Medifast Snow Ice Cream?

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I've learned that many people have never heard of snow ice cream, but some people in the snowy states will know what it is. I grew up making snow ice cream every winter, and it's one of my favorite treats in the world. In the pre-Medifast days, it involved mixing an egg with milk, sugar and vanilla, then mixing in enough snow to get an ice cream consistency. Good stuff, let me tell you!.

Well, we're getting snowed on in Missouri right now, and I was looking wistfully out the window, wishing I could make some snow ice cream. Then I thought hey, maybe I can improvise. And it worked, and it was really good!.

If you have snow falling on you right now, here's how I did it:.

Take 1 pkg Medifast eggs - mix with 1/3 cup water and let sit for a few minutes until it's smooth and not gritty-looking. While it's soaking, take 1 vanilla shake and mix with a scant cup of water, 2 T sf vanilla syrup and a few teaspoons Splenda. Then go outside and scoop up a big mixing bowl full of fresh snow. Mix the eggs with the shake and place in another large bowl. Then start adding snow, a cup or so at a time, mixing well by hand after each addition.

To people who have never had it, I'm not sure how to tell you what it's supposed to look like. Basically, just keep adding snow until it stops mixing in easily, and the ice cream holds it's shape. Half of it made a heaping bowl of ice cream. I topped it with sf Waldens chocolate sauce, and it was really yummy!.

Now, this does make 2 servings. I put the other serving in a tupperware in the freezer, and I have no idea what it's going to be like tomorrow! So if you don't have a Medifast significant other, you may be wasting a meal. Or really, just give the other half to your non-Medifast significant other. I think they'll probably like it too!..

Comments (5)

Sounds good! But I have to say I got cold chills just reading your post, lol. I'm here in So. Ca and I'm always freezing. It's all I can do to drink the cold shakes!.

I bet the snow ice cream would be really good with the fruit punch drink. Kinda like the Hawaiian Shave Ice I grew up on!..

Comment #1

Love snow ice cream, every since I was a kid. Snow in Kansas, I got to try this...

Comment #2

I've only had snow Ice Cream a couple of times...but I loved it. Of course it's almost 60 outside now, so I guess it might be next year before I can try this! Thanks!..

Comment #3

Aww I'm in cali no snow.. =(( so I cant make this unless I have actual snow? bummer....

Comment #4

Just saw this post, wish I had seen it this morning when there was fresh snow falling in TN!!..

Comment #5

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