and only on 40 MG a day so maybe I could?I am a complete noob to Murad Acne Complex so I was hoping someone could help me out!EDIT: Just checked my bloodwork and my triglycerides were 63 with the reccomended range being 38-152..

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Please note, after Saturday I 100% will not be drinking again until off Murad Acne Complex.But prom is like a big deal and id like to play a game of pong...

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I think it depends person to person, but you should be alright, being you're talking such a low amount. At prom I had 5 or 6 drinks, and blood tests two days after. I thought I'd be screwed, but everything came back fine... and the week before I had 3 or so one night.Oh, and that was on 80mg of Murad Acne Complex a day...

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Im on Murad Acne Complex 40 mg. and prednisone (the temporary clearing thing: I'm doin it for prom too). and I plan on drinking next week while on Murad Acne Complex and that other stuffo ya and FP9...since you might get an IB by saturday...u shuld ask your derm for completely clears your skin temporarly...its used for special events.......LIKE PROM..

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Whats an IB?Also my acne isnt too bad but my derm prescribed it for me now so to prevent scaring because I have some redness that wont go away.Depending on what an IB is, idk if ill need prednisone but it's good to know about, thanks!..

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An IB is an "initial breakout." Some people find that when they first start Murad Acne Complex, their acne gets worse before it gets better. It really depends on the person though...some people get an IB and some don't.As for the alcohol, you're smart to be concerned about it. I did drink a few times on my course but everything turned out ok. Just be careful and drink in moderation (it sounds like you're planning to do that anyway). Another thing that might help is to stay hydrated. I've heard Murad Acne Complex gives bad hangovers because it has such a dehydrating effect, and you can combat this by drinking water in addition to the beer...

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I've been on Murad Acne Complex for 4.5 months. My dose now is 60mg/day. I have drank 3 times while on Murad Acne Complex. Idk, I don't find myself a 'drinker' but when at parties or something like that, I will. The first two times were fine, although I don't remember how much I drank even, I'm guessing not a lot. The last time, I drank a lot more and I couldn't sleep that night at all and I was so dehydrated and I didn't feel good but I kept on drinking lots of water so that made it a lot b etter afterwards.

Since you just started, I'd say it's safer for you to drink too, since you haven't been on the medication for as long. I read somewhere that it's just a concern about what will happen to your liver, since Murad Acne Complex already damages it. Enjoy yourself for prom, have a few drinks. I don't think anything bad will come of it...

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Thanks guys I appreciate itI will certainly drink in moderation and stay hydrated and hopefully everything works out well..

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A good idea to keep overall consumption low is to hit it as hard as you want to get buzzed right away and coast. That way you dont have to drink all night, and you'll get to where you want. As a fellow teenager I know how things are haha.And drinking plenty of water helps alot... atleast a bottle of water, if not more...

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