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So far I have tried the chicken noodle and cream of tomato soups and they are not good. I know they are not suppose to taste like homemade, but they are almost inedible to me. I saw the recipe for chicken noodle soup chips and I am definitely going to try that. Any other recipes to turn soup into something else? Thanks!..

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Broccoli Quiche Pocket (you can use any soup or veggie).

Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwich.

I made the soup chips over the weekend and they are really good!..

Comment #1

If you want it to be soup...I suggest you add 1/2 tsp of chicken boullion to the soup mixes - even the creamy tomato soup. It makes a world of difference. I eat one almost every day. I haven't ventured further than that. I just keep it simple!..

Comment #2

I usually add a bit of hot sauce, or a tablespoonful of cream cheese, if it's the Cream of Tomato (one of your two healthy fat servings). It also helps quite a bit to presoak so you don't get those funky blobs of undissolved mix. You also might try a little bit of salsa...

Comment #3

Soak soak soak!.

I usually make up my soup the night before, and stick it in the fridge. With the COT/COB, I do the "add a little water, make a paste, then add water slowly while stirring" so I don't have those yucky not-mixed bits..

Pretty much every soup (except maybe COB) benefits from a shot of hot sauce. Since 3T of hot sauce is 1 condiment, I freely add a couple splashes to my soups. It would take me eating soup 5 times a day to get to 3T, and maybe not even then. I add a little onion powder and curry powder to the COB soup because it reminds me of the curried-broccoli soup I used to make..

I also (and I realize some people don't like this) salt the soups. As I've been on Medifast longer, the amount of salt I use has decreased dramatically, but in the beginning it was the only way I could handle them. Since some people use bouillon crystals instead (which are basically salt!), I'm OK with that..

Now I really like the soups... as soups. Not so much on the COT chips, which is the only one I've tried to make chips from...

Comment #4

Lindsay, I use 1/3 to a 1/2 of my lean for the day to dice up 2 or 3 ounces of chicken into my soup, and I add one chicken boullion cube, too. I also let it soak for a whole day to plump up the noodles, and I find it pretty good! (I also add pepper.)..

Comment #5

Lindsay: As some people have said, soak the soups. I add the water to my Chicken Noodle Soup in the morning and by 4:00, the noodles have absorbed the water and it tastes pretty good. I have a problem with the Chicken and Wild Rice - I just don't like it but I make it palatable by adding a 1/2 C chicken broth and 1/2 C water. That one I have to soak overnight. I choke it down sometimes but dropping 2 sizes and 24 lbs since Oct 5 makes it bearable!.

If it's still not working for you, put the soups away for awhile and come back to them in a week or two; you may find your tastes changed..

Good luck!.


Comment #6

So I ate the oatmeal this morning and hated it and now I read the chicken soup is terrible too. Great!! I just started today and I am not as excited as I should be or was yesterday...

Comment #7


The oatmeal should come with a warning to not eat it the first week!.

I still don't eat it as oatmeal, but I do make yummy muffins out of it (plus the scrambled eggs and a shake).

Hang in there. Everybody's tastebuds are different - some people adore the oatmeal (and I obviously don't!), others adore the soups (which I do!), others adore some of the bars but not all. And, there are usually ways to doctor the taste, and as I have found, after a while you start to kind of like the taste as it..

Try a bar - especially the chocolate mint. That seems to be ALMOST universally liked. Tastes like a Thin Mint... with vitamins...

Comment #8

I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT base your opinions on those of others. I absolutely loved the oatmeal when I first started. After a while, not so much. Each member has different tastes and things they don't like, you may love. The chicken soups were my favorites! The key to all things Medifast that need to be mixed is to mix them as far ahead as possible and let them "soak" and rehydrate for a bit.

Case in point - Mary2again mentioned the chocolate mint bars as being universally liked. I LOVE all things chocolate mint, but did not like that crunch bar at all. It's actually the only crunch bar I did NOT like!..

Comment #9

Well I have been on Medifast for almost 10 weeks,and yes we all have different taste buds! These buds will change too as you go along day by day. I myself keep giving the oatmeal a try,but just cannot get myself to enjoy it. Instead I make little pancakes in a mug in the microwave and toast them up for breakfast or have a hot chocolate. Also,with the soups,I pour them into a large coffee mug and put in enough cold water to make a thin paste stirring very well. Then I slowly pour in hot water from my electric kettle a little at at time and keep stirring. This makes it creamy and oh so good to me...

I have had no trouble whatsoever with the stew ( I use a whole cup of water) or chili. I follow the directions and let the steam from the microwave finish cooking them for about 5min. Then I add a tablespoon of fresh low carb salsa to the chili and some Texas Pete to the stew. So very good. The key here is to remember that this is not gourmet.

One day at a time,and a little patience,and lots of water,and you will get there...

Comment #10

Yes De, I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that the Chocolate Mint Bars are ALMOST universally liked..

That's why I wrote it like that!.

Although I still think you're nuts for not liking them!..

Comment #11

Thanks for all your great tips. I find the message boards priceless for helping me stay on program. I love to hear everyone's likes and dislikes, it all helps..

I like the COB soup and I add cooked broccoli which made people at work envious of my lunch (hhaa). I really like the chicken noodle soup and i'll use your tips to soften the noodles. I believe you like things more as time goes by...

Comment #12

Ahhh, but that's because you never had the original chocolate mint maintenance bar! Now THAT was a treat!..

Comment #13

I made CodyJos Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwich tonight and it was fantastic! It will definatly be added into the weekly rotation! The only thing I did different was add some red pepper flakes to the soup! Fan friggin tastic!..

Comment #14

Try the Maryland Crap soup...I love it...sometimes I chop up cooked shrimp and throw it in. Very good...

Comment #15

The only gluten free soups are Chik & Rice and Crab. I add a little tarragon, nutmeg & fresh ground pepper to the Chik, and curry powder, garlic powder & red/black pepper flakes to the Crab. Sometimes a dash of Himilayan salt too...

Comment #16

I love the chicken noodle soup. I make it in my thermos in the morning, add 1/2 chicken bouillon cube, some onion powder and a dash of hot sauce and it is good to go by lunch time.I do the same with the chili (add a T. of salsa) and the vegetable beef stew...

Comment #17

I have to agree CTCSuzanne the hot sauce definately makes them bareable. They are not all bad. I have my days with the Chicken Noodle. I have found adding Vege-Sal to almost everything. Vege-Sal is a seasoning salt made with salt crystals combined with 14 fresh-dried leaf ad root vegetables. Sodium content is 355 per 1/4 tsp.

I have found that this really helps alot with enhancing the flavor of all soups along with the eggs. I purchased this at the local Health Food Store. I hope this helps. Different strokes for different folks!! Don't think I will ever get used to the sweetner that is used in the oatmeal. UCKY!!!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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