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Andrew Zimmern's show "Bizarre Foods".

They way he lustfully tastes and describes things like fried bat wings and cockroaches..... I'm ever so much happier to know I am sitting at home in front of the TV sipping on my vanilla Medifast shake instead.

What's the strangest food you've ever eaten ? .

I like to try new things so I can give a laundry list of stuff ...but I have to say the worst tasting thing I had was when my Icelandic friend Bjorn made a soup for me one day and told me to try it before he would tell me what it was made from..

It was a cream based soup ( sheep's milk..yuck) with moss( one of the few things that actually grows on Iceland) and ..... ram testicles....

Well, if Medifast fails.. I know who to look up for a new diet that would DEFINETELY make me lose weight quickly!.

Lesson learned... when visiting other countries and staying with friends, be sure to pack a few energy bars in your luggage, just in case they want you to eat nothing but traditional foods of the region..

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Heheh- this is a fun thread! My dad always wanted me to try different things, I haven't had ram testicles but I've eaten pickled pigs feet, sea urchin, shark, eel, baby octopus, "head cheese" (The gelatin type stuff that is caused from boiling a pigs head and put seasoning in it) (Southern thing).

Chicken feet, weird concotions no one knows... I haven't done anything like Fear factor - but I've also had chocolate covered grubs and grasshoppers..

Yah i'm weird...

Comment #1

Yes! Another MF'er after me own warped little heart.

My mother hates any food that isn't bland.. and my father was a gourmet chef. So of course, to make my mom squeamish... I'd sit there with octopus tentacles chewing on 'em while she tried to ignore me .. sea urchins are great! I ~heart~ pretty much anything from the ocean..

My dad used to invent new off the wall recipes at home and I'd be the first to try 'em out...

I grew up in Hawaii so there was always tons of cool weird Asian/Islander foods to try out.. chocolate covered caterpillars and ants were a staple.

Never had chicken feet though.. what are they like? ( oh, do NOT say they taste like chicken! lol).

Hmm.. you know.. in another life... I might have very well ended up to be Andrew Zimmern!..

Comment #2

I like aligator. Ostrich jerky is tastey too. I'd be more adventursome but I don't do sea food at all. Except farm raised aligator (farm raised eat chicken, fresh aligator eat fish and therefore taste like fishies) if it comes from the water, I really won't try it. Smells funny I think...

Comment #3

I"m with you on the no fishy stuff!! I've tried and never could find any that I liked. The smell is too much for me. As far as weird stuff goes, I'm not very adventurous, but I have had Mountain Lion and bear. (Wildlife society dinner)..

Comment #4

Hmmmm........I've had frogs legs, and escargo (snail), and turtle, and goat. I think that is about as weird as I have had...

Comment #5

Rattlesnake. possum, ants.

Lots of weirdish plant like things. alges, mosses, ferns. I'll try a lot but it can't wiggle. I have tried but HATE anything that is an innard.

Tha's it as far as I know.... hmmmm wonder what was in that stew?..

Comment #6

My husbands family eats everything! I have yet to try their dryed iguana soup...yeah not for me lol!..

Comment #7

Hmmm.. I guess I eat normal since the weirdest thing I've ever consumed is venison and quial. Not the adventurous type..

Comment #8

Wow! I've tried alligator and shark, but that's about all I've been around. I'm going to puerto rico in Sept., so I'm sure my list will change after that. I'm trying to study up so I won't "accidentally" eat something adventurous!.

Head cheese? ewwwwwwwwwwww..

Comment #9

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