Medifast muffins didn\'t turn out right: what went wrong?

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I followed this recipe sprayed the paper cups and tin muffin pan with I Cant believe it's not butter spray and put it in the oven. it came out watery and flat. So I made another batch it time a little thicker and pop it in the microwave and it came out flat and gooey nothing like muffins. I was so looking to have muffins last night. I got so discourage and fell of the wagon. But today I thought if you all could lose I can too.

Anyway I got so discourage last night because of the muffins. When can I get this thing right. I know you have to be diseplined but if other people can do this why can't IPlease tell me what did I do wrong?.

Double-Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake.

1 pkg MediFast chocolate shake.

1 Tbsp. Walden's Farm or other sugar-free chocolate syrup (instead of this I used Hershey's lite syrup) 0 fat and carb 11 grams..

1-1/2 tsp. of Butter Buds or Molly McButter.

1/4 tsp. baking powder.

1/4 cup water.

Spray lightly a dessert cup or small dish with Pam or other brand spray..

Mix all dry ingredients together, stir well. In separate bowl, mix water and SF syrup together and then add to dry ingredients. Stir well; will make a very thick, fudge-like batter. Spoon batter into prepared cup or dish..

The Butter Buds or Molly McButter adds about 7.5 calories and about 2-3 gms of carbs...

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HI there - I make the muffins every day - here's how I do it and they come out perfect.

2 pkgs of your favorite oatmeal.

1/2 tsp vanilla.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

Sprinkle of cinnamon.

3/4 C water - mix gently - then pour into 12 mini-muffin pre-sprayed pan and bake at 350 for 12 minutes.

They come out perfect every time.

Sometimes I break walnut pieces into the mixture for a little change and it hasn;t hurt my loss..

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I ran out of the oatmeal and have to order some more I don't think I can eat the bowl of oatmeal I think I would enjoy the muffins better. When I order more I will definately make muffins. I have the chocolate power shake can you alter the recipe for the chochate power shake?..

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Mary, I like your recipe. It's simple, and it doesn't have any of that Walden Farms stuff in it. I just switched to Medifast from eating whole, natural foods. That's quite a change!.

I looked in my Diet Pro database to see what recipes I had for muffins and found this one:.

Martha's Muffins.

In a bowl:.

1 pkg Medifast Oatmeal mix.

1/4 tsp baking SODA (Box).

1/8 tsp baking POWDER (Can).

Splenda to taste.

Spices to taste (Dry only).

In a 1 cup measure:.

1/3 cup water.

1 tsp white vinegar.

1 tsp vanilla (or to taste, or other liquid flavor).

1 Have a mini bread pan sprayed and ready to go. The oven should be preheated to 350..

2 You MUST have everything ready to go before you mix the wet and dry as the chemical reaction takes place quickly and we want to trap as many bubbles as possible..

3 Mix the dry ingredients well, and then mix the wet ones. Pour the wet into the dry and mix up to a smooth batter as quickly as possible. Pour into pan. Bake for 15-16 minutes..

4 Turn out of pan immediately...

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How many muffins does the recipe make? How many muffins can you eat? Do they count for just one meal? Or would it be a meal and a condiment or two?.



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Personally, I thought most of the recipes for muffins/cookies looked and tasted like hockey pucks. I made them a lot in the beginning mainly because the NAME of the recipe sounded so delicious. The end result...not so much. At all. As time went on I ended up saving those additional carbs/calories to put towards a tastier L&G and had my Medifast meals pretty much as is..

Of concern is why you fell off the wagon because the Medifast food didn't taste or look like a regular muffin or cake. They never will. Ever. I think many of us went through a similar shock/disappointment when first trying out the recipes. Don't be discouraged. You might find some recipes you like but don't give up if they all flop.

Good luck...

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Yeah I guess you're right Suesully, I was looking forward to something I can stick with during this journey. I've gotten used to the chocolate ready to drink shake, chicken noodle soup,peanut butter bar and fruit n nut bar that is basically it. I think I need to to just stick with kinda simple stuff it's not like I'm trying to turn into a Martha Stewart on this as it is only temporary. I did buy the laughing cow light cheese today. I'm going to try it on some burgers someone suggested or Medifast Crackers...

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I seem to have cracked the muffin trick at last, having eaten some hockey pucks, and other strange things, I've paid for it, I'm eating it.

My morning favourite.

1 pack oatmeal.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

Tblsp flax seed.

Tblsp egg white.

Splash of water..

Mix dry ingredients together well, add egg white and enough water to make a sloppy batter. Dump into a pam sprayed soup bowl and nuke in micro for 2 mins, turn out onto plate and nuke 20 secs to dry outside..

It's fantastic..

Now to try that gooey cake..

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Question???? The Gooey Butter Cake, do you bake it? What temp? How long? I would love to try the recipe!!!..

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There you go,.

A link to the original post.............I'm so having this tonight..

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There's a recipe on my page you should try. I ate 4-5 muffins every day and still have one for breakfast - 6 months after goal...

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When making the mini muffins - how many is a serving (1)?? Thanks..

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I love making muffins, right now in fact I'm making bread pudding. it allows me to have the feeling of eating something similiar to bread and it's still on plan. The only difference for today is I am using the peach oatmeal (eek) I have not been big on that one and was trying to think what I can use it with, so I hope these come out alright. Normally I do the maple oatmeal...

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You split the servings up according to how many Medifast packets you use. So if you use 2 packets for your 12 mini's then 6 is one serving...hope this helps. Mini's are so fun because they give the illusion that you're eating more! LOVE IT! Thanks for the recipe, too! STAY OP, toots!..

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I agree I love the mini muffins myself too - I usually do a double batch so I can have muffins for two days in a row. They are also for me enjoyalbe, portable and tasty!..

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I would watch this sort of thing. This syrup has 11 carbs! Fat-free is great, but sometimes fat free means more carbs and isn't necessarily a better substitute. Something like this could throw you right out of ketosis without you even realizing what did it..

Good luck with your next batch!..

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I add cinnamon, vanilla flavoring/extract OR torani sf vanilla, a little true lemon and a packet of splenda to mine. Use a mini muffin pan and bake for 20 min. They actually "rise" a little bit. My DH and DD wanted to taste and once they did I had to make a batch with regular oatmeal for them!..

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[quote=dilligaf]I seem to have cracked the muffin trick at last, having eaten some hockey pucks, and other strange things, I've paid for it, I'm eating it.

My morning favourite.

1 pack oatmeal.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

Tblsp flax seed.

Tblsp egg white.

Splash of water..

Mix dry ingredients together well, add egg white and enough water to make a sloppy batter. Dump into a pam sprayed soup bowl and nuke in micro for 2 mins, turn out onto plate and nuke 20 secs to dry outside..

It's fantastic..

Made this today and it was very good!..

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You have me rofl ... I'm with you. This stuff's too expensive to throw away...

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I had to find some way to eat this oatmeal. I dumped two bowls the first week OP before I caught myself! Yikes!..

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One recipe I used (may have come right off the box, I can't remember) used 1 stp of white vinegar. Now as odd as this sounds, it interacts with the baking soda and adds air into the batter and makes for some fairly light (or as light as you can get) muffins. I never nuked them. I much prefer baking. That way they get brown and crisp on the tops like regular muffins...

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Does not sound odd at all, De - baking soda requires acid to work. That's why you use baking soda in tart things or baked goods made with buttermilk, and baking powder in non-acid dishes...

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I just tried to make the Peach Muffins from the recipe on the box and they turned out terrible, I followed the recipe to a T, and it's terrible..

What's the deal?..

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I followed my peach recipe to a T, but the turned out terrible..

What did I do wrong?..

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Try this. My health coach shared it with me and it is by far the best I have tried..

Best Muffins:.

4 packages Medifast oatmeal.....(4 of the same flavor or 2 of one kind and 2 of another).

1 package Medifast scrambled eggs.

1 package Medifast banana or vanilla pudding.

2 tablespoon baking powder.

1/4 cup Milled Flaxseed.......(Publix in the Green-Wise section or any health food store ).

2 cups of water.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

1 teaspoon of any other fruit extract.

Spray a muffin pan or paper liners with Baker's Joy or Pam Baking.

Fill each slot to make 6 muffins.

Cook on 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

1 muffin = 1 meal (These are best re-heated in the microwave for 30 seconds.).


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Hi Im new! I like your muffin receipe. I was wondering how many condiments you have to count for that and if you can use a regular muffin pan. Im still not very good with the website and I cant find any receipes. Could you please tell me where to look? Thanks!..

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I'm about 4 weeks into Medifast (love it, BTW) and tried Barbara's recipe last night. YUM! I've tried some other muffin recipes, but didn't really care for them. I'm not crazy about the oatmeal or the eggs, so this is a great way to use them up. I put them in mini mufiin liners (so I'd get two for a meal) and baked them in my nuwave oven. Thank you for posting this!!!.


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I have never been very happy with any of the recipes EXCEPT for this:.


1 package Medifast oatmeal (my favorite is blueberry).

1/4 t baking powder.

1 package Splenda.

Mix those together then add:.

2T eggbeaters (I just shave a little off my lean and green).

1/4 cup water.

Pour into a preheated non-stick fry pan sprayed with no stick spray and cook just like you would cook a pancake until it is golden brown, then flip to finish..

I don't use sf syrup or anything, just wrap in a paper towel and eat that way with my AM coffee..

I love these and eat them everymorning. I have also made a double batch and kept one overnight in the fridge. They were fine re-heated in the microwave in the morning...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.