Medifast tips for pancakes?

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So... I tried the oatmeal pancake recipe this morning. Followed it to a T (I thought) added the vinegar at the last minute it looked nice and puffy, put it on a medium-low flame, and....

...the inside never cooked! Finally, the outside got so dark I had to throw it away.

How do you get the insides to cook? Maybe I should have made several teeny tiny pancakes?..

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Oh my gosh, I totally did this today too! Except I tried to use a banana shake in place of the oatmeal (I thought...banana panackes?) What it resulted in was a huge mess of disgustingness. I am sure more experienced medicooks can help, but the idea I had for later was to bake my pancakes in the oven at a slightly lower temp...maybe it would help them cook through? It might take longer but I am going to give it a shot tomorrow.....

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I've been doing my own simple method of pancake making. I just mix the oatmeal with enough water to make a thick batter of it, add whatever seasonings I decide for extra flavor and cook them up like regular pancakes. I don't use the baking soda, powder or anything else...

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Ditto with Tammy on not using baking powder or anything else. I usually just use the oatmeal mix and water because the oatmeal flavors really come through. I make a thin batter, then cook well on each side. It's more like a kind of crispy crepe. I love them plain!..

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I followed the recipe to the T and they came out great! Make sure you mix all the dry ingredients together than the liquids after. My pancakes were really thick wasn't to thin...almost like cookie doe. I had to shape them in the pan.

Great with the SF syrup....If once you don't succeed try try again....

Good Luck!..

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I kept flopping - so I changed the rules.....

I now make waffles!.

Crispy Waffle Cookie.

1pkt oatmeal.

2 big sprinkles molly mcbutter.

Tsp. oil.

Tsp. baking powder.


Sugar free syrup and water (about cup).

Let set 5 minutes..

Bake on waffle iron until it says done, then go 3-5 minutes longer until crispy..


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I gave up on the pancakes also. I make the waffles, and they are awesome. Crispy, and cooked all the way through..

1 pack oatmeal.

1/4-1/2 tsp of splenda.

Cap of vanilla or cap of butter flavor extract.


1/4 cup water or enough to make a past.

Dash of salt.

Spray the waffle iron with butter flavor crisco (or Pam).

I have to spread them out with a spoon, and they spread to about a 5-6 inch round waffle..

Top with Walden Farms Maple syrup or Chocolate syrup...

Comment #6

I think the problem is the vinegar. Why were you adding vinegar?.

My pancake recipe.

1 packet oatmeal.

1/3 cup water.

Big sprinkles of cinnamon mixed with splenda (mine is premixed from sansucre).

A capful of vanilla.

Mix it up and let it sit for a minute if you're using blueberry (so the blueberries can rehydrate).

Spray the pan with pam and drop the batter in small spoonfuls. let it cook for a few minutes and then flip them and squish them. keep flipping and squishing til they don't squish no more. put them on a plate and add sugar free maple syrup...

Comment #7

I've had this problem wtih the cookies also, cant seem to cook the middle. Suggestions?..

Comment #8

There is a recipe going around here that uses a small amount of white vinegar and baking soda in addition to baking powder. The vinegar reacts with the soda and makes them fluffy. That's why I didn't want to squish them! The recipe has gotten rave reviews.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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