Medifast truffles?

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I'm not much of a sweets person and I pretty much never make them, but a thought came to my mind.....

If we used VOWL's fudge recipie and made little balls out of it, then dipped them into the chocolate pudding (mixed thickly) and then froze it, then dusted the resulting balls with hot cocoa powder....wouldn't that be like a truffle?..

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Won't you please try that yummy suggestion and let us know how it pans out? Sounds like it could work and wouldn't it be totally wonderful if it did?..

Comment #1

I'm not a sweets person either but I still have to say, the inventiveness around here never ceases to amaze me... You are so creative, Orange!..

Comment #2

I have SF butter rum syrup in the pantry! Hmmm...

Comment #3

Ok, now you have to make them and let us know how they are!..

Comment #4

Not to be a party pooper, but VOWL's fudge recipe is sooooooo evil I'm afraid to try it for fear of falling off the wagon. Your idea sounds fantastic OB. I'll leave it to the stronger willpower MF'ers..

Comment #5


I was worried about the temptation too but let me tell you. I've made it many different ways, sometimes by mistake and sometimes because I didn't have the right ingredients and sometimes on purpose..

In that process, I discovered that I could substitute coffee for the milk and cut the peanut butter down to 2 T. It still makes a great "candy" and the recipe then turns out to be two Medifast meals and two snacks. The candy is more of a dark chocolate with a texture that is closer to Tootsie Rolls than to fudge. But it tastes great..

And the thing I really like about the recipe that way, is that each portion is so satisfying (it does make a lot) that the temptation to overeat on it is gone..

Just passing on what I've noticed..


Comment #6

I remember this vaguely, so repost the recipe Orangeblood after you try it out..

I may get adventurous this Christmas! Who knows????..

Comment #7

Not reallyalthough that would make a great candy, wouldn't it?.

I think the five tablespoons of coffee are overwhelmed by the pudding and hot cocoa and and SF chocolate syrup and vanilla extract and peanut butter..

But.......your question does make me think. What if my coffee was stronger (more like espresso) and I used a coffee flavored syrup? Would it have a chance to come out more like a mocha flavor then?.


Comment #8

Yes OrangeBlood please repost this recipe and send us a yummy photo if they are photo-worthy!! I need a treat to keep me out of the break room at the hospital where it is all day TREAT season!!!..

Comment #9

Hi gang, What I have been doing is taking 2 tbl of peanutbutter and cutting it into a package of Medifast chocolate pudding mix and a pack of Medifast hot cocoa mix, reserving about a tbl of the cocoa. I add some splenda to the peanut butter mix, and the reserved cocoa. I then add flavoring, I have varied this but some I have tried - davinci - kahlua, irsh creme, gingerbread. I want to do peppermint but lack the syrup. I add just a tad of the syrup and a tad of water to mix it to a state where I can roll it into a ball. Be careful not to mix in too much at once, it doesn't take much.

The recipe makes about a dozen bite size balls, depending on the size you make it could be more. I divide them in half. You can only have one half per day, as one half is a snack and a Medifast meal. These are really fun treats!..

Comment #10

I can attest to the yummyhood of Unicorn's treats as shown above. I started making them when the post read "Christmas Nutballs". They are a happy extra goody to add to the Medifast recipe collection. And easy to make...

Comment #11

I adjusted the fudge recipe and it has not screwed me up yet. It's rich and filling and makes a perfect dessert..

Fudge Cake.

2 packets hot coccoa.

2 packets chocolate pudding.

3 Tbs. Davinci Syrup (choose your favorite).

1 Tbs. Vanilla.

4 Tbs Creamy Peanut Butter.

1/2 cup milk.

I put dry ingredients into a small pan on the stovetop then add the rest and blend it all together till smooth and it hardens up a little. Put it into a square tupperware container and pat it down tight with a spatula. Refrigerator for about an hour. Then cut it up into 4 equal servings and put on a plate and eat it slowly with a fork. Count 1 Meal and 1 Snack and that makes one serving allowable per day. Store in Refrigerator...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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