How does Medifast affect my menstrual cycles?

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Yay for losing 34 pounds so far. I'm so excited about that. I'm concerned though.... I had my period on Feb. 12 and then again on Feb. 26th.

29. Any thoughts? Could it be the rapid weight loss?..

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Congrats! I've had the same issues and it could be from the weight loss and from what I've read, it could be the soy. Either or, it corrected itself for me and hope it does for you...

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I have had changes too. But I used to get mine twice a year or so ( PCOS) and it was terrible. Now it is practically clockwork since being on the program and losing so much weight. I am thankful I am not in a physical relationship because the warning that you are more fertile when going through this I can tell is true. I have fluctuations sometimes but I think my body just realigns all of it's internal rhythms as I go through more weight loss and fitness levels...

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I had changes too. Mines was twice in the same month as well...

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Count me in as one who has also experienced this...

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Count me in also... my cycles were 28 days exactly before starting MF. The past 2 months they have been getting longer in between. I hope this does eventually straighten itself out. I am a little worried about the soy issue. At least others are in the same boat and I know the common denominator is that we are all on MF...

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MF has messed up my cycles too. I have been on birth control for years, and made it so I had 7 week cycles (6 weeks of BC, one week off). Now with MF, my period is coming sooner, and I'm back to 4 week cycles, because my period will start on the 26th or 27th day. It's annoying, but worth it!..

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Yep, it got all whacked out. I've read that ANY rapid weight loss will do that, not just MF..

After about a year of maintenance, it became regular again...

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The wheels fell off of my menstrual cycle some years back, and now it kind of does as it likes, anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, It would be great if Medifast would help it choose a rhythm it's happy with..

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Mine was 2 weeks late and scared the hell out of me!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.