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Hey everyone! Well, my father and I have decided to do this plan together. We ordered enough for 2 weeks and said, "Let's just try it and see." Well, in week one Dad lost 9 lbs and I've lost 7 so we've decided to order more! The problem is, I have no idea what is good and not...

We've tried the chocolate, strawberry, and banana shakes...the chocolate is probably our favorite and we have to normally mix the two fruit flavored ones together to enjoy them..

We hate every soup we've tried which is broccoli, chili, and minestrone...minestrone being maybe the most tolerable? (with LOTS of spices, that is).

We like the chai latte and the hot cocoa..

These are what we've had...I know everyone has different tastes but is there anything in particular you would recommend to try? We're about to order our next 'batch'!.

Thanks so much for your advice!..

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From my experience, you should try the chocolate and vanilla puddings, beef vegetable stew and the chicken noodle soup. I also like the tropical punch fruit drink and the RTD dutch chocolate shakes. If you haven't tried the oatmeals yet, the best (in my opinion) are the maple & brown sugar and the apple cinnamon. You can make these into muffins or cookies, too...

Comment #1

I'm all about the oatmeals (all of them) and not at all about the soups, however, the new beef stew is very good and not like a Medifast meal at all because it is very thick and hearty. The only shake I order is the Orange Creme and I love it. The Cranberry Mango drink is really good too, but it took me a couple of times before I started to like it. I drink a cocoa every night. Every once in awhile I have a pudding for variety. I ordered some vanilla pudding this time around because it's new so I can't wait to try it.

Stay away from the teas, though. I don't think I've heard anyone claim to like them....

Oh, you may want to try the diabetic shakes (chocolate & vanilla). They are a little better than the Medifast 55 shakes...

Comment #2

I love the regular oatmeal and to bake with. And lately I've been loving the cream soups baked as a flatbread with some cheese or chicken slices on them. Really good! Dedcut from your lean, of course. I think you really should get more of a variety to see what you like. I'm probably no help at all because I like almost everything, lol. The only things I've never ordered are the flavored teas. And the only thing I'll never order again is the Mine-yuck-estrone soup!..

Comment #3

After four months of this I can pretty much say that there is no Medifast meal that I can't do something with to make it tolerable. Of course I think the oatmeals are the best buy because they are the basis for so many other recipes. And I love the beef stew. I even got some cream of broccoli in my latest order because I am going to make the crackers out of it. I didn't think I could stand it but there's a way to make it great. I was actually thinking to myself this morning..."Self, how glad are you that you found this group of people?" Because I truly feel for the people out there who try to do this without any help making the food more versatile and palatable. The recipes really do make all the difference...

Comment #4

My favorites...

Oatmeal - maple and brown sugar.

Soups - chicken noodle.

Shakes - RTD choc and vanilla, also the orange cream.

Bars - chocolate mint, lemon fantasy, oatmeal raisin.

Hot drinks - all of them (chai, cappucino, hot cocoa).

Snacks - cheddar and apple cinnamon soy crisps!.

Pudding - banana.

Good Luck!..

Comment #5

The chili is only good if you doctor it up with salsa & chili powder. I love the chicken noodle, it taste good without adding anything. I didn't like the choc pudding, but banana is good. All the shakes are good if you blend them with ise & diet soda. I love the fruit & nut bar. Caramel peanut, I could do without- I am definitely going to try the lemon ones next order. Oh, and by the way, the 2nd week IS easier!!!!!..

Comment #6

Try the ready to drink shakes-they're more expensive but awesome to take to work and taste great (I've only had the chocolate). I'm really not into the other shakes. The diabetic crunch bar is great, too, and I'm not diabetic.

The peach oatmeal arrived today but haven't tried it yet. I would say the oatmeal in general fills you up and keeps you full better than anything else. I can't figure out what to do about the Maple and Brown Sugar kind, though, it tastes burnt to me. I've tried cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, Splenda, and haven't found the key...

Comment #7

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