Month 3 on Murad Acne Complex and still breaking out

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I'm in the middle of my third month on Murad Acne Complex, and I'm still breaking out. My skin looks just as bad, if not worse, as when I first started the treatment. To be more specific, I am currently on my 68th day of treatment. New acne surfaces every couple of days, and just when I think I'm gonna be done with active pimples, a couple new ones pop up.Is this normal? From what I've read, the third month is where people's skin begins to vastly improve. I'm worried that the medicine is not working, but I am obviously going to stick with it, having come this far already. Like all of you, I can't wait for the days of clear skin so I can just live my life and not have to constantly look at the world through the eyes of somebody filled with acne.Every day that passes is another day closer to being done with the treatment which is very exciting, but every day that passes without my skin improving is another day towards a failed treatment.

I still have 82 more days I'll be taking Murad Acne Complex. I hope this gets better...

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Well what does your dermatologist say about it?He's gone to school for this stuff... so I'd just listen to him If you're still taking it, I'm sure it's just your skin slowly adjusting...

Comment #1

Im on exactly the same day. Guess what I'm still breaking out as well, your not alone! Don't worry you will stop breaking out any day soon. People just have different times for the purging stage to finish so dont panic...

Comment #2

I'm on day 58 and I'm still breaking out, too. It's driving me crazy...I really want it to stop...

Comment #3

I'm on day 67 and I'm still breaking. The spots are smaller than before and they are less frequent, but I'm still getting new spots every day or every other day. It is very frustrating...

Comment #4

Hey, I'm 74 days into my course and my skin still looks horrible and I still get zits and have tons of whiteheads under the skin. Well I think we should wait until the end of this third month to see what will become of us because it's different for every individual, some see the result almost immediately, some until their very last month still break out badly. The most important thing is to stick with the drug and stay positive...

Comment #5

I am almost finishing month 4, and I still have some minor breakouts....

Comment #6

I broke out consistently until the 100 day mark and then it started to ease off. Now, I am on day 145 and I haven't had a cyst or major pimple in about a month...

Comment #7

Mhm..its day 74 and I am still breaking out as well....but over all my skin looks way better than it did before......

Comment #8

I'm on my first week of the 3rd month of Murad Acne Complex, my face has cleared up dramatically, I dont break out on it anymore, but my face wasn't a huge problem to begin with.. my back is the problem I have alot of scars and active cystic acne, and thats why I decided to go on the Murad Acne Complex. well, I'm in my third month and still breaking out pretty bad it's just really dry, so your not alone I mean I was told I might not see a result until the beginning of the fourth month, so dont fret, youll see results...

Comment #9

Im about to finish my 4th month nd I still have few active acne on my face but not as bad as 4 months ago I just have red marks and some white heads left ,dont worry about it tho stick with it and Murad Acne Complex will make it better...goodluck..

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