Medifast Week 2 struggles

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Tomorrow will be my week 2 weigh in.

I started on Medifast at 148.8, my first week I lost 8.6. I was really excited but this week I'm just annoyed. I been getting on the scale most of the days during this week (in the mornig) and it's been up a 1 lb or down a lb and back up lb and now I'm up like 3 today ? Any ideas????.

I've been OP 150%. I have a digital food scale, measure out all my meals precisely, and healthy fat. I haven't eatten any different lean & green from week 1. (leans are usually ground turkey (99%) or chicken breast or egg beaters.

Layout of my typcial day....

Meal 1: Medifast Bar-Smores.

Meal 2: Medifast Dutch chocolate Shake w/ 2 cups of ice and 1 teaspoon of instant coffee.

Meal 3: Medifast scabble Eggs.

Meal 4: Medifast Soup.

Lean & Green: 1 cup of egg beaters w/ 3.5 oz of ground turkey (99%) total of 7 oz leanest lean with 2 healthy fats... I mixed my green into the scabble (tomatoes, celery, green peppers) and Franks Hot Sauce (0 g of carbs, 0 calories, 0 fat).

Meal 5: Medifast Brownie.

I drink well over 90 oz of water. I drink nothing else.

What could it be? Stress? I feel amazing, more energized, and just happier. I considered the TOM but I ended that last Tuesday. Could that be catching up to me? I todl myself not worry about it until Tuesday when is my offical weigh in day but it's bugging me...

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You are doing great. First off, at your start weight, do you have any idea how AMAZING that first week's weight loss total is? Your body will put the brakes on a bit just to make sure you aren't stuck in the Gulag (prison). You are doing everything right. Trust yourself and your body and know that you'll get there in no time. Enjoy the ride. And congrats on such a great start...

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You are doing great. First off, at your start weight, do you have any idea how AMAZING that first week's weight loss total is? Your body will put the brakes on a bit just to make sure you aren't stuck in the Gulag (prison). You are doing everything right. Trust yourself and your body and know that you'll get there in no time. Enjoy the ride. And congrats on such a great start..


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This is my second week, and I'm having a similar thing happen to me. I weigh every morning, first thing when I get up, and the number on the scale has been going up and down all week. I weigh in on Thursday, and I'm afraid that I'm not going to have any weight loss to show this week!.

I read a post earlier that said that sodium could be the culprit. We are supposed to keep it under 2000mg each day, and some days I've been above that. I wish I could be of more help to you!..

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Happy2bfit- Thanks for the advice! I knew I have a feeling I'm overracting. I told myself in another month things are the same, I'll ask a health coach who happens to be my doctor.

GodsGirl- I haven't read/heard about the sodium but I figured the lower the better. I added uup my sodium today it's about 1500ish. I've been feeling bloated a little. But I'll for sure keep an eye on the sodium the next week. Good luck to you!..

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Your body will have natural fluctuations.....I weigh daily and I go up and down and you will notice your own pattern and it will not be so harmful to your emotions everyday. Write it down everyday and give it about 3 weeks and you will see. Good luck you are both doing great...

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Do you know what your total calorie intake has been? I don't eat eggbeaters so I don't know the total calories for them. But it should be between 800 and 1000 calories a day. Any less than 800, and your body could go into starvation mode instead of ketosis. It would be storing the fat instead of burning. Good luck and stay strong!..

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Tomorrow is my second week weigh in. I am also a daily weigher and am having trouble this week. On Sat. morning I weighed myself and Sunday morning I had gone up 2 pds. I am starting to lose again but I am still not at the weight I was 3 days ago. Its very frustrating but if we stick to it I bet we will see results next week.

Have a great day everyone!..

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Frank's hot sauce has a huge amount of sodium in it and will make you retain a lot of water. Carefully think about your condiments, they are usually the culprit for slows and stalls...

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I also read another post from someone who said their coach told them to "shock" their body by eating different foods at different times of day and varying the time of day of their L&G. I don't know if it is working for them, but when I stall I plan to try that...

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Read my post in the Medifast Connection titled..."Week one..stepped on scale...crying".

I only lost 2 pounds my first week and I was just furious! I was so hoping for a good weigh yours!.

Anways...I am very sensitive to sodium and this diet is pretty up there with sodium. Even following 100% and just picking your 5 Medifast meals and your L&G...some days were adding up to 2300, 2400..etc. That for me personally is just way too high..

Prior to MF, I did not each much processed foods at all.

For example...The Chicken Noodle soup has almost double the soduim than the Wild Rice Chicken!.

And I was eating the egg whites for my L&G. well....having 14 egg whites or the 2 cups of "All Egg Whites" was 900 mg of sodium! That is ridicilous!.

So anyways...this week I have returned some of my higher sodium foods and exchanged for better choices, and I am also not having the egg whites anymore and just being VERY careful about the sodium in the Medifast meals I am choosing..

Look into that, and also at you weight, what you lost was ALOT!! So your body might just be kind of adjusting. Hang in there!!..

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Good advice anyone. Today (my offical weigh in) I was offically only 1 lb higher than last week. I drank an extra 32 oz on top of 64 oz today. I already feel less bloated/bigger... This week I'm really going count all the sodium intake & wait until the end of week to weigh myself...

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I would say that all these posts are what I would do. It seems like you're doing great and will see the progress. And that is a great first week loss. But I have found that if my sodium is higher then I feel the difference. Im a condiment person so thats one thing Im working on this week is minimizing them because I like to dip my food in them. Sometimes even the 3 we are allowed might be too much.

Have a great OP day...

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I would recommend only weighing 1x a week. I know it's difficult but look at all the worry you are putting yourself through. It worked the 1st week and it's going to be fine tomorrow. Good luck!..

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I love this post - I felt same way at week 2, even more so now on week 3 weigh in - Just posted a blog about it. I am decided that I have to think more positive - I doing everything to a tee, measuring, no salt, only water LOTS of water, so the only other thing it could be is my huge consuming fear "IS THIS GOING TO WORK!!" - I decided today - yes it is, I am going to think positive and stress less and let the program work. Another thing I am going to do, despite how irresistable the temptation is - Stay away from my scale except on weigh in days. I loved to read everybody's posts. And I Love your recipe for the eggbeater omelete - hooray a new recipe. You Will Suceed...

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I also heard about "shocking" your body too by adding maybe a piece of steak or hamburger. You can still eat lean but maybe your body is in starvation mode. Are you exercising? Try one day of splitting your L&G meal up as a way to do something different. You have done really well the the first week so just stick with it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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