Movie snacks safe for Nutrisystem?

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Hi. My husband wants to take me to the movie.. and I have to have something to munch on at the theatre! what should I get? small popcorn no butter?? cause it's a night out I am not sneaking veggies in... but I don't want to go overboard and spoil things. Help!..

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Your question was: Movie snacks safe for Nutrisystem?.

I never buy food in a theater and haven't for years. I take my own food in and my water or diet Mountain Dew. The food can be sliced apples or you can take a bag of Nutrisystem chips to crunch on...

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Pam's NutriSystem Movie Treat.

1 Package NutriSystem Rainbow Delights (Dessert).

2 Tablespoons Raisins (Afternoon Snack Fruit Serving).

Appropriate serving of Nuts (Dinner Fat).

1 cup air-popped popcorn (free food).

Mix together, put in plastic bag, slip in purse, enjoy one morsel at a time..

(Have the Dairy/Protein from the afternoon snack as an after dinner dessert, i.e. yogurt.)..

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Wow!!! You are good, Pam!!!! When I grow up ( - won't happen) I want to know all the dieting do's and dont's like you do!!! You are truly a wealth of info! I was just telling some friends that there is so much that I need to learn about eating healthy!! I sure hope I can learn it!!!..

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Don't take a can of pop in- when you go to open it- it makes so much noise lifting the tab that everyone starts looking around! Been there, done that! Where I live you can get kicked out for bringing own food or liquids. But -$##$^&*() them!.

Not gonna be a problem for me anymore- my sister and I go to matinaes(sp?) and it is $7 (Sr). Since Avatar came, and eveyone got in to going to movies again-what do they do but raise the rates again!!!! It is just nuts- finally fill a theater and let's chase everyone out. It was gonna be $18 for 3D movie now, $15 for reg evening movie.

Hello??? Earth to greedy idiots!..

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Take a bag of one of the Nutrisystem chips/crisps. I take them to restaurants like Olive Garden, so I can munch on them with my salad instead of their bread. Just don't take the nacho crisps, they're kind of loud when you munch on them !..

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Pam that is awesome I hve been avoiding the theater because I am addcted to popcorn with lots and lots of dded butter and raisinets. I have been eating this for years so now I just wait for the DVD...except for shrek movies LOL..

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Sometimes I take a small bag of baby carrots and baby tomatoes and my own dill pickle. I have weaned myself off the big movie buttered popcorn. If I absolutely have to have popcorn I will get the jr. size (smaller than the small) with no butter (I count that as about 300 calories) and eat a really light meal of like veggies only with some scrambled egg whites. I always take my own water in. Getting off movie popcorn with the butter was probably one of the hardest things for me...

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Depending on the length of the movie or how many I see, sometimes I'll bring an serving of raisins, turkey hot dog, hard boiled egg preshelled, an Nutrisystem snack/dessert, or some tuna salad. I don't bring them all with me usually though...

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I love that recipe/idea! Sounds terrific!!! I could even make some similar for the kids (they can have real M&Ms) for a healthier treat for them too..


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Eat a Poly salad (literally sized to the largest glass mixing bowl) before you go. Then have a large diet drink as your treat (sit near an exit and take a leak during the boring part of the movie. Pre-emptive salad will have you full. Diet drink will make you feel good for spending money for the theater and give you something sweet.

Alternatively, you could smuggle in a Nutrisystem snack bar. But I BET(!) that huge salad and diet drink will fill you WAY MORE!..

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I have taken one of the lunch bars or one of the snacks, grapes (they are my favorite to take) or the mix like pam does and I share a diet pop with my dh or take my own water. Nancy..

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