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Have you noticed it? More energy makes you feel better, feeling better makes you happier and more light hearted which in turn me makes my DH lighthearted and happier too!!.

It's a GREAT day!!!..

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Charly...put your face up real close to your monitor so I can smack that chipper attitude right out of ya! I want FRIED CHICKEN! Just kidding...on the smaking part, not the chicken. LOL You have a good day too!!!..

Comment #1

Yes Tricia, don't happy people just make you MAD! Just kidding here too....but I have noticed I'm MUCH happier lately. Amazing what a little determination and lots of success can do! Also, used to feel tired and unhappy......and I haven't noticed that in a long time! Maybe I'm better off not eating all those yummy carbs??..

Comment #2

Yep, I agree Happy, and no naps for me in almost a month. Crazy! I ALWAYS had to have a nap. Had to be the carbs!..

Comment #3

Thanks for sharing your joy and enthusiasm.

This new life I have given myself is full of wonders and surprises. It's even better when I can share it with other positive and committed people..

Life is saweeeeet! Life is GRAND!.


Comment #4

Isn't it cool - thanks for replies - it's too fun!! I was curious if it's infectious I knew it couldn't just be me !!! I'll go back to my work now (lol)..

Comment #5

Ui agree, it is much easier to get up in the morning now, I used to dread starting the day, mostly because I hated figuring out to what to wear for the day, only to find out it was to tight...ugho..

Comment #6

OKIE IS a great day!!!! We are in this to make each day better...right?..

Comment #7

PurpleGoddess you are on the money. I now spend my time digging for things to wear that won't fit two people (LOL) it's fun to have more variety and not have it be a difficult decision what to wear. You've done GREAT!!..

Comment #8

Yesterday I got a new hair cut with some highlights and you would think I was a kid the moring of Christmas waiting to open presents..

I can not believe how happy I am to get my you know what out of bed, plus I lay and think about what I am going to wear today.


Comment #9

Medifast is like taking happy pills.

Love the thread thanks for posting!..

Comment #10

It is a FANTASTIC day!.

I ran for 5 minutes without stopping today. And then I did it again!! (Week four of the couch to 5K running program.) I am on cloud nine... I never thought that I could do it, but I did!.

Thank you for sharing your joy!..

Comment #11

OK, so I already was a happy go lucky type of person. Does that mean I get more happier and more lucky? LOL Just joshing, but I have been in a great mood since I restarted. Naps? Who has time to nap, there is so much fun stuff to do now and with all this energy it is great...

Comment #12

Charly - thanks for this thread! You are so right - I am excited for life now, and it's been years since I can say that! I used to look forward to my naps, and catching up on my sleep on the weekends! I think I can count one one hand in six months where I have actually felt "TIRED". I get up early, and I'm ready for my day! I have excitement, motivation, and hope! I love Medifast and I know that I have a new lease on life! Glad you feel the "excitement in the air" as well! Congrats!..

Comment #13

That's EXACTLY it Traycm - "I'm ready for my day! I have excitement, motivation, and hope! I love Medifast and I know that I have a new lease on life". I just couldn't find the right words to use. It's all so bubbled up that I couldn't get to what you just said. I see my hubby in spurts between 11a-3:30p before he goes to work and though I'm working out of my home office while he's around we don't really get to chat much since I'm working. He left the house to go to work and called about 45min to 1hr later and said "by the way - you're looking really good and I just wanted to tell you that". I laughed and told him "you don't see me much while you were here" and his reply "I see you more than you realize".

Thank you for your comments...

Comment #14

This was such a nice thread to read this morning. Delightful to have everyone so positive and sharing good things. Thanks for starting this, and sharing, too! It really is a change of life for us, and it does feel great to succeed. I love that your DH said he saw the difference and complimented you. Sometimes, that is the greatest reward, to have someone notice and say something nice...

Comment #15

Today has been especially great..

Not only is the weather perfect here in Texas, but I feel so gosh darn good!.

I've done about 6 loads of laundry - folded and put away. Went to the bank, the cleaners, Tractor Supply, Wal-mart, bought gas (okay that part could have been easier on the pocket book) - but I just couldn't believe the energy. Before I started Medifast any one of those things would have wiped me out. And, I know it's just gonna get better the farther I go!.

It's exciting!..

Comment #16

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