Mindful eating during Medifast, any tips for a beginner?

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One of the components of the Medifast program is Mindful eating. It includes sitting down, paying attention to your eating habit, and taking at least 15 minutes to eat your Medifast mealsI am really trying to be more mindful as I eat and take more time. I am successful at it with my lean and green meal. Mainly because I am so dang appreciative of my LG at the end of a long day. I savor the success of having not cheated for one more day and it doesnt hurt that there is meat! But I just have not managed to make one of those bars last for 15 minutes. I still have that hurried grab a shake and drink while driving to the office mentality. Yesterday was Sunday, I had nothing to do and noplace to go but habit of habits found myself gulping an 8 oz dutch chocolate shake while standing at the sink! Any helpful tips on mindful eating from you veterans that have tamed the gulping/ slurping beast?..

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Yes, I do that too. My bars and shakes I eat while at my desk working, and I set them down between every bite. I can make them last abut 15 minutes that way...

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I always use a straw. Sometimes if I really like something I may drink on it until almost time for my next meal-lol. When I first started I though the bars were a joke. Now I can hardly finish one fast. I like them but now they just seem so rich and I can not imagine eating a regular candy bar.

It looks like you are very aware and that is the first step. Your taste buds will change and your body will soon know that it may not be full but is is getting good food and it will be satisfied, so try queue into that feeling..

Good luck and~~~..

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This isn't so much mindful as tricking the mind....

I bought a really pretty glass dinner plate and bowl for myself that are much smaller than the usual sizes. I eat most of my meals from them, makes each meal special and reminds me not to eat so much. Now that I'm in maintenance, I use tall champagne flutes for wine instead of big, fat white wine goblets..

A great book about this is called "Mindless Eating" by a researcher in this field. It's a really fun read and helped me a lot!..

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It's always good to plan ahead, to use straws when possible, and to have other things to do to keep your mind occupied while you're eating a Medifast meal. I tend to cut my bars up into little pieces, which helps a lot, and I typically add a bunch of ice to my shakes and crush it all up in the blender... I end up with at least twice the volume with the same calories (and more water, when you think about it), plus it takes longer to drink!..

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Whenever I want to do any mindless eating, I try to drink about 2 cups of water. That helps...

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I would suggest getting the book "100 Days of Weight Loss". There are some really good points and ideas about how to appreciate food in a whole different way. It covers all aspects not just while you eat, but thoughts before you eat, your motivation to eat, and different strategies to enjoy your food more. It really is a great, easy read and very useful guide..

Good luck to you,.


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I freeze my shakes and eat them with a spoon. For my LG, I cut food into tiny bites and eat slowly... that way the enjoyment lasts longer!! Pretty soon this becomes habit for me and it helps slow me down...

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I always make my shakes with at least 8 oz of water and 4-5 ice cubes...that way I have lots of it! I bought 2 lovely crystal glasses to drink out of, but usually, just use the blender cup!.

I tend to eat the bars quicker, but my L&G can take as long as an hour! Medifast has taught me that eating is refueling my body, and to enjoy good food, not junk!..

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