Microwave mess making Nutrisystem meals?

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Just want to say that I am upset. I followed the instructions for the Fettuccini Alfredo in a cup (lunch, microwave instructions) and it boiled over, I have now spent 10 minutes of my lunch (1/2 hour lunch) preparing this disaster and cleaning up the community microwave at work. This is not convienent or tasty since 70% of the sauce is now in the trash with a bunch of papertowels. I won't be ordering that again. On the positive side, what I had left tasted good, what little there was of it...

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Your question was: Microwave mess making Nutrisystem meals?.

That happened to me twice. I now boil the water first and then pour in,stir & let it sit for the amount of time on back of container...

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Yeah....boil the water in a glass measuring cup and then just fill up the container......let it sit for about 8-10 min and stir and eat.......i have not put one cup of food in the microwave......i just boil the water and pour it in...

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I eat this all the time, there is an ART to cooking it..definately..

I use the hot water from the water cooler and fill it to just below the fill line. Then, I stir it up REALLY well, put it in the mw for about 25 secs, take it out, stir it again, then put it in for another 25 secs. If you keep it in for the full 45secs it WILL boil over. Then, take it out, stir again, and cover for about 10 mins. It took me almost a month to get this right, but now it turns out good every time..

It's actually one of my favorite lunches...

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I use one of those automatic electric tea kettle and pour the water in and then let it sit for 10 minutes...

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I too had to learn that lesson the hard way with the fettucini at work! I always add boiled water to all my 'boiled water" entrees now....the stuff mixes up and tastes better that way too...

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I prepare mine the night before. I use boiling water (half broth, half water) and let the noodles do their thing. I put a heavy dish on top. While this is going, I prepare sauteed veggies and my protein, add 1 tsp ff yogurt or sour cream to the fettucine, mix it all together in the sauce pan and allow fettucine to thicken. Yum..


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The only time I had one boil over, was when I cooked it too long. Some of them say 50% power, and some say 100%. You gotta watch. I like these other suggestions of just adding boiling water - seems like the safe way to go..

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Agree with never microwaving the lunch cups. Shake the cup well, boil the water, put water in the cup, stir well, stir again and again and again, cover the cup with something heavy and let sit for at least the time stated on the cup, if not longer..

Many of the micros in offices are more powerful than the ones in your house. You have to use a lower power to avoid boil overs...

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They must have changed the directions on this. When I had it last it was boil th water and fill and cover for 7 or 8 minutes.

That Mexican tortilla soup boiled over so I did it the same way on the next two I had...

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I too boil the water first and add to the Nutrisystem cup entrees. You can always nuke it a few seconds to warm it up after it sits (if you need to), and you can always add more water if needed after it is cooked. You can't take it out if you add too much to begin with. Works great every time...

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Yup- I have a microwave mishap about once a week. I think the key is to keep checking it every 20 seconds or so. But, a key to cleaning it once it does make the mess is 1-clean it right away before it hardens. 2- if it DOES harden, baking powder is usually the trick.

Sorry about your mess, but I do happen to love that entree..


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This doesn't just happen with the happens with all microwavable bowl items. You just needs to watch it!..

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Remember, that when they say "add water" they are not talking about heated water from a coffee machine. They are talking about tap water that is room temperature. So you need to adjust the times when cooking if you started with almost boiling water...

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I was going to ask about the dinners. I peel back to vent, but each time, the tray throws up all over the microwave. I watch it now, but if there are any other tips, that would be helpful..

Thanks for the boil the water tips...

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After you peel back the plastic to vent it, slide it back into the cardboard box it came in..

When it splatters, it does it all over the inside of the box..

Pull the dinner out (careful, it will be hot!!) and toss the box..

No more mess!.

I snagged that tip off another of these boards...

Comment #15

Wow, why didn't I think of that? Thank you!..

Comment #16

I never nuke food in plastic containers. I put the dinner entrees in a small bowl and cover the top with a small plate. When the bell rings, I just take the plate and slide it under the bowl and take it out of the micro. The add water cups need shaking before adding the water and lots of stirring after. I let it sit covered for about 10 minutes, stir again and if it is a little soupy or too crunchy I do then nuke for 30 to 60 minutes. They are then perfect every time...

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I'm with kompukat here, if I'm having one of the add water to the cup meals, I always make it the night before and microwave it the next day in my own container. I like the idea of putting the trays back in the box to catch the splatter Another thing you can do if your trays keep messing up the micro, is turn your power level down (some machines are a lot stronger, try med or med-hi if you have that option)...

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Wow! Thanks so much everyone for the sympathy and excellent feedback I actually did use water that was already warm. I THOUGHT I knew how to use a microwave - guess not. Now I know and I will give the cups another go, since it really did taste good. Plus, I think I have 4 more of those little suckers on the shelf...

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Thanks for the suggestion on the soup cups. I too have been have trouble with them. I had trouble with the dinner trays and I just cut the time down to 1 min and they are fine most of the time. I guess the microwave at work is stronger then the suggested time...

Comment #20

WOW! Thanks for the awesome tip!! I have been trying to think of a way to keep the dinners from splatter painting my microwave everytime I nuke them too. I like the idea of fast and easy clean-up and this fits the bill...

Comment #21

NS VS the microwave. LOL Yeah, I learned a lot about Nutrisystem and microwavable foods w/ my first box. Even the chicken explodes if you don't watch it...

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