Medifast week 4: Down 8 lbs

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I am going to Vegas with my family Friday, for 6 days. Medifast food is all packed. I've been on Medifast for almost 4 weeks, so far down 8 lbs? (didn't weigh myself until week 2). I feel so much better just buying clothes that some of the bulk is gone, yet I'm keeping to it with all my resolve and discipline that I can muster not to give into tempations (I used to be a big night eater)..

How will I keep it going while away and not give into temptation when there will be delicious food all around me? I can deal with, I think, Medifast at the basic meals, but I can see my dinner L&G meal being the most problematic. If we are at a buffet , (which my Dad loves and who is the reason for the trip to celebrate his 80th birthday) how will I keep it together?.

I also have found this forum invaluable for support. Even though I wander around confused, and don't even know which team I joined, lol, I am forever grateful for everyone's blogs, ideas and shared struggles...

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It's a lot of work to see celebrations through a thin person's lens: as about the people, the memories, the excitement, not the food. You can do this, and when you fly home from Vegas triumphant you will be that much closer to goal and to a healthy relationship with food..

I know you've already packed up your Medifast food, but I saw a thread that might help you and came back to post a link:.

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Hi Jodi....

I'm going to Vegas in May! I love VEGAS!!!! I think you'll be perfectly fine there...lots of walking, drink lots of water, and most restaurants have healthy meals on their menus along with the "other" stuff!.

Enjoy! Play 17 for me!.


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Just don't give in to temptation. Over eat vegetables if you have to....shrimp or fish will allot more per meal, so eat slowly and drink aqua! You'll do fine if you want to...

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In all reality do the best you can do. If you have a slip up don't cave into that all or nothing mentality. Just try and pick yourself up and move forward...

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Great advice, especially since I have battled with that what the hell syndrome in the past..

I also like the idea of indulging if the temptation is killing me, in extra fish. That for me at least isn't a trigger..

#17? Let it roll! Okay girls, I'm betting on coming into this forum for motivation and keeping me strong...

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Buffets are hard! I just tell myself that the restaurant is making up some of the money on me that they lost on me before medifast. Makes me feel virtuous!..

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Thanks for the link.

I got home Friday and did vey well. It was tough and teasing, but I held strong. I bought the bars, puffs and pretzels with me, drank plenty of water, and saved my L&G for dinner. I made sure to have my say in that meal since it was the only one I ate. I enjoyed eating salmon, which I pretty much gave up on around here..

I have to say, I am damn proud of myself. Vacations have always been an excuse to indulge for me, and I stayed strong and never waviered from my plan. I feel like I should get an award! I guess the reward is the self respect I came back with, and the self respect I went there with knowing that I look better, and I was in a good place knowing that I am on my journey..

I'm hoping the reward will be on the scale. If it isn't, that's okay. My head is held high for the decisions I made, and from the position I'm standing in...

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Congratulations on staying focused and OP while in Vegas!..

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I'm not a lady, but my experience may help you. I've been on Medifast for a little over 3 months. I've lost about 40 pounds to date. I'm pretty happy with my current pace and status. I just got back from 8 days at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. I love that resort, and my family goes every Spring Break.

I packed enough for a complete 5-1 trip. Well, when I got there, I realized that I wanted to enjoy every aspect of my vacation. That included eating and drinking as well. I started every morning with a shake, mid-morning bar, then I had a nice salad/sensible lunch, a few cocktails and a sensible dinner, a few more cocktails in the casino and had a great time. I drank the same amount of water as I would if I was home, and guess what.

The vacation was great and I didn't long for anything. The sensible choices that I made are the same choice I make every day now....part of the lifestlye change I am making. The bottom line is this. You are not going to be on Midifast for life. This is a means to a happier end for you..

Congrats on changing your mindset and thinking ahead on how to continue on your weight loss campaign on vacation. These are tough choices, and you'll have them all the way down to your goal, and even more when you get there..

I'm sure all the OP maniacs here will flame this post, but who really cares. This is your committment to yourself/family. Frankly, sensible choices are what will get you to your goal- not relying on small packets of nutrition. I am thankful to medifast for helping me understand where I need to be to get healthy. Since I started I have lowered my cholesterol by 110 points, and my blood pressure is now 120/75. My decision to start this program was about getting healthy again, and losing weight.

Enjoy your time/memories with your family in Vegas, and remember to always play the whirl on the coming out roll, and parlay yos when they hit!..

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Eat some of the delicious food - have some seafood or a steak and a huge portion of grilled veggies, and eat lots of big salads. If you are going to cheat, do it with extra protein, not carbs. There are plenty of yummy on-plan things to eat in Vegas - good luck!..

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Congratulations on holding strong. On my recent vacation, I really focused on drinking water, water, water, and looked forward to 'special' Lean and Green meals. Other than that, I just took it one day at a time, and moved past slips with acceptance, forgiveness and looking forward...

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Jobeth - I don't know if this will help or if it's something you're willing to do....

Is your husband going to be with you? Is he supportive of MF? If so and if you're genuinely concerned about your buffet-withstanding capabilities, why not ask your husband to fill your plate for you? It's easier if you send somebody else out with express instructions about the kinds of things you can have, because the other person can be dispassionate about the food choices. He'll just be fulfilling a mission for you, with the full knowledge that he can come back and get his own stuff..

If that plan doesn't appeal to you, then I would go to the buffet WITHOUT a plate and walk all around it and decide what you're going to have that fits L&G. Then come back with your plate and get exactly that and nothing else..

You can do this! We're all cheering for you! :-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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