Medifast vs Nutrisystem

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Hey everyone! I just ordered my first supply of Medifast today! I've been debating and researching Medifast and Nutrisystem for about a month and took the plunge with Medifast today. I know I'm going to need a lot of encouragement and support throughout my journey. I'm excited, nervous, scared, and happy all at the same time...I just want to see a new me. More than anything, I want to imporve my health so I can watch my little man grow and so that I'll have the energy and stamina to play with him.

I can't wait to get my first shipment!..

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Hi! Welcome to Medifast! I have been on the program since October 2009. I hit goal in February and started Transition in the beginning of March! I had a wonderful experience with the program and I am sure you will too! The boards and the chat room are wonderful resources for you as well! Good luck.


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Welcome mnw1982, I felt just like you when I started. It's been a while as I have been maintaining for over a year. The great news is, Medifast WORKS! Just follow the plan 100%, 100% Of the time and you won't have any trouble. Remember, nothing is worth going off plan! You and your health are worth SO much more than any OFF Plan food. The first three days to a week are the hardest but SO worth it. Just take it a day at a time, come to the boards as much as possible as there is an amazing support system on this board.

Know you CAN do this because IF I can, anyone can. Congratulations on your journey to better health! You are going to be so glad you took the plunge. Take it a day at a time. You can do it and you are worth it! Dan..

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Welcome! I'm new too. In fact, today is my very first day! Surprisingly, I'm not really hungry and the food is pretty good! Keep that enthusiasm going and you will succeed! I've read through the boards this past week and I think they will be a great source of inspiration. Good luck to you!!.


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I am a new member too - haven't even received the food yet, but getting jazzed. Stay tuned...I will be back on my first day - I am going to succeed this time...

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Hi there fellow "Newbies"! I just started last Monday, so I'm in day 6 and doing great so far! My favorite thing is to search all the great recipes everyone's posted here. I tried one tonight ... 1st of all I HATE cauliflower, but tonight I used the cauliflower pizza recipe and OMG - it was WONDERFUL!!! Pizza is one of my biggest downfalls, so needless to say this will definitely be a lifesaver for me. I have a lot to lose, so I definitely don't want to get bored with just eating the Medifast food "as is". Today I made a "shake cake" with the Dutch chocolate shake mix and it was very tasty. I've also tried the oatmeal bar recipe which I really like because, to me, the oatmeal is just gross.

I'm going to make that to eat while we watch a movie tonight. I'll let everyone know if they turn out as yummy as everything else I've tried. I've been copying and pasting the recipes in a word document and then printing them and putting them in a notebook. I guess you could say I'm starting my own Medifast cookbook.

Best of luck to all of you,.


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Welcome, newbies!!!.

The recipes can be helpful for those who just cannot stand some of the Medifast food as it is, but I encourage you to try to let your tastes adjust and see if you like them without too much monkeying around. You'll be surprised how much your tastes change after just a little time on Medifast!.

I found the recipes to be overwhelming and think part of the reason this program works for me is because of it's simplicity. Also, if you choose to make recipes to alter the Medifast foods, you must remember to log ALL of the additions as condiments, fats or part of your lean, as appropriate. If you make three recipes every day, you could easily use many more than the allotted condiments, and the calories, carbs, fat and/or sodium in those can add up significantly enough to slow your losses..

But that cauliflower pizza is DELICIOUS! I avoided trying it for the first 3.5 months because it seemed like way too much work, but I made it on Thursday and it is really yummy. My son said it was better than 'normal' pizza...

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Hi All,.

Just put my order in and I'm excited to start. It's going to be one year in May since I had my wonderful baby and am working out but the scale doesn't seem to be budging. I'm hoping this will help and kick start the weight-loss...

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Welcome everyone!!! You all made the right choice! I'm in my 7th week and have lost 29lbs! I love this program and truly believe that a good part of the success is due to these boards and the support, encouragement and inspiration found here!.

Jasmine had some great advice! The first couple of weeks, try the foods before altering. There are great recipes that only require more or less water and/or different prep methods - like pudding ice cream (without the added cream cheese), hot cocoa fudge, broccoli soup chips.

There is also a wonderful thread with TONS of great advice;.

Good luck to you all!!..

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Welcome along everyone! You're going to love it here!..

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Jasmine and Elizabeth - I completely understand where you're coming from about sticking to the foods "as is". My first day I liked everything I ate. The second day I was so looking forward to the chili for lunch. I couldn't eat it because it made me gag. I thought, oh well, let's move on. Then I made the cream of tomato soup and again, I just couldn't eat it - it was way too sweet.

That's when I came here to see if anyone was experiencing the same thing. That's when I found the recipes. I saw that you could make chips with the cream of tomato soup and I thought, I'm in because I love chips. I added just a dash of garlic powder, onion powder and chili powder which I counted as 1 condiment for the day and oh what a difference that made. The chips were crunchy and delicious and best of all now I can use the soups I purchased.

I'm going to try the bread using the chili next. The way I look at it is, I would have just pitched the 4 boxes that I didn't like. Since we're talking $62 worth of Medifast food, I had to try the recipes and for me they are a life saver! I do limit one new recipe per day if it requires additional condiments because I like to use those in my L&G..

I'm off to see "Clash of the Titans" with my hubby and son. I've got my water and Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs to munch on - YUM!.

Have a Super Sunday,.


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Thanks all for the warm welcome! I am axiously awaiting my delivery...hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week and I can get started on finding a healthier me.

I'm still really nervous about things today...the good news is I'm a penny pincher so I have no doubt I'll use the supply I ordered...and hopefully I'll see results that motivate me to keep going.


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Welcome Misty, and all the others who posted here! I remember feeling nervous, just as you are. Well, 5 weeks and 15 lbs later, I am so happy that I decided to do this program!.

As long as you follow the plan, you WILL see the weight melt away! Just a side note...I have found that drinking TONS of water (about half your weight in ounces) a day, and eating every 2-3 hours are KEY to feeling great and not wanting to gnaw your arm off in hunger (for the first week). It also helps with cravings and helps you to stay focused.

I know you'll do great!..

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