Medifast Week 3: Little weight loss

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I know...i know.... everyone loses weight differently. But, I have been totally on-plan for three weeks. I don't get it. I almost threw that damn scale out the window today. How is this possible? I also check on the keto stick and I am always on trace or small.

I exercise several times a week. I am aiming to lose 20 lbs.

I really need to drop-kick that scale because it is really making me discouraged. I really LOVE Medifast but get a little green-eyed when I see all the really big loses in 3 weeks...

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It's the 3rd week stall, I think everyone has it, don't give up because of that! I believe I lost .8lbs that week, it's common to lose 0 that week.

Also don't rely on the Keto sticks for this diet, this diet relies on a mild state of ketosis, as long as your around 80 grams of carbs your at optimum fat burning level for this diet...

Comment #1

Don't be're doing great! If you are looking to lose 20 pounds, you are closer to goal than many of us (myself definitely included!). The bigger you are, the more weight comes off at first. As you get smaller, your body fights a little harder to hold onto those last extra pounds. It may take a little longer, but it is definitely worth the wait. Think of it this are healthier, your body is fitter, and you are almost halfway to goal. Keep up the great work!!!..

Comment #2

That is an average of over 2 lbs a week! Hang in there, your body is probably changing. Did you take measurements? That might help your peace of mind...

Comment #3

Look at it this way - is there another plan out there that in 3 weeks you would have lost 8 lbs on? I know for me the answer is no, so I would be so thrilled. You are doing great......

Comment #4

Don't be discouraged. Learn to celebrate each ounce and or pound you lose. Don't let the scale dictate your life. Believe it or not the ounces and pounds you lose do add up to success...

Comment #5

I've been on plan for almost 4 months and look at my losses! LOL. Sometimes you need to go by how your clothes feel (or measure yourself) rather than the scale. Oh and I gave up the snack after the first week...

Comment #6

I lost three pounds in ONE month. THAT was frustrating that I quit. I felt that is was jsut too hard to eat this food and not evern lose a pound a week! I have been off of it and doing my own thing of dieting and have not lost maybe the 3 in one month was worth it...hence I am thinking of coming back because at least I lost something.......

Comment #7

My third week I GAINED .2 lb. GAINED? Yes, gained! So frustrating..was OP and exercising. So perhaps everyones bodies reacts differently to the first couple of weeks? It actually gave me a huge motivation to stay strong this week...tomorrow is my 4 week weight in. I weighed myself today and things are looking good so stay strong!! :-)..

Comment #8

It is so perfect that I found your post today! I started on April "Fools" day. Our loss journey is similar (OP, gain and loss) and I was feeling frustrated this week, too. Tomorrow is my week 3 weigh in and I was tempted to "tweek" the porgram. Here I am on the eve of my official weigh in and hopeful that I will start to see the scale reflect a steady loss. My new food is arriving tomorrow with brownies, puffs, and pretzles. I can't wait.

To stay strong and will borrow it to get me through this next week. Thanks for sharing and motivating me to stay focused on my goal...

Comment #9

Wow! You've lost 40% of the total weight you want to lose in only 3 weeks?? That is phenomenal!.

I've been on 7 weeks and have lost around 25%. You are doing great!..

Comment #10

So I have been on 2 weeks and lost 10 lbs. I need to pull it together and stick with the plan. The way I dont stick with it is by not eating all my medifast meals and then I just eat dinner. Some times I would rather not eat all those meals and the water is hard for me. I need to pull it together. My lean and Green is grossing me out also.

I have lots of weight I need to lose. I cheated tonight. BAD DAY...

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