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I'm a Navy wife (Lots of stress) so thought I would see how many other's are out there just like me. I started 4 days ago, so far down 12 lbs. (mostly water for sure but still motivating!)..

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Me! Navy wife also. It is stressful having to deal with the kids alone but I am learning how to manage my stress instead of eating unhealthy foods...

Comment #1

Hey Ladies!.

Thanks for checking the post out. We are currently stationed in DC (ick) but hubby retires soon. Then we'll move back to CT.

I hear you JESSYP27 watching kids while the hubby is gone was horrible. (We are submarines, so I totally understand that LOL).

You both are doing so well! It gives me more inspiration. I just started, this is the first weekend on Medifast so we'll see how I do. So far so good.

I'm hoping to lose 30lbs by Christmas, I have to attend my husbands Christmas Party (I have successfully avoided it for 3 years... Not so much this year, I have never met any of his co-workers, I so want to look better. Most of the Military wives I've been around are walking sticks LOL..

Comment #2

Army wife here; DH is currently in Afghanistan. He'll be home the first week of Dec for his 2 weeks of R&R, woohoo! When he left on Jan 2, I weighed 264 lbs and wore a size 24w, now I'm 167.5 and wear size 10s. This should be interesting. =).

We're in Panama City, Fl, btw...

Comment #3

Army wife here! We live in Germany, my hubby is also in Afghanistan he comes home in April for R&R.. Then home for good a few short months after that. I should be goal by then!! I am so glad this thread got going..

Comment #4

I am an Army wife too. Hubby is currently in Afghanistan. He comes back for R&R on November 12th Yay! Very soon! Then he won't be home until June. We were in Colorado but while he is deployed I came back to Florida to be near both our families. We will head back to Colorado when he gets back. I love it there so I'm not complaining I just started almost 2 weeks ago.

I won't be at goal by his R&R but I will definitely be by the time he gets back in June. Have a happy OP day!..

Comment #5

Hi everyone,.

In case you don't know about this, I found this deal from JC penny portrait studio where you can get sitting fee, one traditional portrait sheet for you and one portrait sheet shipped to your service member's APO address all for free. It is for familes of deployed military members and it ends October 31st. Here is the link I will probably wait until the last minute just so I can lose more weight..

Comment #6

OMG I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does he know you were trying to lose weight??? That is soooooooooo inspirational!..

Comment #7

He knows, but I've been trying not to send too many photos. It's hard~you know they love pictures and family updates~but I want him to be surprised, too. I can't wait for him to see the new me!..

Comment #8

YAY, he'll be home in no time! My husband's R&R ended up falling right near the end of his tour~he comes home for good in late February. It's been hard on this side of things (10 months apart), but he'll be here for R&R Dec 1-15 ish, then back home again just 2 months later. Also, my 40th birthday is Dec 8, so he will get to be home for that. Yippee!..

Comment #9

I'm excited for you!!! That is awesome! Wished I could have taken care of this when my husband was on the sub and we were stationed in Guam. At the time Medifast couldn't ship there But the good thing is I am doing it now..

Comment #10

Hi my name is Sandy. I am a Marine wife and my husband is currently in Afghanistan. He will be home Jan/Feb time frame. I started medifast three weeks ago and I just told him about it. We are stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. I hope every one has a great week...

Comment #11

I wonder if any of our Afghanistan deployed husbands know one another? How funny would that be?..

Comment #12

Tori I know what you mean by it being hard. My husband and I will be apart for almost 2 years so far. Mainly because he got sent to CO and I was in my last year of college in FL. I couldn't transfer my last year of college. After I finished college, we had this summer together and then he got deployed July. He has to deploy for one year.

I guess that is pretty typical every two years? Actually his company just got back from Iraq (one year tour) and then got sent to Afghanistan 10 months later! I thought they had to wait a year to deploy again but I guess not. That is great he will be there for your 40th birthday! I bet you are going to have a huge party! You never know... maybe our husbands do... mine is stationed in Kandahar..

Racergirl you did awesome for your first week! 12lbs! Way to go! I only lost half that.

Sandy Hi there. You have a great name! My name is Sandy too!..

Comment #13

Good evening Military Medifasters!!.

My name is Danielle and I am both an Air Force wife and active duty USAF myself...DH and I are currently stationed in Nebraska but hoping to have less than a year left here (after last years winter I'd prefer to never see snow

My FIL is also active duty Air Force and will be heading to AFG for a year in 2011...DH is waiting to find out if he is going to get hit with a 365 currently...only downfall to getting promoted in the Air Force is you become more eligible for those year-long stints in the sandbox....

Anyways...thats my little shpill...hope to hear from all of you soon!!..

Comment #14

Sandy~that is really, really a tough schedule. {{{{HUGS}}}} Where do you go to school? We live in Panama City. My husband was in Kandahar, then Lagman, and now he's at Apache.

Danielle, my hubby went to college in Nebraska (go Huskers!) and considers it "home," though he didn't move there until he was in high school. We make the trek to Lincoln/Omaha every year or so. Mine has 400 day orders~he went to do some training up in Wisconsin before he left for Afghanistan. Blah...

Comment #15

Hey Ladies I understand the being apart, I am in the reserves and I got deployed in 2005 and came home 2006 and then after me coming home 6 weeks my husband left for his 15 month deployment and did not come home until January 2008. Let me tell you it was rough But we made it! We even ended up making a welcome home baby lol He is deployed now and he wont be home until June for good, but comes home for R and R in April. SO I am hoping to have most of this here weight off by then. I see on average that it is about every two years for Active duty deployments. I am almost out of the Reserves I get out in May 2011, and let me tell you I am so ready. I will 8 years done and that is more than enough.

I just cant believe I let myself go from where I was 7 years ago.. I will get there soon I hope you guys have a great day and stay motivated!! Good Job to everyone..

Comment #16

Wow all of you girls are doing so great. My husband is a submariner as well. We are in HI and I totally know what you mean about "walking sticks military wives" Ugh-If I wasnt so jealous I'd hate them LOL. ANYHOW-Being the best wife and mother is the most important way I think we can support our husbands! This is one of the big reasons why I am doing Medias. Keep up the great work! You are all inspiring me to stay OP this week and I look forward to more military wife discussions...

Comment #17

Good morning! I just made my appointment for JC Pennys portrait session on Halloween Day since that is when it expires for my free session of families with deployed members. I picked the very last day that I could to make the appt so I can lose the most weight. They told me to bring anything I have f his like his uniform and a photo of him. Should be cool. I can't complain since it is free..

Tori I am in Tampa, FL and I went to school at University of South Florida. I already graduated yay!.

MissingHim wow that's a lot of time apart. That sucks you were deployed and then he got deployed right after. Actually I want to go into the Army too but because I am overweight by their standards I can't right now. I think I have to be 135 lbs for 5'2". Not sure what I am going to sign myself up for but it is something I am seriously thinking about.

Liberty you are right about supporting them by being the best wife or mother you can. I agree with you 100% because they have so much stress over there. I have always wanted to go to HI. You are lucky..

Comment #18

I checked out the Penney's link, and unfortunately there isn't a photo studio within 50 miles of me. =( Bummer! I would love to see your photos when you get them done! I've thought about going to a professional and having "boudoir" pictures done once I hit goal...

Comment #19

Tori~me too!! There is a friend of mine back home that does photography on the side and they just got done doing a HUGE holiday boudoir event...she took fantastic pics...I'd just need her to photoshop some stretch marks out of the'm a big Twilight fan and I'm loving your avatar!!).

I saw the JC Penney thing at the Youth Center on base...but DH is currently home so no deal for us...but I think that is AWESOME that they were offering it...especially right in time for the holidays..

Comment #20

Thanks! I think it depends on how much you need to lose how fast it comes off in the begining..

Comment #21

Welcome Everyone!.

Libertyroets, my hubby is submariner too, we were in Pearl for 5 months when his boat out of Guam needed to be in drydock I know our boat sent a few of our Walking Sticks from our boat to you all in HI LOL..

Comment #22

I want to do boudoir photos too! I have talked to a few photographers about it but just not ready to uh go half naked in front of the camera yet lol. I think the whole idea of getting your makeup and hair done and then slipping into something hubby would like would make me feel sexy. I think that would be something I would consider when I get to goal. Sounds like a lot of fun!..

Comment #23

Navy wife mine is not usually active though; he's reserves. this is his second time around in kuwaitt. we don't get r&r time, but he'll be home in july, I believe. so yay!..

Comment #24

Dh is stationed in Norfolk, VA. He is getting ready to deploy next year. I am thinking of going back home while he is deployed. Dh has been in over 9 years now and believe it or not I haven't met that many military wives. I had a bad experience with a couple of them during his first deployment so I stayed away from other wives for quite a while and then we were stationed at a remote duty station for 3 years after that...

Comment #25

Hey! I fit in here too My dh is in the army, we are stationed in MD!.

Is it just me or is it way easier to stick and commit to this when he is gone.. because when my Dh is no deployed or TDY I find it super hard to stick to the program...

Comment #26

Spaghetticat you are so right. I have a hard time sticking to any diet plan when hubby is around. For some reason II see him eat bad and want to eat bad too! Plus we go out to alot more restaurants when he is back. I told him already when he gets back for R&R that he is going to be eating alot of grilled meats and veggies. He is cool with that I think because he is happy just to be home...

Comment #27

I find it really hard to stay OP when DH is home, too. It's almost like our time together is a "celebration", and celebration=food somehow. This is a behavior I'm really trying to stop in myself BEFORE he comes home. I go out with girlfriends or with my son at least once per week, and I always order OP foods. Hopefully when he comes home, I can go out and "celebrate" and stay OP!.

Danielle~I'd need some major photoshopping done if I did boudoir photos too, but it seems so fun! Maybe at goal~not yet. =) Also, you can create your own Edward photo at Obviously, I have LOTS of free time on my hands, haha...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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