Do you have the Medifast blender machine?

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Do any of you have the Medifast Blender?? I have been trying to decide between that, the Magic Bullet or some other small blender. The ratings at different places are disappointing on the Magic Bullet. Also do you know if I order the Medifast blender and maybe more oatmeal would I have to pay shipping?? I am new and some of the foods I thought I would like the best are only okay or take too long to prepare so I have been using some others and now I worry that I might need my second order to come earlier. Thanks for the help!!..

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My mini blender is from Target. Don't know about others...

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I have the MB. Think it's great! I also read the ratings about MB, saying the plastic things come undone or loose...I haven't experienced that and I have had mine for about 2 years. I use it probably once a day just for shakes.

If you are worried, you might start with the Medifast they have a return policy?? I think MB blenders are more expensive...check for return policies on that one too. Also, you might be able to get a cheaper MB blender on EBAY!.

I'n not sure about the shipping question. Good luck!!..

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Thanks for the info. Did you have a lot of headaches the first week? I actually felt better the first few days than I do now. This is my 5th day and I am having trouble sleeping and the headaches are everyday, usually early in the evening. I am drinking LOTS of water...

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I had trouble sleeping for a couple weeks. Having my Medifast pudding, my last snack of the day, basically right before bed seemed to fix that. And, enjoying a pickle every now and then seemed to help my headaches.

Maybe the sour taste just distracted me from my headache! lol I used to not like pickles at all..

But, I slice two pickles into little coins and eat the coins one-by-one with a knife and fork, it makes it a real treat... and I think the extra sodium helped out my headache somehow?..

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I bought the Medifast blender. I LOVE it! My only "complaint" is that I would like two solid lids for storing premade food,verses the one it comes with. I'm so happy with it, I'm buying another and having it sent to my mom's in California (I'm in VA) for our vacation in June (We will be there for a month). Yes, you do pay shipping. But even with shipping it was cheaper than the Magic Bullet I finally found today at Bed Bath and Beyond. They wanted $59.99! The Medifast blender in my mind makes a HUGE difference in the taste and texture of the shakes...

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I have the MB as well. I find it chops up store-bought ice best. The blades aren't very sharp, so regular ice cubes from an ice cube tray are too big to make ice cream, etc.... Other than that...I'm very pleased with it...

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I also have a Medifast Blender, and just ordered my second one. I love it. Linda..

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I hate mine. I bought a 14.00 Hamilton beach Drink Blender at walmart. I love it...

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Hi, I brought a Hamilton Beach personal blender at Walmart for $13.00 had it going on 2 years, it has 2 lids in which one lid has a sliding top to put a straw thru. I use ice cubes with my Medifast shakes , it's a nice size to travel with..


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I can tell you that I had two sunbeam little personal blenders. Got them at Walmart for a little over $20 each and both of them burned up. The first one the seal broke and leaked into the motor and it started twirling and wouldn't stop and man did it smell! The second one was the one I got to replace the first one. I was thinking I got a bad one but one day I just happened to stop back home during running errands and that little thing was just spinning and smoking. Thank God I stopped back home. So, can't say I'd recommend that one.


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I was at Costco today and they had the Magic Bullet for $49.00 [canadian]. I almost considered getting one for hubby at work. I have the generic Miracle Mixer from Walmart for the same price...

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Someone else had mentioned the MB was $49.99 at Walmart. That's what I paid for it. I do have a Hamilton Beach personal that was $16 at Target. I keep it at work and it's great...

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I love my Magic Bullet - I've had it for four years..

Never had a minutes trouble and it's been getting quite a workout since November with all the Medifast shakes (with ice) and the hot drinks..

I use it at least twice a day and my husband and kids use it often to make salsa. It has a four handled mugs with rings and two other containers plus two solid lids for storing..

If I didn't have the MB I honestly don't think I'd have come this far this fast. The difference in the taste of the stuff mixed in it is incredible!..

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I just got my Healthmate from MF. It is great! I can't believe the difference in the shakes making them this way. Yummmmmm!!..

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I just bought a blender from Target that has a smaller container that you can take with you after you blend it. I love it...

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I bought a sunbeam mini blender at walmart. Came with five 8 oz cups, two 16 ounce cups and lids for all of them. The lids are screw on and form a tight seal, and have sliding tops for drinking (like a travel mug) in both open hole and slotted hole positions. I think I paid about 25 dollars for it. Great investment...

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I have a Vitamix. The extraordinary horsepower in the motor makes my Health Joint shakes extremely thick and creamy. Mmmm, mmmm, good!..

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I changed over to the diabetic and have lost my headaches. I have had problem with sinutitus which I was found from prescriptions (antibiotics) my system struggles with an overabundance of yeast. Could this be your problem? It is worth a try. It took me years to figure it all out. ( with no medical help) Kim..

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