What can I substitute for the Medifast bars?

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Just wondering if there is an equivalent/close enough subsitution on the market right now that I could use in replacement of the Medifast bars? I'm looking at a protein bar with 24 g. of Carbohydrates. Could I use this one once a day? Is it too much? I just thought I"d approach this topic with those of you who have been around a while, as I've run out of the Medifast bars, and am awaiting the next shipment/order to arrive. Any help would be appreciated...

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I use the Zone dark chocolate bars - found at Target. They are around 21 carbs and 190 calories. I have one a day since I am on 5&1. I believe there are folks around here during T&M that use them. They are pretty cheap and fully fortified. Very similar to Medifast maintenance bar (green package).

Yeah. I think what you are using would be fine for once a day until you get your food...

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I use a bar called Pure Protein, it have 200 cals, 16g carbs, and 20g protein. It is a little higher in cals. and carbs. than the maintenance bar but the protein is so much I higher, I am ok with taking the hit on the other two, I also only use this once day like the maintenance bar (green wrapper) and always as my meal an hour before working out. I use this instead of the Medifast option because of cost I can get a box of over twenty bars from Costco for only a few bucks more than the cost of 1 box of the Medifast bar. The other option would be the Atkins bar it has 170 cals.

Anyways, I am speaking from a T&M perspective and wouldnt recommend using these products instead of the Medifast product if you are on the 5&1 except in your case of needing something to tide you over until you Medifast product arrives. Good Luck!.

PS there is a thread on the T&M board that talks about substitutions, you might find something there and I think there is a thread in the Nutrisystem Board that talks about what to do if you run out of food...

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I found that muscle milk light (ready to drink) or the bars are a good substitue...

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Luna Bars are a good sub too - 160 calories - close to maint bars...

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I was in the hospital last week with no food. I told my DH to get me a granola bar. He came back with a Special K bar. It had 90 cal and 13 gram carbs, so it didn't mess up my carb count for the day...

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The SouthBeach Cereal Bars have worked for me in the past. Only 140 calories - so less than a maintenance bar..

Fat 5 g.

Sat Fat 3.5.

Carb 17g.

Protein 8.

Fiber 3g.

Dietary Exhange list on box is 1 carb, 1 lean meat..

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Oh and Pria bars are pretty good too. They even have a chocolate mint. Those can be found on Amazon - I used to get them from Sams but not sure anymore. Happy Hunting...

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The problem with the substitute bars is none of them have the same nutritional value that the Medifast bars do. They're fine in a pinch but unless you're on either the transition or maintenance phases of MF, they're just not good enough...

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Just an FYI, the pria and Special K bars have hardly any protein...

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